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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14


page 18

Explanations of Abbreviations.—A.—Acres; R.—Rental; Liv.—-Church Livings; Yeo.—Yeomanry; W.—Wife; S.—Son; E. s.—Eldest Son; S.i.l.—Son-in-law; B.i.l.—Brother-in-law; Gs.—Grandson; N.—Nephew or Niece; C.—Cousin.

pointing hand Those whose Names are in Italics are Liberals; and those in Small Capitals are Parnellites. Members of the Administration are marked G. "Dissentient" Liberals are so stated.

Year of Birth. Names. Divisions or Boroughs Represented. Offices, Profession, and London Address.
1842 Abraham, William Rhondda Miners' Agent. 30, Oakden Street, S.E.
1840 Abraham, William W. Limerick Nurseryman. Protestant. 42, Ambler Road, N.
1847 Acland, Arthur H. Dyke Rotherham Advocates Ind. Co-operation. 16, Welbeck Mansions, S.W
1842 Acland, Charles T. D. Heir to 39,890 Acres, and 134,785 Rental. Launceston Yeo. W. n. 2 E. Rosslyn. Ex-Sec. Board of Trade. 75, Eaton Square, S.W.
1838 Addison, John E. W., Q.C. Ashton-under-Lyne Recorder of Preston. 32, Norfolk Square, W.
1846 Agg-Gardner, Jas. Tynte Cheltenham Brewer, and Lord of Manor of Cheltenham. Carlton.
1832 Ainslie, Wm. Geo. N. Lonsdale Ironmaster and Mine Owner. 23, Abingdon Street, S.W.
1851 G Akers-Douglas, Aretas A 15,678. R £16,000. Liv. 1. St. Augustine's Yeo. Sec. to Treasury. £2,000. Director of four Companies. Carlton.
1838 Allison, Robt. Andrews Eskdale Bank and Railway Director. Queen Anne's Mansions, S.W.
1846 Allsopp, Hon: Geo. Higginson Worcester Brewer. Son of B. Hindlip. Yeo. 16, Old Bond Street, W.
1842 Allsopp, Hon. Samuel Charles Taunton Brewer. Railway Director. Son of B. Hindlip. Carlton.
1832 Ambrose, William, Q.C. Harrow Barrister. 3, Plowden Buildings, Temple, W.C.
1838 Anderson, Chas. Henry, Q.C. Elgin and Nairn Barrister. 39, Montagu Square, W.
1860 Anstruther, Henry Torrens St. Andrew's Burghs. Barrister. Dissentient. Scottish Club, W.
1841 Anstruther, Lt.—Col. Robert H. Lloyd. A 3,612. R £4,539. Woodbridge Army (retired). Conn. w. two Peerage families. 18, Wilton Crescent, S.W.
1835 Asher, Alexander, Q.C. Elgin District Ex-Solicitor-Gen. Scotland. 25, Portman Square, W.
1849 G Ashmead-Bartlett, Ellis Ecclesall (Sheffield) Militia. Ex-Official Education Department. Civ.—Lord of Admiralty. £1,000. 13, Bruton Street, W.
1852 Asquith, Herbert Henry E. Fifeshire Barrister. Journalist. 1, Paper Buildings, Temple, E.C
1850 Atherley-Jones, Llew. A. N.W. Durham Barrister. 4, Paper Buildings, E.C.
1828 Atkinson, Henry John Boston Shipowner and Bank Director. Carlton.
1823 Austin, John Osgoldcross Maltster.
1848 Baden-Powell, Geo. S., C.M.G. Kirkdale (Liverpool) Has Colonial experience. Author. 8, St. George Place, S.W.
1850 Baggallay, Ernest Brixton (Lambeth) Barrister. Junior Counsel to Post Office. 73, W. Cromwell Road.
1840 Bailey, Sir Josh. Russell A 28,308. R £25,559. Liv. 6. Hereford Ironmaster. Lord Lieut, of Breconshire. 9, St. James' Square, S.W.
1854 Baird, John G. Alexander Central Glasgow Yeo. Ex Lancers. White's Club.
1848 G Balfour, Rt. Hon. Arthur Jas. A 87,196. R £21,833. E. Manchester Sec. for Scotland. £2,000. N. Marq. of Salisbury. 4, Carlton Gardens, S.W.
1809 Balfour, Sir George, K.C.B. Kincardineshire Retired General in Army. 9, Cleveland Gardens, W.
1853 Balfour, Gerald Wm. Central Leeds Late Cambridge Lecturer. N. Marq. of Salisbury. 32, Addison. Road.
1837 Balfour, Rt. Hon. Jno. Blair, Q.C. Clack, and Kinross Ex-Lord Advocate. S.i.l. 1 B. Moncrieff. 35, Cadogan Place, S.W.
1829 Banes, Geo. Edward W. Ham (s) Wharfinger and Warehouse Owner. Volunteer Major. Ex-Surveyor to Admiralty.
1828 Barbour, Wm. Boyle Paisley Merchant (retired). Devonshire Club.
1832 Barclay, Jas. Wm. Forfarshire Farmer. Merchant, and Shipowner. Dissentient. Reform.
1850 Baring, Viscount Biggleswade E. s. E. Northbrook. Ex Guards. Dissentient. Railway Director. Devonshire.
1823 Barnes, Alfred Chesterfield Coal Owner. Dissentient. Reform Club.
1821 Barran, John Otley Merchant and Manufacturer. 24, Queen's Gate, S.W.
1845 Barky, John S. Wexford Linoleum Manufacturer. 5, Paternoster Square, E.C.
1842 Bartley, Geo. C. Trout N. Islington Ex Science and Art Department. Victoria Street, W.
1820 Barttelott, Sir Walter B., Bt., C.B. A 3,633. R £4,793. Liv. 1. Horsham Ex Army. 37, Eccleston Square, S.W.
1842 Bass, Hamar Alfred W. Staffordshire Brewer. S.i.l. 3 B. Bagot. Dissentient. 145, Piccadilly.
1816 Bates, Sir Edward, Bt. A 5,647. R £6,510. Plymouth Merchant and Shipowner. 14, Cavendish Square, W.
1856 Baumann, Arthur Anthony Peckham Barrister. 44, Hyde Park Square, W.
1826 Beach, Wm. Wither Bramston A 7,051. R £8,692. Liv. 2. Andover Yeo. Railway Director. Carlton.
1828 Beadel, William Jas. Chelmsford Auctioneer and Estate Agent. Fair Trade Protectionist.
1833 Beaumont, Henry Fredk. A 5,306. R £12,022. Colne Valley Dissentient. 70, Eaton Place, S.W.
1829 Beaumont, Wentworth Blackett A 24,098. R £31,670. Liv. 12. Tyneside S.i.l. of M. Clanricarde. Mine Owner. Reform.
1856 Beckett, Ernest Wm. Whitby Ranker. N. 1 E. Feversham. Carlton.
1826 Beckett, Win. Bassetlaw Ex Yeo. Banker. B.i.l. E. Feversham. Carlton.
1844 Bective. Earl of A 20,959. R £20,234. Kendal E.s. M. Headfort. W. d. 4 M. Downshire. Yeo. 10, Stratford Place, W.
1821 Bentinck, Rt. Hon. G. A. F. C. A 1,509. R £347. Whitehaven Ex-Judge-Adv.-Gen. Gs. 1 E. Lonsdale. 3, Grafton St., W.
1863 Bentinck, Lord Henry N.W. Norfolk Heir to Dukedom of Portland. 13, Grosvenor Place, S.W.
1854 Bentinck. Wm. G. Cavendish Penrhyn and Falmouth Militia. Conn. w. several Peerage families. Carlton.
1846 G Beresford, Lord Charles A 11,060. R £2.974. E. Marylebone Naval Officer. Lord of Adm. £2,293. Br. M. Waterford. 100, Eaton Square, S.W.
1820 Beresford-Hope, Rt. Hn. A. J. B. A 5,728. R £5,409. Liv. 2. Cambr. University Newspaper Proprietor. S.i.l. 8 M. of Salisbury. 1, Connaught Place, W.
1849 Bethell, George Richard Holderness Commander in Navy. 43, Curzon Street, W.
1834 Biddulph, Michael A 1,069. R £2,595. Ross Banker. S.i.l. 4 E. Hardwicke. Dissentient. 19, Ennismore Gardens, S.W.
1828 Biggar, Joseph Gillis A 754. R £860. W. Cavan Provision Merchant. 52, Ladbrooke Grove Road, W.
1838 Birkbeck, Sir Edward, Bt. A 1,713. R £2,012. E. Norfolk Banker. S.i.l. 1 B. Hylton. 10, Charles Street, W.
1826 Blake, John Aloysius Carlow Co. Ex-Inspector of Fisheries. Devonshire Club.
1825 Blake, Thomas Forest of Dean Accountant (retired). Reform Club.
1856 Blane, Alexander S. Armagh Tailor and Registration Agent. 178, Drummond St., N.W.page 19
1832 Blundell, Hy. B. Hollinshead A 452. R £441. Ince Ex-Col. Guards. Colliery Proprietor. W.n.6 V. Torrington. 10, Stratton Street, W.
1819 Bolton, Joseph Cheney A 1,800. R £2,200. Stirlingshire Merchant and Railway Chairman. 59, Prince's Gate, S.W.
1841 Bolton, Thomas Dolling Eckington Railway Director. Solicitor. Devonshire.
1845 Bond, Geo. Hawkesworth E. Dorsetshire Ex Yeo. Junior Carlton.
1848 Bonsor, H. Cosmo Orme N.E. Surrey Brewer. Bank Director. 38, Belgrave Square.
1838 Boord, Thos. Wm. Greenwich Distiller. 14, Berkeley Square, W.
1848 Borlase, Wm. Copeland St. Austell Ex-Sec. Local Government Board. National Liberal Club.
1830 Borthwick, Sir Algernon S. Kensington Newspaper Proprietor. W. n. 4 E. Clarendon. 139. Piccadilly.
1833 Bradlaugh, Charles Northampton Secularist Lecturer and Publisher. 20, Circus Road, N.W.
1846 Bridgeman, Hon. Francis Chas. Bolton Lt.-Col. in Army. S. E. Bradford. 25, Granville Place, W.
1821 Blight, Jacob S.W.Manchester Manufacturer. Reform Club.
1811 Bright, Rt. Hon. John Central Birmingham Manufacturer. Dissentient. Ex-Chan, of Duchy. Reform.
1851 Bright, Wm. Leatham Stoke-on-Trent Ship Broker and Colliery Agent. 37, Queen's Mansions, S.W.
1833 Bristowe, Thos. Lynn Norwood Stock Broker. St. Stephen's Club, S.W.
1840 Broadhurst, Henry W. Nottingham Mason. Trades' Secretary. Ex-Under Sec. Home Office. 7, Lambert Road.
1856 G Brodrick, Hn. Wm. St. John F. Guildford Financial Sec. War Office. £1,500. Militia (retired). S. V. Midleton. 29. Lower Seymour Street, W.
