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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

27.—Proposals for its Relaxation or Variation

27.—Proposals for its Relaxation or Variation.

"At the Parliament holden 18 Jacobi regis, it was moved on the king's behalf, and commended by the king to Parliament, for a competent yearly rent to be assured to his Majesty, his heirs and successors, that the king would assent that all wardships, primer seisins, reliefs for tenures in capite, or by knight service, should be discharged, &c. Wherein amongst certain old parliament men, these thirteen things did fall into consideration for the effecting thereof:—
"1.That it must be done by Act of Parliament, and otherwise it cannot be done.
"2.That all lands, tenements, rents, or hereditaments, holden of the king, to be holden by fealty only, as of some honour, and such rent as is now due.
"3.That all lands holden of subjects, bodies politick or corporate, by knight-service, to be holden by fealty, and such rent as is now due; for if lands should be holden of them by knight-service the same might come to the king.
"4.All subjects, bodies politick and corporate, to be disabled to take any lands, tenements, rents, or hereditaments of the king, his heirs or successors, by any other tenure than by fealty only, and yearly rent, or without rent of some honour.
"5.No subject, bodies politick or corporate, to create by any license, or any other way or means, any other tenure than by fealty and rent, or without rent upon any estate in fee-simple, fee-tail or otherwise.
"6.In respect of the said discharge and freedom of the subjects and their posterities, and that they shall be also discharged thereby of fines ana licenses of alienations, respect of homage and reliefs : a competent rent to be assured to the king, his heirs and successors, of greater yearly value than he or any of his predecessors had for them all, which rent is to be inseparably annexed to the crown, payable at the receipt only.
"7.A convenient rent to be assured to the lords for every knight's fee, and so ratably.
"8.Commissions for the finding out of the tenures of the king and the subject, to be returned, &c.
"9.Idiots and madmen to be in the custody of some of their kindred, &c., and not of the king, his heirs or successors.
"10.The court of wards to be dissolved, with pensions to the present officers.
"11.Provision to be made for regulating of gardien in socage, and that the ancestor may appoint gardiens, &c., and that no gardien shall make a grant to the king.
"12.Provision to be made that Bishops shall continue Lords of Parliament, notwithstanding their Daronies be holden in socage.
"13.That the act shall be favourably interpreted for discharge of all wardships, &c.

"Which motion, though it proceeded not to effect, yet we thought good to remember it, together with these considerations; hoping that so good a motion, tending to the honour and profit of the king and his crown for ever, and the freedom and the quiet of his subjects and their posterities, will some time or other (by the grace of God) by authority of Parliament one way or other take effect and be established"). p