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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

Dates of Leading Events in Railway History

Dates of Leading Events in Railway History.

  • 1602. Short roads laid down by Mr. Beaumont, in and about the collieries of Newcastle.
  • 1776. Iron Railway laid near Sheffield, destroyed by the colliers.
  • 1786. First considerable Iron Railway laid at Colebrook Dale.
  • 1802. Trevethick and Vivian patent a nigh-pressure locomotive.
  • 1814. Geo. Stephenson constructs first locomotive, travelling at rate of 6 miles per hour.
  • 1829. "Rocket," travelling 25 and 35 miles per hour, obtains £500 prize offered by Directors of Liverpool and Manchester Railway.
  • [Locomotives now attain a speed of 70 miles.]
  • 1825. Stockton and Darlington Railway opened for passengers.
  • 1830. Liverpool and Manchester' Railway opened (Huskisson killed).
  • 1842. Railway Duty: (½d. per mile for 4 passengers. 1832) 5 per cent, on gross receipts.
  • 1844. Examination of schemes by Board of Trade made requisite prior to their introduction to Parliament. Companies required to run cheap trains daily, and permit erection of telegraphs. Government authorized to buy any or all existing Railways after 1st January, 1866.
  • 1846. Railway mania year and panic. 272 acts passed.
  • 1863. Railway Clauses Consolidation Act. Amended 1867.
  • 1867. Commission report against Government purchase.
  • 1868. Smoking compartments ordered by new act, which also required provision for communication between passengers and guard in certain trains.
  • 1869. Pacific Railway opened.
  • 1872. Amalgamations accomplished to date, L. & N. W. 61 branch lines, G. N. R. 37, Gt. Eastern 27, London and Brighton 22, L. & S. Western 22, Midland 17.
  • 1873. Bill for Amalgamation of L. & N. W. with L. & Y. thrown out. Railway Commissioners appointed.
  • 1874. Pullman Cars introduced on Midland Railway, which Co. also reduce fares to 1½d. per mile 1st class, and abolish second class, giving no return tickets at lower fares.
  • 1875. Employes of Railways 274,535, of which about 40,000 on L. & N. W. Co.'s system.
  • 1877-8. J. Elevated Street Railways erected in New York.
  • 1877. Proposed fusions: G. N. R. with Gt. Eastern, and M. S. & L. with G. N. R. and Midland: both fail.
  • 1880. Expended on Railways in U. K., to date, about £720,000,000 (since 1829).
  • 1881-3. Parliamentary enquiries into Railway Rates, after grievous complaints.
  • 1881. Electric Railway opened at Berlin.