1863 Bromley-Davenport, W. B. A 15,647. R £26,876. Liv. 5. Macclesfield 1, Belgrave Place, S.W.
1853 Brookfield, Arthur Montague Rye Lieut.-Col. Army (retired). 33. Emperor's Gate, S.W.
1819 Brooks, Sir W. Cunliffe, Bt. Liv. 2. Altrincham Banker. Conn. w. Peerage. Lord of Manor of Ashton-on-Mersey. 5, Grosvenor Square, W.
1844 Brown, Alexander Hargreaves Wellington (Shropshire) Ex Guards. Merchant and Banker. Dissentient. Reform.
1851 Brown, Alexander Laing Hawick District Tweed Manufacturer.
1842 Bruce, Lord Henry A. B. Chippenham S. 3 M. Ailesbury. Militia. Ex Army. Director of Brewery Company. Carlton.
1851 Bruce, Hon. Robt. Preston A 3,243. R £3,833. W. Fifeshire Militia (retd.) Son 8 Earl Elgin. 22, Eaton Square, S.W.
1838 Bryce, James S. Aberdeen Regius Professor Civil Law (Oxon). Ex-Under Sec. Foreign Affairs. Athenæum Club.
1846 Buchanan, Thos. Ryburn W. Edinburgh Barrister. Dissentient. 36, Upper Brook Street, W.
1850 Burdett-Coutts, Wm. L. A. B. Westminster Wife is Baroness Coutts. 1, Stratton Street, W.
1849 Burghley, Lord N. Northamptonshire Array (retd.) E. s. Marq. Exeter. 32, Eaton Square, W.
1837 Burt, Thomas Morpeth Miners' Representative. Reform Club.
1853 Buxton, Sydney Chas. Poplar Author and Social Reformer. 15, Eaton Place, S.W.
1829 Byrne, Garrett Michacl W. Wicklow Mortgage Broker. Outer Temple, W.C.
1842 Cains, Wm. Sproston Barrow Iron Owner and Merchant. Ex-Lord Admiralty. Dissentient. Reform.
1839 Caldwell, James St. Rollox Calico Printer. Formerly Lawyer. Dissentient.
1841 Cameron, Charles, LL.D College Div. (Glasgow) Newspaper Proprietor. 80. St. George's Square, S.W.
1847 Cameron, J. Macdonald Wick Burghs Analytical Chemist. Ex Excise Department. Devonshire.
1837 Campbell, Sir Archibald, Bt. A 15,886. R £8,361. W. Renfrewshire Ex-Lieut.-Col. Guards. S.i.l. 2 B. Carrington. 2, Seamore Place, W.
1824 Campbell, Sir George, K.C.S I. Kirkcaldy District Ex-Lieut.-Governor Bengal. N. 1 B. Campbell. Reform.
1860 Campbell, Henry S. Fermanagh Private Secretary to Mr. Parnell.
1825 Campbell, James Alex. A 3,848. R £10,857. Glasg. & Aberdeen Univ. Merchant (retd.) 34, Grosvenor Place, S.W.
1831 Campbell, Rd. F. Fothringham A 2,099. R £3,770. Ayr Burghs Yeo. Army (retired). Dissentient. 17, Cavendish Square, W.
1836 Campbell-Bannerman, Right Hon. Henry. A 1,106. R £3,794. Stirling Burghs Ex-Secretary for War. 6, Grosvenor Place, S.W.
1853 Carew, James Laurence N. Kildare Barrister. 12, New Court, Lincoln's Inn.
1838 Cavendish, Lord Edward W. Derbyshire Army (retired). Militia. Dissentient. Railway Director. S. 7 D. Devonshire. 378, Piccadilly, S.W.
1836 Chamberlain, Rt. Hn. Joseph W. Birmingham Manufacturer (retd.) Ex-President Local Government Bd. Dissentient. 40, Prince's Gardens, S.W.
1840 Chamberlain, Richard W. Islington Manufacturer (retired). Dissentient. Queen Anne's Mansions, S.W.
1857 Chance, Patrick Allen S. Kilkenny Solicitor. 72, Warwick Street, S.W.
1841 Channing, Francis Allston E. Northamptonshire Reform Club.
1840 Chaplin, Rt. Hon. Henry A 23,370. R £30,517. Liv. 3. Sleaford Ex-Chancellor of Duchy. W. was d. Duke of Sutherland. 22. Ryder Street, S.W.
1818 Charrington, Spencer Mile End Brewer. 35, Hertford Street, W.
1827 Childers, Rt. Hon. Hugh C. E. S. Edinburgh Ex-Home Secretary. 117, Piccadilly, W.
1849 G Churchill, Rt. Hon. Lord Randolph S. S. Paddington Chancellor of Exchequer. £5,000. S. 6 D. Marlborough. 2, Connaught Place, W.
1847 Clancy, John Joseph Co. Dublin (N.) Newspaper Editor.
1846 Clark, Gavin Brown Caithnesshire Doctor of Medicine. Consul-General for the Boers. 39, Charlwood Street, W.
1841 G Clarke, Sir Edward, Q.C. Plymouth Sol.-General. £6,000 and fees. 37. Russell Square, W.C.
1835 Cobb, Henry P. Rugby Solicitor and Banker. Reform Club.
1860 Cochrane-Baillie. Hn. C.W.A.N. N. St. Pancras Yeo. Son of B. Lamington. 26, Wilton Crescent, S.W.
1830 Coddington, William A 242. R £835. Blackburn Cotton Manufacturer. 38, Grosvenor Square, W.
1855 Coqhill, Douglas H. Newcastle-under-Lyme Barrister. Dissentient. 62, Eaton Terrace, S.W.
1829 Cohen, Arthur B., Q.C. W. Southwark Barrister. Judge of the Cinque Ports. Reform.
1832 Cohen, Lionel Louis N. Paddington Stock Broker and Banker. 9, Hyde Park Terrace.
1851 Coleridge, Hon. Bernard J. S. Attercliffe (Sheffield) Barrister. E. s. B. Coleridge. Devonshire.
1831 Collings, Jesse Bordesley Merchant (retired). Ex-Sec. Local Government Board. Dissentient. National Liberal Club.
1830 Colman, Jeremiah Jas. Norwich Merchant and Manufacturer. Belgrave Mansions.
1838 Colomb, John C. Ready Bow and Bromley Capt. Marine Artillery (retired). Author. St. Stephen's Club.
1829 Commerell, Sir John Edward, V.C., K.C.B. Southampton Vice-Admiral. Ex-Lord of Admiralty, &c. 45, Rutland Gate, S.W.
1832 Commins, Andrew, LL.D. S. Roscommon Barrister. Legal Club, W.C.
1824 Compton, Francis New Forest Barrister. 6a, Victoria Street, S.W.
1850 Condon, Thomas Joseph E. Tipperary Licensed Victualler and Cattle Dealer.
1833 Connolly, Laurence S. Longford Fruit Merchant.
1844 Conway, Michael N. Leitrim Schoolmaster. 3, Colchester Street, S.W.
1853 Conybeare, Chas. A. V. Camborne Barrister. Miners' Representative. 40, Chancery Lane, E.C.
1841 Cooke, Chas. W. R. W. Newington Barrister. 3, Essex Court, Temple.
1814 Coope, Octavius Edward A 3,621. R £5,994. Brentford Brewer. Dir. of 4 Companies. 41, Upper Brook Street, W.
1825 Corbet, Wm. Josh. E. Wicklow Author and Poet. St. George's Club, W.
1857 Corbett, A. L. Cameron Tradeston (Glasgow) Emigration Commr. (Victoria). Dissentient. 132, Piccadilly.
1817 Corbett, John A 4,180. R £14,324. Droitwich Salt Owner. Dissentient. 20, Hertford Street, W.page 20
1826 Corry, Sir James Porter Mid-Armagh Shipowner and Merchant. Carlton Club.
1824 Cossham, Handel E. Bristol Colliery Owner. National Liberal Club.
1847 Cotton, E. T. D. Wirral Capt. in Array (retired). Connected with several Peerage families. 13, Stratton Street, W.
1832 Courtney, Leonard Henry Bodmin Ex-Sec. Treasury. Journalist. Dissentient. Reform.
1834 Cowell-Stepney, Sir E. A. A. K. A 9,847. R £7,200. Carmarthen District S.i.l. B. de Tabley. Ex Civil Service. Travellers' Club.
