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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

XIV.—Statement showing one Year's Gross Expenditure in England of the Government of India

XIV.—Statement showing one Year's Gross Expenditure in England of the Government of India.

Heads of Expenditure in England. Year ended 31st March. 1885.
Interest on Debt and other obligations 2,612,657
Management of Debt (Payments to the Banks of England and Ireland) 29,326
Charges on account of Departments in India—
Post Office (Mail Service between England and India, and between Bussora and Bagdad) 72,170
Telegraphs (Indo-European; Red Sea Moiety of Annuity; Absentee Allowances and Passage Money of Officers of Telegraph Department) 47,745
Political (Diplomatic Charges) 30,807
Other Charges (Land Revenue; Forest; Mint; Law and Justice; Education; Ecclesiastical; Medical; Scientific, &c., and Miscellaneous) 30,492
Railways:—East Indian (Interest and Annuity) 1,573,909
Guaranteed Lines (Interest) 3,217,240
Subsidized Lines (Interest) 30,395
Public Works (Furlough, Absentee Allowances, and Passage Money of Officers) 40,422
Marine Charges 97,081
Military Charges:—
Effective:—Payments to Her Majesty's Exchequer for British Forces, &c. 533,269
Furlough Allowances 233,802
Troop Service and Passage Money 358,517
Special Charges (Afghanistan, Egypt, &c.) 933
Other Charges 25,240
Non-Effective:—Payments to Her Majesty's Exchequer (Retired Pay, Pensions, dc., if British Forces) 800,000
Pensions to Indian Officers, &c. 1,458,199
Pensions to Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers 21,274
Pensions to Widows and Families, &c 80,811
Civil Charges:—
Secretary of States Establishment, including the Auditor and His Staff, but excluding the Store Department (shown below) 115,287
Postage and Telegrams 11,842
Contingencies (Rates, Taxes, Coals, &c., &c.) 10,651
Royal Indian Engineering College (Establishment, Passage Money of Officers, &c.) 24,860
Miscellaneous Home Charges 4,774
Civil Furlough and Allowances:—
Covenanted Service 94,202
Military Officers in Civil Employ 67,333
Uncovenanted and Pilot Service 36,740
Pensions and Allowances:—Political 28,874
East India Company's Establishments abolished 30,908
Home Establishment Officers 40,144
Home Establishment Widows and Families from Funds 22,142
Indian Officers for Distinguished Services, Judges and others 132,941
Compassionate and other Allowances 11,203
Indian Service Funds (Annuities, Pensions, &c.) 1,164,248
Donations, Gratuities, and Charities 5,156
Miscellaneous Charges 16,245
Stores:—Director General's Department and Depot at Lambeth (Salaries, Wages, Rent, Taxes, &c.) 53,019
Supply of, for India: Stationery and Printing for all Departments in India 125,830
Civil Departments 117,801
Marine Stores 57,575
Public Works (including Telegraph Stores) 138,870
Military (including Stores for Frontier Railways) 462,378
Miscellaneous Charges in connection with Supplies for India 15,670
Total Expenditure in England £14,100,982
Exchange 3,426,424

The above, however, represents only a portion of the resources of India expended in England. The pay of the English troops in India—officers and men—is, part of it, sent "home;" the pay of civilians is, to a large extent, similarly dealt with.

From a Parliamentary return moved for by Mr. John Bright, which has not yet been published though it has been laid upon the table of the House of Commons, the following facts relating to the number, and salaries, pensions, and other allowances to persons in the employ of the Government of India, who are resident and non-resident in India, are taken:—
Number. Salaries or Otherwise. Amount.
£ s. d.
17,093 Salaries 6,811,422 15 0
1,725 Pensions 679,079 16 0
430 Gratuities and Absentee Allowances 149,070 8 3
Total £7,640,172 19 3
Number. Salaries or Otherwise Amount.
£ s. d
7,060 Annuities, Furlough Pay, &c. 3,069,565 0 0
865 Home Establishment and Miscellaneous 403,800 0 0
Total £3,473,365 0 0

Combined Totals, £11,013,537 19s. 3d., nearly the whole of which is paid to Europeans and Eurasians, and only a small portion to natives of India.