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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

Patronage and Sale of Livings

Patronage and Sale of Livings.

Lay and Private Patronage, which system led to the disruption of the Scottish Church in 1843, continues unchecked, with all its attendant abuses, in the English Establishment. Over 8,000 benefices are private property, bought and sold systematically, and one-fourth of the number are always in the market, as many as 1,497 having been publicly advertised at a time in the Ecclesiastical Gazette.

Legislative sanction has been given to the system. In 1836 an Act of Parliament compelled the sale of all livings held by Municipal Corporations: in 1863 another Act ordered the disposal of a large number of poor livings in the Lord Chancellor's gift, with a view to enhance their value by the addition of the funded purchase-money. In the first case the Liverpool Borough Fund alone received £20,000 for some 18 Advowsons; in the second case £250,000 has been paid over by the purchasers of about 200 livings.

page 156
Distribution of Patronage.
Livings No. Value. £
Her Majesty the queen
(And 230 more, value £63,932 alternately with Prelates; all Archbishoprics and Bishoprics all Deaneries, excepting hose of Bangor, Llandaff, St. Asaph, and St David's; all the Canonries of Westminster, Vindsor, and Worcester; all of Canterbury, save 2; all of Oxford but 1; 3 of St. Paul's; and 8 University Professorships.)
127 58,603
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales 22 7,636
The Lord Chancellor (with 12 Canonries in Bristol, Gloucester, Norwch, and Rochester Cathedrals) and, alternately, 22 more livings, value £10,218 655 214,366
Duchy of Lancaster 41 16,740
Total Lay Patronage 845 £297,345
No. Value. £
Episcopal and Cathedral 3,580 1,184,053
Oxford University 403 167,609
Cambridge University 320 142,122
Provost and Fellows of Eton College 45 14,708
Warden and Fellows of Winchester College 14 4,600
Total Ecclesiastical & Collegiate Patronage 4,362 £1,513,092
Total in Private Patronage 8,521 2,714,958
Total Lay and Private Patronage 13,728 £4,525,395