1852 Cox, Joseph Richard E. Clare Sec. to Lord Mayor of Dublin. 95, Warwick Street, S.W.
1838 Cozens-Hardy, Herbt. H., Q.C. N. Norfolk Barrister. 50, Ladbroke Grove, W.
1836 Craig, James Newcastle-on-Tyne Merchant and Ship Broker.
1835 Craig-Sellar, Alexander Partick Barrister. Dissentient. 75, Cromwell Road, W.
1861 Cranborne, Viscount Darwen Yeo. Private Sec. to and eldest son of Marq. Salisbury. Carlton.
1825 Craven, Joseph Shipley Manufacturer (retired). Hotel Metropole, S.W.
1837 Crawford, Donald N.E. Lanarks Barrister. Oxford and Cambridge Club.
1833 Crawford, William Mid-Durham Co. Sec. Durham Miners' Association. 19, Buckingham St., W.C.
1838 Cremer, Wm. Randall Hageerston Workmen's Representative. 9, Buckingham Street, W.C.
1843 Crilly, Daniel N. Mayo Journalist.
1841 Crossley, Edward Sowerby Manufacturer. Belgrave Mansions, S.W.
1857 Crossley, Sir Savile B., Bart. A 3,294. R £5,324. Lowestoft Militia. Dissentient. 40, Jermyn Street, S.W.
1830 Crossman, Sir W., K.C.M.G Portsmouth Major-Genl. on half pay. Dissentient. U. Service Club.
1828 Cubitt, Rt, Hon. George A 6,789. R £8,509. Liv. 3. Epsom Ex Church Estates Commissioner. 17, Prince's Gate, W.
1825 Currie, Sir Donald, K.C.M.G. W. Perthshire Shipowner. Dissentient. Railway Director. Reform.
1859 Curzon, Hon. George N. Southport E. s. B. Scarsdale. 34, Wimpole Street, W.
1861 Curzon, Viscount Wycombe Yeo. E. s. Earl Howe. 23, Upper Brook Street, W.
1839 Dalrymple, Charles A 1,698. R £6,586. Liv. 2. Ipswich Ex-Lord of Treasury. Militia. Carlton.
1833 Davenport, Henry Tichborne A 4,077. R £6,954. Liv. 1. Leek Barrister. Carlton.
1821 Davies, William Pembrokeshire Solicitor. 1, Suffolk Place, S.W.
1846 Dawnay, Hon. Lewis Payan Thirsk and Malton Col. in Army (retd.) S. 7 V. Downe. 51, Charles Street, W.
1840 De Cobain, Edwd. S. W. E. Belfast Was Cashier Belfast Corporation.
1852 De Lisle, Edwin J. L. M. P. Loughborough Essayist. Junior Athenæum Club.
1839 De Rothschild, Baron Ferdinand Jas. Aylesbury Financial Agent. Dissentient. C. of B. Rothschild.
1840 G De Worms, Baron Henry E. Toxteth (Liverpool) Merchant (retired). Secretary to Board of Trade. £1,500. Carlton.
1856 Deasy, John W. Mayo 141, Fentiman Road, S.W.
1834 Dickson, Alexander Geo. Dover Major in Army. Railway Director. Conn. w. Aristocracy. Carlton.
1851 Dillon, John E. Mayo Is L.R.C.S. (Ireland).
1814 Dillwyn, Lewis Llewellyn Swansea Railway Director. Interested in Collieries. Athenæum.
1828 Dimsdale, Baron Robert A 2,382. R £3,641. Hitchin Banker. Director of London Water Co. 32, Cadogan Terrace, S.W.
1820 Dixon, George Edgbaston (Birmingham) Merchant. Dissentient. 41, Hyde Park Gate.
1832 Dixon-Hartland, Fredk. D. Uxbridge Banker. 14, Chesham Place, S.W.
1819 Dodds, Joseph Stockton Solicitor. Director of 4 Companies. Reform.
1836 Donkin, R. S. Tynemouth Shipowner. Junior Carlton.
1832 Dorington, Sir Jno. Edwd, Bt. Tewkesbury Has fought 4 Elections and 2 Petitions. Carlton.
1835 Duff, Robt. Wm. A 13,181. R £9,803. Liv. 2. Banffshire Ex-Lord of Admiralty. Railway Director. Ex Navy. Brooks's Club.
1835 Dugdale, John S., Q.C. Nuneaton Recorder of Birmingham. 7a, Mount Street, W.
1831 Duncan, David Liverpool (Exchange) Merchant and Shipowner. Reform Club.
1836 Duncan, F., C.B. Holborn (Finsbury) Colonel of Royal Artillery. Carlton.
1840 Duncombe, Arthur Howdenshire Barrister. Gs. 1st. B. Faversham. Carlton.
1837 Dyke, Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. Hart, Bart. A 8,865. R £11,474. Dartford Ex-Sec. for Ireland. S.i.l. 7th E. Sandwich. Carlton.
1816 Eaton, Henry Wm. Coventry Silk Merchant. 16, Prince's Gate, W.
1854 Ebrington, Viscount Tavistock Yeo. E.s. E. Fortescue. Dissentient. Brooks's.
1855 Edwardes-Moss, Tom C. Widnes Yeo. 1, Ennismore Gardens, S.W.
1843 Edwards-Heathcote, Justinian H. A 2,800. R £12,541. N.W. Staffordshire Ex Army and Yeo. Wyndbam Club.
1845 Egerton, Hon. Alan de Tattoo Knutsford Yeo. S. of B. Egerton. 9, Seamore Place, W.
1854 Egerton, Hon. Alfd. J. F. Eccles Ex Army. B. of E. Ellesmere.
1857 Elcho, Lord Ipswich E. s. E. Wemyss. Carlton.
1846 Elliot, Hon. Arthur R. D. Roxburghshire Barrister and Author. Dissentient. 2nd Son 3rd E. Minto.
1815 Elliot, Sir George Monmouth District Engineer, Coal Owner, and Wire Rope Maker. Railway Director.
1844 Elliot, Geo. Wm. Richmond (N.R.) Engineer, Coal Owner, and Wire Rope Maker. Railway Director.
1849 Elliot, Hon. Hugh F. H. N. Ayrshire Barrister. 3rd Son 3rd E. Minto. Ex-Clerk H. Commons. Dissentient. Brooks's.
1829 Ellis, James W. Leicestershire Quarry Pro. and Coal Merchant. National Liberal Club.
1841 Ellis, John Edward Rushcliffe Coal Owner and Bank Director. 40, Pont Street, S.W.
1829 Ellis, Sir J. Whittaker, Bart. Kingston (Surrey) Surveyor and Auctioneer. Constitutional Club.
1859 Ellis, Thomas Edward Merionethshire Journalist. 132, Palace Chambers.
1839 Elton, Chas. Isaac, Q.C. Liv. 1. Wellington Barrister and Author. Lord of Manor of Whitestaunton. Carlton.
1862 Esmonds, Sir Thos. H. G., Bt. A 8,057. R £4,563. Co. Dublin, S.
1834 Esslemont, Peter E. Aberdeenshire Draper. National Liberal Club.
1822 Evelyn, Wm. John A 3,601. R £2,971. Liv. 3. Deptford
Evershed, Sydney Burton Brewer.
1817 Ewart, William N. Belfast Merchant and Manufacturer. Carlton.
1834 Eyre, Col. Henry Gainsborough Ex Rifle Brigade. Lord of Manors of Rampton and Treswell.
1857 Farquharson, Henry Richard A 5,476. R £3,680. W. Dorsetshire Advocates "Fair Trade" Protection. Arthur's Club.
1836 Farquharson, Robert, M.D. A 16,809. R £6,166. W.Aberdeenshire Lecturer on Medicine. Has served in Guards. Reform.
1824 Feilden, Randal Joseph, C.M.G. A 2,611. R £7,314. Chorley Lieut.-General on half pay. Carlton.
1848 Fellowes, William Henry Ramsey (Hunts.) Captain in Army (retired). B.i.l Duke of Marlborough. Railway Director. Carlton.
1850 Fenwick, Charles Wansbeck Miner.page 21
1860 Ferguson, R. C. Munro A 25,506. R £20.317. Leith Ex Guards. Railway Director.
1832 G Fergusson, Rt. Hon. Sir Jas., Bart., K.C.M.G. A 22,630. R £13,334. N.E. Manchester Under Sec. Foreign Affairs. £1,500. Army. Ex-Gov. of Bombay. S.i.l. Marquis Dalhousie. Carlton.
1830 Field, Admiral Edward Eastbourne Rear-Admiral R.N. (retired). Carlton.
1854 Fielden, Thomas Middleton St. Stephen's Club.
1835 Finch, George Henry A 17,548. R £28,908. Liv. 6. Rutlandshire Yeo. Gs. 6th Duke Beaufort. 58, Rutland Gate, S.W.
1851 Finch-Hatton, Hon. M. E. G. A 4,451. R £7,076. Liv. 2. Spalding Son 9th Earl Winchilsea. 23, Ennismore Gardens, S.W.
1842 Finlay, Robt. Bannatyne, Q.C. Inverness Burghs Barrister, M.D. (retired). Dissentient. Reform,
1842 Finucane, John E. Limerick Tenant Farmer.
1853 Fisher, Wm. Hayes Fulham Barrister. 4, Harcourt Buildings, E.C.
1839 Fitzgerald, Robert U. P. A 6,071. R £4,865. Cambridge Director of Irish Land Corporation. Carlton Club.
1852 Fitzwilliam, Hon. W. J. W. Peterborough Son of Earl Fitzwilliam. 4, Grosvenor Square, W.
1823 Fitzwygram, Sir Fredk. W. J., Bart. Liv. 2. Fareham Major-General on half-pay. Has 7 Peerage connexions. Lord of Manor of Havant. 4, Portland Place, W.
1835 G Fletcher, Sir Henry, Bart. A 1,721. R £2,374. Lewes Army and Yeomanry (retired). Groom-in-Waiting. £335. Carlton.
1843 Flower, Cyril Luton Yeomanry. Merchant. Ex-Lord of Treasury. 7, Hyde Park Place.
1852 Flynn, James C. Cork Co. (N.) Banker.
1836 Foley, Patrick Jas. Connemara Manager of a Life Assurance Co. Regency Club, W.
1846 Foljambe, Cecil Geo. S. Liv. 1. Mansfield Navy (retired). G.s. Earl Liverpool. Brooks's.
1841 Folkestone, Viscount Enfield Treasurer of Royal Household. £904. E.s. Earl Radnor. Railway Director.
1815 Forster, Sir Charles, Bart. A 1,802. R £3,444. Walsall Barrister (retired). 38, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.
1836 G Forwood, Arthur Bower Ormskirk Steamship Owner and Merchant. Sec. to Admiralty. £2,000. St. Stephen's Club.
1830 Fowler, Rt. Hon. Henry Hartley E. Wolverhampton Solicitor. Ex-Sec. Treasury. Reform.
1828 Fowler, Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Nicholas City of London Banker. 50, Cornhill, E.C.
1853 Fox, Joseph F. Tullamore Practitioner of Medicine.
1829 Fraser, Chas. C., V.C., C.B. N. Lambeth Major-Gen. in Army. Col. of 8th Hussars. Arthurs' Club.
1828 Frascr-Mackintosh, Charles Invernesshire Solicitor (retired). Dissentient. 5, Clarges Street, W.
1832 Fry, Lewis N. Bristol Solicitor. Dissentient. 13, Arlington Street, S.W.
1836 Fry, Theodore Darlington Iron Manufacturer. 22a, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.
1833 Fuller, Geo. Pargiter Liv. 1. Westbury Lord of Manor of Neston. 47, Rutland Gate, S W.
1846 Fulton, Forrest Jas. West Ham (N.) Barrister and Author. 52, Clarendon Road, W.
1837 Gane, John Lawrence, Q.C. E. Leeds Barrister. Devonshire Club.
1847 Gardner, Herbert Saffron-Walden 46, Dover Street, W.
1827 Gardner, Robt. Richardson Windsor Lord of Manor of Cowley. 41, Grosvenor Square, W.
1845 Gathorne-Hardy, Hon. Alfred E. E. Grinstead 3 s. V. Cranbrook. Railway Director. Carlton.
1839 Gathorne-Hardy, Hon. John S. Medway Ex Army. Director of a London Water Co. E. s. V. Cranbrook. Carlton.
1829 Gedge, Sydney Stockport Solicitor. 1, Old Palace Yard.
1857 Gent-Davis, Robert Kennington (Lambeth) Manufacturing Chemist & Distiller. 19, Albert Square, S.W.
1846 G Gibson, John Geo., Q.C. Walton (Liverpool) Sol.-Gen. for Ireland. £1,774 and tees. B. of Baron Ashbourne.
1816 Giles, Alfred Southampton Civil Engineer. 26, Great George Street, S.W.
1845 Gilhooly, James Cork Co. W. Draper.
1836 Gill, Henry Joseph Limerick City Publisher and Bookseller.
Gill, Thomas Peter S. Louth Journalist.
1829 Gilliat, John Saunders Clapham Tobacco Merchant and Bank Director. City Carlton.
1854 Gladstone, Herbert John W. Leeds Ex-Financial Sec. War Office. Reform.
1809 Gladstone, Rt. Hn. Wm. Ewart A 6,918. R £18,173. Liv. 2. Midlothian Ex-Premier. 21, Carlton House Terrace, S.W.
1835 Godson, Fredk. Augustus Kidderminster Barrister. Railway Director. 23, Cornwall Gardens, S.W.
1838 Goldsmid, Sir Julian, Bart. A 14,273. R £35,580. S. St. Pancras Barrister (retired). Dissentient. 105, Piccadilly, W.
1837 Goldsworthy, Walter T. Hammersmith Major-Gen. on half pay. Hertford Street, W.
1835 G Gorst, Sir John Eldon Chatham Under Sec. for India. £1,500. Carlton.
1828 Gourley, Edward Temperley Sunderland Merchant, Shipowner, and Railway Director. Devonshire.
1852 Graham, Robert C. A 10,880. R £8,362. N.W. Lanarkshire N. 14 B. Elphinstone. Claimant to two Earldoms.
1845 Gray, Charles Wing Maldon Tenant Farmer.
1845 Gray, Edmund Dwyer St. Steph. G. Dublin Newspaper Proprietor.
1831 Green, Sir Edward, Bart. A 3,004. R £4,962. Wakefield Iron Manufacturer. Railway Director. Carlton.
1806 Greenall, Sir Gilbert, Bart. Warrington Brewer & Publichouse Owner. Railway Director. Carlton.
1815 Greene, Edward Stowmarket Brewer. 41, Eaton Place, S.W.
1862 Grey, Sir Edward, Bart. A 2,913. R £4,089. Berwick-on-Tweed Was Priv. Sec. to Sir Evelyn Baring, and Assist. Sec. to Mr. Childers. Wellington Club.
1852 Grimston, Viscount St. Albans Yeomanry. Ex Army. E. s. Earl Verulam. Carlton.
1838 Grotrian, Fredk. Brent East Hull Shipowner and Merchant.
1823 Grove, Sir Thos. Fraser, Bart. A 7,655. R £7,111. Liv. 1. Wilton Yeo. Ex Army. Dissentient. Connected with Peerage. Army and Navy Club.
1835 Gutty, William Court, Q.C. Carlisle Recorder of Wigan. 96, Harley Street, W.
1831 Gunter, Colonel Robert Barkston Ash Militia. Ex Army. Army and Navy Club.
1829 Gurdon, Robt. Thornhagh A 11,092. R £8,753. Liv. 6. Mid Norfolk Lord of Manors of Letton and Grundisburgh. Dissentient. Gs. of B. Colborne. Rail. Dir. 5, Portman Sq, W.
1856 Haldane, Robert B. Haddingtonshire Barrister and Author. 5, New Square, E.C.
1838 Hall, Alexander Wm. A 2,470. R £4,228. Liv. 1. Oxford Brewer. Gs. of V. Bridport. 10, Curzon Street, W.
1843 Hall, Charles. Q.C. Chesterton Attorney-Gen. to Prince of Wales. 131, Piccadilly, W.
1839 Halsey, Thomas Fredk. A 3,911. R £5,839. Liv. 2. Watford Yeomanry. 73, Eaton Place, S.W.
1834 Hambro, Charles Joseph T. A 9,622. R £12,000. S. Dorsetshire Lieut.-Col. of Yeomanry. Connected with E. Hardwicke. Carlton.
1845 Hamilton, Charles E. Rotherhithe Printer and Stationer. Carlton.
1843 Hamilton, Lord Claud John W. Derby (Liverpool) Army (retd.) Mil. Railway Direct. Ex-Lord of Treasury. B. of D. Abercorn. 23, Lowndes Square, S.W.
1858 Hamilton, Lord Ernest Wm. N. Tyrone Army (retired). B. of D. Abercorn. Naval and Mil. Club.
1845 G Hamilton, Lord George F. Ealing First Lord of Admiralty. £4,500 and house. Array (retired). Militia. B. of D. Abercorn. 17, Montagu St., W.page 22
1824 Hamley, Sir Edward Bruce, K.C.B., K.C.M.G. Birkenhead Lieut.-Gen. in Army. Author. Athenæum Club.
1845 Hanbury, Robt. Wm. Liv. 1. Preston Yeo. Lord of three Staffordshire Manors.
1848 Hanbury-Tracy, Hon. F. S. A. Montgomery Dist. S. of B. Sudeley. Yeo. Capt. 116, Queen's Gate, S W.
1833 Hankey, Fredk. Alers Chertsey Banker. Director of five Companies. Carlton.
1827 Harcourt, Rt. Hon. Sir W. G. Vernon, Kt. Derby Militia. Ex-Home Sec. and Chancellor of Exchequer. 7, Grafton Street, W.
1826 Hardcastle, Edward N. Salford Merchant. Carlton Club.
1844 Hardcastle, Frank West Houghton Bleacher and Coal Proprietor. Carlton.
1852 Harrington, E. W. Kerry Journalist.
1850 Harrington, Timothy Harbour (Dublin) Journalist and Newspaper Proprietor. 113, Tachbrook St.
1830 Harris, Matthew E. Galway Builder.
1833 Hartington, Marquis of A 5,663. R £6,257. Liv. 2. Rossendale Ex-Sec. for War. Dissentient. E.s. D. of Devonshire. Devonshire House, W.
1825 Hastings, Geo. Woodyatt E. Worcestershire Railway Director. Barrister. Dissentient. Oxf. and Camb.
1830 Havelock-Allan, Sir Henry M., Bart., C.B., V.C. A 3,013. R £5,776. S.E. Durham Lieut.-Gen. in Army. Dissentient. S.i.l. 2nd E. Ducie. 70, Chester Square, S.W.
1855 Hayden, Luke Patrick S. Leitrim Newspaper Proprietor.
1859 Healy, Maurice Cork City Solicitor.
1854 Heath, Arthur Raymond Louth (Linc.) Barrister. Conn. w. Aristocracy. Oxf. and Camb.
1848 Heaton, John Henniker Canterbury Australian Landowner and Journalist. Carlton.
1840 Heneage, Rt. Hon. Edward A 10,761. R £15,527. Liv. 5. Gt. Grimsby Ar. (retired). Railway Chairman. Dissentient. S.i.l. Earl Listowel. Brooks's.
1853 G Herbert, Hon. Sidney Croydon Lord of Treasury. B. of E. Pembroke. 10, Mandeville Pl.
1851 Hermon-Hodge, Robert T. Accrington Yeo. White's Club.
1840 Hervey, Lord Francis Bury St. Edmunds Barrister. 4th S. 2nd M. Bristol. 3, Spring Gardens, S.W.
1837 G Hicks-Beach, Rt. Hon. Sir Michael E., Bart. A 11,334. R £10,467. Liv. 2. W. Bristol Sec. for Ireland. £4,425 and house S.i.l. 3 E. Fortescue. Railway Director. Carlton.
1825 Hill, Alexander Staveley, Q.C. Kingswinford Judge Adv. of Fleet, and standing Counsel to Admiralty.
1846 G Hill, Lord Arthur Wm. A 1,342. R £1,316. W. Down Army (retired). Compt. Royal Household. £904. Son 4th M. of Downshire. Carlton.
1834 Hill, Edward Stock S. Bristol Shipbuilder and Owner. Junior Carlton.
1830 Hingley, Benjamin N. Worcestershire Coal and Iron Proprietor. Dissentient.
1841 Hoare, Samuel Liv. 1. Norwich Banker (retired). Lord of Manor of Sidestrand.
1854 Hobhouse, Henry E. Somersetshire Barrister. N. of B. Hobhouse. Dissentient. Nat. Lib. Club.
1807 Holden, Isaac Keighley Manufacturer. Reform Club.
1825 G Holland, Sir Henry Thurston, Bart., K.C.M.G. Hampstead Liv. 1. Vice-President of Council. £2,000. 65, Rutland Gate.
1825 Holloway. George Stroud Manufacturer. 30, Bina Gardens, S.W.
1840 G Holmes, Rt. Hon. Hugh, Q.C. Dublin University Attorney-General for Ireland. £2,579 and Fees. Carlton.
1846 Hooper, John S.E. Cork Journalist.
1841 Hornby, Wm. Henry Blackburn Cotton Spinner. Railway Director. Junior Carlton.
1834 Houldsworth, Wm. Henry N.W. Manchester Cotton Spinner. Carlton.
1836 Howard, John Morgan. Q.C. Dulwich Recorder of Guildford. 6, Pump Court.
1843 Howard, Joseph Tottenham Barrister. Iron Merchant.
1842 Howorth, Henry Hoyle S. Salford Barrister and Author.
1833 Howell, George N.E. Bethnal Green Trades' Unionist Representative. Ellingham Road, W.
1828 Hoyle, Isaac Heywood Manufacturer. National Liberal Club.
1851 Hozier (Jr.), James H. Cecil S. Lanarkshire S.i.l. M. Exeter. Ex-Clerk in Foreign Office. Carlton.
1842 Hubbard, Egerton Buckingham Merchant. N. of B. Napier. 24, Prince's Gate.
1805 Hubbard, Kt. Hon. John Gellibrand. A 2,576. R £4,887. Liv. 3. City of London Merchant and Bank Director. S.i.l. 8 B. Napier. 24, Prince's Gate.
1832 Hughes, Edwin Woolwich Solicitor. 6, Lancaster Place, W.C.
1838 Hughes-Hallett, Fras. Chas. Rochester Lieut.-Col. Royal Artillery. 108, Cromwell Road.
1859 Hulse, Edward Henry Heir to 6,952 Acres and £13,712 Rental Salisbury Yeo. 8a, Hobart Place, S.W.
1838 Hunt, Fredk. Seager W. Marylebone Distiller. 7, Cromwell Road.
1831 Hunter, Sir Guyer, K.C.M.G. Central Hackney Army, and Indian Medical Official. 21, Norfolk Crescent.
1844 Hunter, William A. N. Aberdeen Ex-Professor of Law, London University. Reform Club.
1826 Illingworth, Alfred W. Bradford Manufacturer. Reform Club.
1830 Isaacs, Lewis Henry Walworth Architect and Surveyor. Railway Director. Carlton.
1836 Isaacson, Fredk. Wootton Stepney In Coal and Iron Trades. 152, Harley Street, W.
1840 G Jackson, Wm. Lawies N. Leeds Tanner. Railway Dir. Financial Sec. Treasury. £2,000.
1852 Jacoby, James Alfred Mid Derbyshire Lace Manufacturer. Devonshire Club.
1825 James, Charles Herbert Merthyr Tydvil Solicitor. Devonshire Club.
1828 James, Rt. Hn. Sir Henry, Q.C. Bury Ex-Attorney General. Dissentient. 28, Wilton Place.
1846 James, Hon. Walter Henry Gateshead Son of Baron Northbourne. 6, Whitehall Gardens.
1826 Jardine, Sir Robert, Bart. A 10,121. R £13,382. Dumfriesshire Merchant (retired). Dissentient. Brooks's.
1855 Jarvis, Alexander Watson King's Lynn Banker.
1837 Jennings, Louis John Stockport Author. Athenæum Club.
1829 Johnston, William S. Belfast Ex-Inspector Irish Fisheries.
1846 Joicey, James Chester-le-Street Coal Owner and Newspaper Proprietor. Reform.
1830 Jordan, Jeremiah W. Clare Trader and Tenant Farmer.
1844 Kay-Shuttleworth, Sir Ughtred James, Bart. A 4,142. R £5,296. Clitheroe Ex-Chancellor of Duchy. 28, Prince's Gardens.
Kelly, Bernard S. Donegal Grocer's Assistant.
1844 Kelly. John Richards N. Camberwell Barrister. 25, Upper Phillimore Gardens, W.
1837 Kennaway, Sir John Hy., Bt. A 4,045. R £5,038. Liv. 2. Honiton Railway Chairman. W. n. 1st V. Gough. Carlton Club.
1847 Kenny, Courtney Stanhope Barnsley Barrister. Reform Club.
Kenny, Joseph Edward, L.R.C.P. Co. Cork, S. Dr. and Medical Officer of Health, &c.
1861 Kenny, Matthew James Mid-Tyrone Barrister. 74, Palace Chambers.
1831 Kenrick, William N. Birmingham Hollow Ware Manufacturer. Dissentient. Nat. Lib. Club.
1840 Kenyon, Hon. Geo. Thos. Denbigh Burghs Ex-Yeo. S. 3rd Baron Kenyon. Carlton.
1847 Kenyon-Slaney, Lt.-Col. Wm. A 2,809. R £4,860. N. Shropshire Grenadier Guards. Carlton.
1850 Ker, Richd. Wm. Blackwood A 20,544. R £22,196. E. Down Ex Army. M. w. d. 3rd E. Dufferin. Travellers' Club.
1849 Kerans, Fredk. Harold Lincoln Barrister. 1, Lancaster Gate, W.
1839 Kilcoursie, Viscount S. Somersetshire Ex Navy. E. s. Earl Cavan. Ex-Vice Chamberlain. Brooks's.
1834 Kimber, Henry Wandsworth Solicitor. Director of 9 Cos. 79, Lombard Street
1852 King, Henry Seymour Central Hull Banker. 25, Cornwall Gardens.
1838 King-Harman, Edward R. A 76,841. R £42,662. Isle of Thanet Col. ex Army. R. to E. Kingston. Lord Lt. Roscommon. Carlton Club.page 23
1835 Knatchbull-Hugessen, H. Thos Faversham B. of Baron Brabourne. 2, Cleveland Row.
1819 Knightly, Sir Rainald, Bart A 8,011. R £13,182. Liv. 3. S. Northamptonshire Lord of Manor of Fawsley. R. to V. Gage. Carlton.
1857 Knowles, Lees W. Salford Barrister. 5, New Square, W.C.
1834 Kynoch, George Aston Manor Ammunition Manufacturer. St. George's Club.
1831 Labouchere, Henry du Pré Northampton Journalist and Ex-Diplomatist. N late Baron Taunton.
1853 Lacaita, Chas. Carmichael Dundee Barrister. Brooks's Club.
1821 Lafone, Alfred Bermondsey Leather Factor. Hanworth Park.
1823 Lalor, Richard Leix Farmer and Civil Engineer. 4, Norfolk Street, W.C.
1850 Lambert, Cowley E. Islington Barrister and Author. New University Club.
1849 Lane, William John Co. Cork, E. Butter Merchant.
1835 Laurie, Robert Peter Bath Lieut.-Col. Volunteers. Carlton.
1832 Lawrance, John Compton, Q.C Stamford Recorder of Derby. 3, Onslow Square.
1831 Lawrence, Sir John James Trevor, Bart. Reigate Army (retd.) Indian Ex-Medical. 57, Prince's Gate.
1844 Lawrence, William Frederic Abercromby (Liverpool) Barrister. New University Club.
1862 Lawson, Henry L. Webster W. St. Pancras Son of Proprietor "Daily Telegraph" Devonshire.
1829 Lawson, Sir Wilfrid, Bart. A 8,294. R £14,752. Liv. 1. Cockermouth President of U. K. Alliance. Railway Director. Reform.
1841 Lea, Thomas S. Derry Merchant and Manufacturer. Dissentient. Reform.
1822 Leahy, James S. Kildare Tenant Farmer.
1824 Leake, Robert Radcliffe-cum Farnworth Engraver for Calico Printers. Devonshire.
1848 Leamy, Edmund N.E. Cork Solicitor.
1826 Lechmere, Sir Ed. A. Harley, Bt. A 5,752. R £11,608. Liv. 4. Bewdley Connected with Peerage. 13, Bolton Row, W.
1860 Lees, Elliott Oldham Yeo. 11, Hyde Park Square. W.
1859 Legh, Thos. Wm. Newton Heir to 13,800 acres and £45,000 rental.
1837 Leighton, Stanley Oswestry Barrister. Connected with Peerage. Carlton.
1840 Lethbridge, Sir Roper N. Kensington Ex-Indian Civil Service. 19, Clanricarde Gardens, W.
1825 Lewis, Charles Edward Londonderry City Ex-Solicitor. Bank Director. Director or Trustee of 10 Companies. 36, Hyde Park Gate.
1821 Lewis, Thomas Palestina Anglesey Corn Merchant.
1851 G Lewisham, Viscount Lewisham Vice-Chamberlain. £924. E. s. Earl Dartmouth. Carlton.
1847 Llewellyn, Evan Henry N. Somersetshire Union Club.
1846 Lockwood, Frank, Q.C. York Recorder of Sheffield. 26, Lennox Gardens, S.W.
1854 G Long, Walter Hume A 15,404. R £23,213. Liv. 3. Devizes Sec. to Local G overnment Board. £1,500. Capt. in Yeo. S.i.l. Earl Cork. Carlton.
1838 Low, Malcolm Grantham S.i.l. of E. Denbigh. Ex Indian Service. Union Club.
1855 Lowther, James Wm. Penrith C. of E. Lonsdale. 40, Hans' Place, S.W.
1821 Lowther, Hon. William Appleby Ex-Ambassador. Railway Director. Brother to 3rd Earl Lonsdale. Lowther Lodge, S.W.
1834 Lubbock, Sir John, Bart. A 1,166. R £2,014. London University Banker and Author. W. related to several Peerage families. Queen Anne's Mansions, S.W.
1850 Lyell, Leonard Orkney and Shetland Ex-Lecturer on Geology. School of Mines. R'wy Director.
1856 Lymington, Viscount S. Molton E. s. E. Portsmouth. Brooks's.
1814 McArthur, Alexander Leicester Merchant. Director of five Cos. Reform.
1857 McArthur, William A. Buckrose Colonial Merchant. 7, Berkeley Street, W.
1852 Macartney, Wm. Grey Ellison S. Antrim Barrister. Ex Yeo. 3, King's Bench Walk, E.C.
1847 McCalmont, James E. Antrim Captain, ex Army. Boodle's Club.
1851 McCartan, Michael S. Down Solicitor.
1830 McCarthy, Justin N. Longford Journalist and Author. 15, Ebury Street, S.W.
1858 McCarthy, Justin Huntly Newry Author and Dramatist. 15, Ebury Street, S.W.
1836 McDonald, Peter N. Sligo Distiller and Wine Merchant.
1836 G Macdonald, Rt. Hon. J. H. A. Edinburgh & St. Andrew's Universities Lord Advocate. £2,388 and Fees. Carlton Club.
1840 Macdonald, Roderick Ross and Cromarty Doctor and Law Student. 65, West Ferry Road, E.
1841 Macdonald, Wm. Archibald Ossory Formerly in Holy Orders (Church of Ireland). 9, Bridge St.
1827 McEwan, William Central Edinboro' Brewer. Devonshire Club.
1823 McGarel-Hogg, Sir Jas. McN., Bart., K.C.B. A 3,541. R £4,083. Hornsey Army (retd.) Chairman Metrop. Board of Works. S.i.l. Baron Penrhyn. 17, Grosvenor Gardens.
1830 McInnes, Miles Hexham Banker and Railway Director. Oxf. and Camb. Club.
1819 McKenna, Sir Jos. Neale, Kt A 3,052. R £1,098. S. Monaghan Banker. 67, Lancaster Gate, W.
1823 McLagan, Peter Linlithgowshire Director of four Companies. Queen Anne's Mansions.
1853 MrLaren, W. S. Bright Crewe Woollen Spinner. National Liberal Club.
1844 Maclean, Fras. William, Q.C. Woodstock Barrister. 9, Southwell Gardens.
1834 Maclean, James Mackenzie Oldham Journalist and Newspaper Proprietor. Carlton.
1835 Maclure, John Wm. Stretford Insurance Broker. Railway Director. Director of 13 Joint Stock Companies.
1830 Macnaghten, Edward, Q.C. N. Antrim Barrister. 198. Queen's Gate, S.W.
1850 Mahoney, Pierce N. Meath Ex-Assistant Land Commissioner.
1844 Maitland, Wm. Fuller A 7,645. R £6,622. Brecknockshire Railway Director. W. d. 3rd Baron Gardner. 8, Hertford Street, W.
1840 Makins, William Thomas S.E Essex Barrister. Railway and Gas Director. Carlton.
1833 Malcolm, John Wingfield Heir to 85,611 Acres, with £24,989 Rental. Argyllshire S.i.l. 4 B. Boston. Militia. Railway Director. Carlton.
1843 Mallock, Richard Liv. 2. Torquay Ex Royal Artillery. Lord of Manor of Cockington. Carlton.
l818 G Manners, Rt. Hon. Lord John J.R., G.C.B. E. Leicestershire Liv. 1. Chancellor of Duchy. £2,000. B. of Duke of Rutland. 3, Cambridge Gate, N.W.
1821 Mappin, Sir Fredk. Thorp, Bt. Hallamshire Manufacturer. Railway Director. 38, Prince's Gate, S.W.
1845 March, Earl of Chichester Army (retd.) E. s. D. of Richmond. Carlton.
1849 Marjoribanks Hon. Edward Berwickshire Barrister. B.i.l. D. Marlborough. Ex-Whip. Brooks's.
1834 G Marriott, Rt. Hon. William Thackeray, Q.C. Brighton Judge Advocate General. £2,000. 56, Ennismore Gardens.
1828 Marum, Edwd. P. Mulhallen N. Kilkenny Barrister and Author.
1832 Mason, Stephen Mid Lanarkshire Merchant. National Liberal Club.
1826 G Matthews, Rt. Hon. Henry, Q.C. E. Birmingham Barrister. Home Secretary. £5,000. Carlton.
1845 G Maxwell, Sir Herb. Eustace, Bt. A 16,877. R £15,569. Wigtownshire Militia. M. was s. Duchess Somerset. Lord of Treasury. £1,000. Carlton.
1835 Mayne, Rear Admiral R.C., C.B. Pembroke District R.N. (retd.) Director of 8 Companies. Railway Director.
1832 Mayne, Thomas Mid Tipperary General Warehouseman. 134, York Road, Lambeth.
1857 Menzies, Robert Stewart A 5,710. R £7,401. E. Perthshire Barrister. 32, Queen's Gate, S.W.
1861 Mildmay, Fras. Bingham Totnes Dissentient. 46, Berkeley Square, W.
1855 Mills, Hon. Charles William Sevenoaks Banker. Yeo. E. s. B. Hillingdon. Park Lane
1842 Milnes-Gaskell, Chas. Geo. A 4,393. R £10,732. Liv. 1. Morley (W.R.) Barrister. S.i.l. E. Portsmouth. Brooks's.
1844 Milvain, Thomas Durham Barrister Rutland Gate.page 24
1843 Molloy, Bernard Charles Birr Barrister. Ex (French) Army. 3, Elm Court, E.C.
1832 Montagu, Samuel Whitechapel (T.H.) Banker. National Liberal Club.
1836 More, Robert Jasper A 6,089. R £8,220. Liv. 3. Ludlow Lord of several Manors. Dissentient. Brooks's.
1834 Morgan, Hon. Fred. Courtenay S. Monmouthshire Ar. (retd.) 3rd S. 1st B. Tredegar. Carlton.
1826 Morgan, Rt. Hon. Geo. Osborne, Q.C. E. Denbighshire Barrister. Ex-Under Sec. Colonies. 59, Green Street, W.
1837 Morgan, Octavius Vaughan Battersea Merchant and Banker. Albemarle Club
1849 Morley, Arnold E. Nottingham Barrister. Ex-Whip. 12, St. James' Place.
1838 Morley, Rt. Hon. John Newcastle-on-Tyne Journalist and Author. Ex-Irish Secretary. Athenæum.
1836 Morrison, Walter A 13,853. R £4,511. Liv. 1. Skipton Dissentient. Director of 7 Companies. Reform.
1824 Mount, William George A 4,197. R £5,163. Liv. 1. Newbury Lord of Manor of Wasing. Railway Director. Oxford and Cambridge Club.
1815 Mowbray, Rt. Hon. Sir J. R., Bt. Oxford University Church Estates Com. £1,000. 47, Onslow Gardens.
1850 Mowbray, Robert G. C. Prestwich Barrister. 19, Downe Street, W.
1854 Mulholland, Henry Lyle Heir to 14,000 acres of land, and £19,000 rental. N. Derry Ex Army. Railway Director. W. n. V. Bangor. 7, Eaton Square, S.W.
1834 Muncaster, Lord A 5,811. R £2,629. Liv. 3. Egremont Lord Lieut, of Cumberland. Irish Peer. Ex Ar., 5, Carlton Gardens.
1825 Mundella, Rt. Hon. Anthony J. Brightside (Sheffield) Manufacturer. Ex-Pres. Board of Trade. Reform.
1839 Muntz, Philip Albert Tamworth Manufacturer. Union Club, S.W.
1837 Murdoch, Charles Townshend Reading Banker. Ex Ar. Con. w. Peerage. Railway Director.
1844 Murphy, William Martin St. Patrick's (Dublin) Engineer. Railway Director. Hogarth Club, W.
1854 Newark, Viscount Newark Ex Army and Yeo. E.s. E. Manvere. 6, Tilney Street.
1851 Newnes, George Newmarket Newspaper Proprietor. National Liberal Club.
1854 Noble, Wilson Hastings Barrister. 1, Queensberry Place, S.W.
1838 Nolan, John Philip N. Galway Col. in Army. Railway Director. 34, Half Moon Street, W.
Nolan, Joseph N. Louth Manager of Aquarium. Ex-School Teacher.
1832 Norris, Edward Samuel Limehouse Tanner (retired). 24, Chester Terrace.
1846 G Northcote. Hon. Henry Stafford, C.B. Exeter Surveyor-General of Ordnance. £1,500. S. E. Iddesleigh. Ex. Diplo. Service. 7, Seamore Place, W.
1838 Norton, Robert Tunbridge Barrister. Ex War Office Clerk. Union Club.
O'Brien, James Fras. Xavier S. Mayo Commission Agent.
1846 O'Brien, Patrick N. Monaghan Coal Merchant. 9, Bridge Street, S.W.
1835 O'Brien, Patrick James N. Tipperary Merchant.
1844 O'Connor, Arthur E. Donegal and Ossory Barrister. Ex War Office Clerk. 47, Rowan Road, W.
1850 O'Connor, John S. Tipperary Commission Agent.
1836 O'Connor, John S.Kerry Public House Proprietor. Ex-Lord Mayor of Dublin.
1847 O'Connor, Thomas Power Scotland (Liverpool) Author and Journalist. 38, Grosvenor Road, S.W.
1848 O'Doherty, James Edward N. Donegal Solicitor.
O'Hanlon, Thomas E. Cavan Grocer.
1848 O'Hea, Patrick W. Donegal Solicitor.
1845 O'Kelly, James J. N. Roscommon Ex (French) Army. Journalist. 269, Vauxhall Bridge Road.
1845 O'Neill, Hon. Robert Torrens Mid Antrim B. of Baron O'Neill. Railway Director. Junior Carlton.
1819 Orr-Ewing, Sir Archibald, Bt. A 6,041. R £7,385. Dumbartonshire Merchant. Railway Director. Carlton.
1832 Paget, Sir Richard Horner. Bt. A 3,577. R £7,806. Wells Capt. in Army (retired). 58, Queen Anne Street, W.
1822 Palmer, Sir Charles Mark A 2,664. R £2,804. Jarrow Merchant, Shipbuilder, Coal Owner, &c. Brooks's.
1829 Parker, Charles Stuart Perth Has been on 2 Royal Commissions. Athenæum.
1851 Parker, Hon. Francis Henley S. of E. Macclesfield. Wilton House, S.W.
1846 Parnell, Charles Stewart A 4,962. R £1,480. Cork City Leader of Irish Party. Con. with Peerage. 16, Keppel Street, W.C.
1857 Paulton, James Mellor Bishop Auckland Journalist. 150, Piccadilly.
1820 Peacock, Richard Gorton Engineer and Ironfounder. Reform Club.
1835 Pearce, William Govan Shipbuilder. Carlton.
1857 Pease, Alfred Edward York Coal Owner and Banker. Brooks's.
1838 Pease, Henry Fell Cleveland Coal and Ironmaster, and Woollen Manufacturer.
1828 Pease, Sir Josh. Whitwell, Bt. A 2,500. R £2,075. Barnard Castle Coal and Ironmaster. Railway Director. Reform.
1829 Peel, Rt. Hon. Arthur Wellesley A 2,226. R £3,020. Liv. 1. Warwick and Leamington Speaker. £5,000. Connected with Peerage.
1825 Pelly, Sir Lewis, K.C.B., K.C.S.I. N. Hackney Major-General Indian Service. Athenæum.
1851 Penton, Capt. Fredk. Thos. Centr. Finsbury Ex Dragoons. Metropolitan Land Owner. Carlton.
1851 Percy, Lord Algernon, M.A St. George's Army (retd). Militia. B. of Duke Northumberland.
1842 Pickard, Benjamin Normanton Miners' Representative.
1850 Pickersgill, Edward Hare S.W. Bethnal Green Barrister. Ex Postal Service. 110, Fairleigh Road, N.
1832 Picton, James Allanson Leicester Author and Journalist. Reform.
1845 Pinkerton, John Galway City Tenant Farmer.
1845 Pitt-Lewis, George, Q.C. Barnstaple Recorder of Poole. Dissentient. Reform.
1819 Playfair, Rt. Hon. Sir Lyon K.C.B., LL.D. S. Leeds Ex-V. Pres. of Council. Athenæum.
1832 Plowden, Sir Wm. Chichele W. Wolverhampton K.C.S.I. Indian Civil Service. Devonshire Club.
1838 G Plunket, Rt. Hon. David Robert, Q.C. Dublin University Chief Coram. Works. £2,000. S. 3rd Baron Plunket. Railway Director. Carlton.
1853 Plunkett, Hon. John Wm. Thornbury Son of B. Dunsany. Carlton.
1828 Pomfret. William Pomfret Ashford Banker. Union Club.
1830 Portman, Hon. Edwin Berkeley N. Dorsetshire Barrister. 2nd S. Visct. Portman. 12, Ashley Place, S.W.
1817 Potter, Thomas Bayley Rochdale Merchant (retired). Reform.
1827 Powell, Francis Sharp Wigan Defeated at Poll 8 times. Successful 5 times.
1819 Powell, Walter Rice Howell A 3,468. R £2,709. W. Carmarthenshire
1850 Power, Patrick Joseph E. Waterford
1851 Power, Richard A 1,043. R £544. Waterford City Garrick Club.
1842 Price, George Edward Devonport Captain R.N. (retired). 39, Onslow Gardens, S.W.
1844 Price, Thomas Philips Liv. 1. N. Monmouthshire Barrister. Militia. 135, Sloane Street, S.W.
1831 Priestley, Briggs Pudsey Worsted Manufacturer.
1838 Provand, Andrew Dryburgh Blackfriars & Hutchesontown Merchant.
1806 Pugh, David A 8,176. R £5,273. E. Carmarthenshire Celebrated for Shorthorn breeding. Oxford and Camb. Club.
1830 Puleston, John Henry Devonport Merchant, Banker, and Railway Director. Carlton.
1847 Pyne, Jasper Douglas W. Waterford Tenant Farmer.page 25
1841 Quitter, Wm. Cuthbert Sudbury Stockbroker. Dissentient. Rail. Dir. 74, S. Audley Street.
1838 Quinn, Thomas Kilkenny Annally House, Cadogan Street, Chelsea.
1838 G Raikes, Rt. Hon. Henry Cecil Cambridge University Chairman of 5 Joint Stock Cos. Postmaster Gen. £2,500. Railway Director.
1842 Rankin, James A 2,959. R £5,130. Leominster Shipowner. Railway Director. 35, Ennismore Gardens.
1845 Rasch, Major Fred. Carne S.E. Essex Army (retired).
1819 Rathbone, William Arvon Merchant and Shipowner. 18, Prince's Gardens, S.W.
1856 Redmond, John Edward N. Wexford Barrister.
1861 Redmond, Wm. H. Kearney N. Fermanagh 3, Ferndale Road, S.W.
1830 Reed, Sir Edwd. James, K.C.B. Cardiff Ex-Constructor of Navy, and Lord of Treasury. N. L. Club.
1855 Reed, Henry Byron E. Bradford Lecturer on Church Defence. St. Stephen's Club.
1846 Reid, Robert Threshie, Q.C. Dumfries District Barrister. 43, Elvaston Place, S.W.
1834 Rendel, Stuart Montgomeryshire Barrister. Engineer (retd). Con. with B. Napier. Brooks's.
1849 Reynolds, William James E. Tyrone Solicitor.
1812 Richard, Henry Merthyr Tvdvil Representative of Peace Society. 22, Bolton Gardens.
1821 Richardson, Thomas Hartlepool Engineer and Iron Founder. Dissentient. Reform.
1842 Ridley, Sir Matthew White (Bt.) A 10,152. R £31,349. Liv. 3. Blackpool Gs. B. Wensleydale. Yeo. Ex-Under Sec. Home Office. Railway Director. Carlton.
1838 G Ritchie, Rt. Hon. Chas. Thomson A 2,652. R £3,137. St. George's in East Merchant. Jute Spinner. Pres. Local Gov. Board. £2,000. Carlton.
1835 Roberts, John Flint Burghs Timber Merchant and House Owner.
1843 Roberts, John Bryn Eifion Solicitor. National Liberal Club.
1846 Robertson, Edmund Dundee Barrister. Ex-Professor of Law. 5, Croxted Road, S.E.
1845 G Robertson Jas. Patk. B., Q.C. Buteshire Sol.-Gen. (Scotland). £955 and Fees. Junior Carlton.
1836 Robinson, Brooke Dudley Yeo. Solicitor (retired). Junior Carlton.
1827 Robinson, Thomas Gloucester Corn Merchant. Reform.
1832 Roe, Thomas Derby Timber Merchant. Reform.
1842 Rollit, Sir Albert Kaye S. Islington Solicitor, Shipowner, and Underwriter. Carlton.
1833 Roscoe, Sir Hy. Enfield, LL.D S. Manchester Professor of Chemistry. Athenæum.
1829 Ross, Alexander Henry Maidstone Militia (retired). Barrister. Gs. M. Cornwallis. Carlton.
1842 Round, James A 5,418. R £7,621. Liv. 3. Harwich Militia. 31, De Vere Gardens, W.
1851 Rowlands, Jame E. Finsbury Watchmaker. 310, City Road, S.E.
1836 Rowlands, Wm. Bowen, Q.C. Cardiganshire Barrister. 33, Belsize Park, N.W.
1844 Rowntree, Joshua Scarborough Solicitor.
1832 Royden, Thomas Bland W. Toxteth (Liverpool) Shipbuilder.
1833 Russell, Sir Charles, Q.C. S. Hackney Hudson's Bay Co. Dir. Ex-Attorney General. 86, Harley St.
1834 Russell, Edward Richard Bridgeton (Glasgow) Journalist. Reform Club.
1828 Russell, Sir Geo., Bart. Wokingham Ex-County Court Judge. W. n. Duke Richmond. Rwy. Dir.
1841 Bussell, Thos. Wallace S. Tyrone Temperance Hotel Pro. and Insurance Agent. Dissentient.
1820 Rylands, Peter Burnley Wire Manufacturer. Dissentient. 78, St. George's Sq., S.W.
1829 St. Aubyn, Sir John, Bart. A 6,555. R £95,209. Liv. 1. St. Ives Militia. S.i.l. 4 M. Townshend. Dissentient. 5, Lowndes Street, S.W.
1830 Salt, Thomas Liv. 1. Stafford Ecclesiastical Commissioner. Ex-Sec. Loc. Gov. Board. Railway Director. 85, St. George's Square, S.W.
1820 Samuelson, Sir Bernhard, Bt. Banbury Ironmaster and Engineer. 56, Prince's Gate, S.W.
1837 Sandys, Thomas Myles A 3,505. R £3,995. Bootle Army (retired).
1837 Saunderson, Edward James A 12,362. R £7,370. N. Armagh Army (retired). W. d. 3rd B. Ventry. Brooks's.
1844 Schwann, Chas. E. N. Manchester Merchant.
1826 Sclater-Booth, Rt. Hon. Geo. Basingstoke Yeo. Ex-Ch. of Committees. 74, St. George's Square, S.W.
1833 Seale-Hayne. Charles H. Ashburton Railway Promoter. 3, Eaton Square.
1826 Selwin-Ibbetson, Rt. Hon. Sir H. J., Bart. A 2,098. R £3.090. Epping Ex-Sec. Treasury. W. d. L. Lyndhurst. 16, James St., S.W.
1858 Selwyn. Capt. Chas. Wm. Wisbech Royal Horse Guards. 1, Upper Brook Street, W,
1853 Seton-Karr, Henry St. Helens Barrister. 11, Queen's Gardens, W.
1845 Sexton, Thomas W. Belfast Journalist. 91, Tachbrook Street, S.W.
1823 Shaw, Thomas Halifax Woollen Manufacturer. Queen Anne's Mansions, S.W.
1832 Shaw-Lefevre, Rt. Hon. Geo. J. Central Bradford S.i.l. E. Ducie. Ex-Postmaster Gen. 18, Bryanston Sq., W.
1854 Shaw-Stewart, Michael Hugh Heir to 26,468 Acres, with £17,951 Rental. E. Renfrewshire S.i.l. M. Bath. 7, Charles Street, W.
Sheehan, Jeremiah D. E. Kerry Hotel Proprietor.
1844 Sheehy, David S. Galway On Land League Executive.
1851 Sheil, Edward S. Meath 29, Thurlow Square.
1847 Shepherd-Cross, Herbert Bolton Bleacher. Junior Carlton.
1851 Shirley, Walter S. Doncaster Barrister and Author. Devonshire.
1857 Sidebotham, Joseph Watson Hyde Colliery Proprietor.
1826 Sidebottom, Tom Harrop Stalybridge Cotton Spinner. Director of Railway and 5 other Cos.
1841 Sidebottom, Wm. High Peak Constitutional Club.
1818 Simon, Sir John, Bt., Q.C. Dewsbury Sergeant-at-Law. 36, Tavistock Square, W.C.
1837 Sinclair. Wm. Pirrie Falkirk District Merchant and Shipowner. Dissentient. Devonshire.
1829 Smith, Abel A 11,212. R £14,617 Liv. 6. E. Herts Yeo. (retired). S.i.l. 3 E. Chichester. Carlton.
1826 Smith, David Brighton Merchant (retired). Constitutional Club.
1836 Smith, Samuel Flintshire Merchant and Cotton Broker. Reform.
1827 Smith, W. Bickford Truro Manufacturer of Safety Fuses. Dissentient. Rail. Dir.
1825 G Smith, Rt. Hon. Wm. Henry A 6,777. R £10,485. Liv. 2. Strand Bookseller and News Agent. Sec. for War. £5,000. 3, Grosvenor Place, S.W.
1843 Smith-Barry, Arthur Hugh A 26,792. R £37,279. Liv. 1. Huntingdon Ex Yeo. S.i.l. of E. Dunraven.
1857 Spencer, Hon. Chas. Robt. Mid Northamptonshire Son 4th E. Spencer. 27, St James Place, S.W.
1848 Spencer, James Ernest W. Bromwich Barrister, Formerly a Merchant. St. Stephen's Club.
Stack, John N. Kerry Farmer and Shopkeeper.
1840 G Stanhope, Rt. Hon. Edward Horncastle Sec. for Colonies. £5,000. 2 Son 5 Earl Stanhope. Carlton.
1847 Stanhope, Hon. Philip Jas. Wednesbury S. of late E. Stanhope. Civil Engineer. Formerly in Navy.
1826 Stanley, Edward James A 7,156. R £8,260. Bridgwater Gs. 8th E. Lauderdale. 14, Grosvenor Square, W.
1820 Stansfeld, Rt. Hon. James Halifax Brewer. Ex-Pres. Local Government Board. Athenæum.
1862 Stevenson, Francis Seymour Eye Son of late Governor of Mauritius. Devonshire.
1825 Stevenson, James Cochran S. Shields Chemical Manufacturer. Reform
1834 Stewart, Mark John A 3,898. R £2,257. Kirkcudbrightshire Barrister. Carlton.
1840 Storey, Samuel Sunderland Newspaper Proprietor. Devonshire.
1823 Story-Maskelyne, M. H. N. A 5,424. R £5,817. Cricklade Oxford Professor. Athenæum.
1843 Stuart, James Hoxton (Shoreditch) Cambridge Professor of Mechanics.page 26
1851 G Stuart-Wortley, Chas. B. Hallam (Sheffield) Barrister. Under Secretary Home Office. £1,500. Gs. 1st Baron Wharncliffe. 6, Mandeville Place, W.
1838 Sullivan, Donal S. Westmeath Journalist. White House Hotel, Buckingham Street, W. C.
1827 Sullivan, Timothy Daniel College Green (Dublin) Newspaper Proprietor.
1853 Summers, William Huddersfield Barrister. Liberal Whip. Reform Club.
1848 Sutherland, Angus Sutherlandshire Crofter. Late Teacher of Mathematics.
1834 Sutherland, Thomas Greenock Chairman P. & O. Company. Dissentient. Reform.
1822 Swetenham, Edmd., Q.C. Carnarvon District Barrister. 3, Plowden Buildings, E.C.
1831 Swinburne, Sir John, Bart. A 28,902. R £13,131. Lichfield Navy (retired). Brooks's.
1803 Talbot, Christ. R. Mansell A 33,920. R £44,057. Liv. 5. Mid Glamorgan Coal Owner. Railway Director. Gs. 2nd E. Ilchester. 3, Cavendish Square, W.
1835 Talbot, John Gilbert Oxford University Ex-Sec. Board of Trade. N. 18 E. Shrewsbury. Carlton.
1850 Tanner, Charles K. D. Mid Cork Doctor of Medicine.
1855 Tapling, Thos. Keay Harborough Barrister. Carpet Dealer and Warehouseman.
1845 Taylor, Francis S. Norfolk Brewer. Dissentient. 107, Victoria Street, S.W.
1826 Temple, Sir Richd., Bt., G.C.S.I. Evesham Ex Governor of Bombay. Athenæum.
1829 Theobald, James A 2,026. R £3,553. Romford Lord of Manor of Grays Thurrock. Junior Carlton.
1840 Thomas, Alfred E. Glamorgan Merchant. 51, Gloucester Place, W.
1842 Thorburn, Walter Peebles and Selkirk Manufacturer. Dissentient. Devonshire.
1846 Tollemache, Henry James A 4,800. R £4,418. Eddisbury Yeomanry. N. of B. Tollemache. Carlton.
1838 Tomlinson, William E. M. Preston Barrister. Coal Owner. Athenæum.
1838 Tottenham, Arthur Loftus A 14,818. R £4,431. Winchester Army (retired). Related to four Peerage families. Carlton.
1823 Townsend, Frederick A 3,716. R £4,441. Liv. 1. Stratford-on-Avon Author and Essayist. Arthurs' Club.
1836 Trotter, Henry John Colchester Railway Director. Ex Yeomanry. Carlton.
1849 Tuite, James N. Westmeath Watchmaker.
1827 Tyler, Sir Henry Whatley Great Yarmouth Chairman of Comps. and Railway Dir. Ex Army. Carlton.
1835 Tyssen-Amherst, Wm. A. A 9,775. R £6,976. S.W. Norfolk Lord of Manor of Hackney. 88, Brook Street, W.
1835 Verdin, Robert Northwich Salt Manufacturer.
1835 Vernon, Hon. Greville Richard S. Ayrshire B. of B. Lyveden. Dissentient. Railway Director.
1802 Villiers, Rt. Hn. Chas. Pelham A 2,049. R £3,025. Wolverhampton Ex-Pres. Poor Law Board. Two Pensions. £1,950. B. 4 Earl Clarendon. Dissentient. Brooks's.
1849 Vincent, Chas. E. Howard Central Sheffield Army (retired). Ex-Director Criminal Investigations.
1821 Vivian, Sir Henry Hussey, Bt. A 1,517. R £9,133. Liv. 1. Swansea District Railway Director. Con. with Peerage. Dissentient. 27, Belgrave Square, S.W.
1830 Waddy, Saml. Danks, Q.C. Brigg Barrister. Devonshire Club.
1831 Wallace, Robert, D.D. E. Edinburgh Ex-Professor and Clergyman. Journalist. 11, King's Bench Walk.
1849 Walrond, Lt.-Col. Wm. Hood Tiverton Army (retd.) Lord of Treasure. £1,000. Gs. 2 B. Bridport.
1859 Walsh, Hon. Arthur Hy. J. Radnorshire Officer of Life Guards. E. s. 2 B. Ormathwaite. Carlton.
1832 Wardle, Henry S. Derbyshire Brewer. Reform Club.
1828 Waring, Thomas A 3,522. R £4,150. N. Down Col. of Militia. Constitutional Club.
1842 Warmington. Cornelius M., Q.C. W. Monmouthshire Barrister. 43. Courtfield Gardens, S.W.
1819 Watkin, Sir Edward Wm., Bt. Hythe Director of 8 Railways. Reform Club.
1817 Watson, James Shrewsbury Merchant (retired). 5, Belgrave Place, S.W.
1823 Watson, Thomas Ilkeston Silk Manufacturer. 49, Harrington Gardens, S.W.
1846 Watt, Hugh Camlachie (Glasgow) Merchant and Ship Broker. 119, St. George's Road, S.W.
1833 Wayman, Thomas Elland Woolstapler.
1842 G Webster, Sir Richard Everard, Q.C. Isle of Wight Attorney-General. £7,000. Railway Director. Athenæum.
1845 Webster, Robert Grant E. St. Pancras Militia (retired). Barrister and Author. 83, Belgrave Road.
1835 West, Wm. Cornwallis A 7,861. R £13,244. W. Denbighshire Lord-Lieutenant Denbighshire. Dissentient. Connected with Peerage. Travellers' Club.
1862 Weymouth, Viscount Frome E. s. M. Bath. Yeomanry. 48, Berkeley Square, W.
1837 Wharton, John Lloyd Ripon Barrister. Railway Director. Oxford and Cambridge Club.
1830 Whitbread, Samuel A 13,829. R £21,790 Liv. 4. Bedford Brewer. Ex-Lord Admiralty. S.i.l. 3 E. Chichester. 10, Ennismore Gardens, S.W.
1847 White, John Bazley, Junr. Gravesend Cement Dealer. Connected with Peerage.
1825 Whitley, Edward Everton (Liverpool) Solicitor. Has interest in a Brewery. Carlton.
1851 Whitmore, Charles Algernon Chelsea Barrister. St. James's Club.
1824 Wiggin, Henry Handsworth Merchant and Manufacturer. Railway Director. Reform.
1841 Will, John Shiress, Q.C. Montrose District Barrister and Author. 13, West Cromwell Road.
1836 Williams, Arthur John S. Glamorganshire Barrister. National Liberal Club.
1840 Williams, J. Powell S. Birmingham Vinegar Manufacturer. Dissentient.
1844 Williamson, Tames Lancaster Manufacturer. Devonshire Club
1827 Williamson, Stephen Kilmarnock District Merchant and Shipowner.
1833 Wilson, Charles Henry A 8,500. R £8,000. W. Hull Merchant and Shipowner. Connected with Peerage. 36, Grosvenor Square, W.
1833 Wilson, Henry Joseph Holmfirth Manufacturer.
1822 Wilson, Isaac Middlesbro' Ironmaster. Reform Club.
1832 Wilson, Sir Samuel Portsmouth Ex-Colonial Legislator and Sheep Farmer. Carlton.
1857 Winn, Hon. Rowland Pontefract Officer in Guards. E. s. B. St. Oswald. Carlton.
1839 Winterbotham, Arthur Brand Cirencester Cloth Manufacturer. Dissentient. Devonshire.
1835 Wodehouse, Edmond Robert Bath Private Sec. to and C. of Earl Kimberley. Dissentient.
1859 Wolmer, Viscount Petersfield E. s. Earl Selborne. Dissentient. White's Club.
1832 Wood. Nicholas Houghton-le-Spring Coal Owner and Shipowner, &c. Con. with Peerage families.
1832 Woodall, William Hanley China Manufacturer. Ex-Surveyor-General.
1824 Woodhead, Joseph Spen Valley Newspaper Proprietor. 14, Craven Street, W.C.
1810 Wright, Caleb Leigh Cotton Spinner. 36. Longridge Road, S.W.
1839 Wright, Henry Smit S. Nottingham Banker. Gs. of 1st B. Denman. Carlton.
1846 Wroughton, Philip A 8,692. R £9,357. Liv. 1. Abingdon Yeomanry (retired). Connected with 3 Peerage families. Carlton.
1832 Yeo, Frank Ash Gower Colliery Owner. Devonshire
1853 Yerburgh, Robt. Armstrong Chester Barrister. 4, Harcourt Buildings, E.C.
1850 Young, Charles E. Baring Christchurch Barrister. 2, Harcourt Buildings, E.C.