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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

Samples of War Expenditure

Samples of War Expenditure.

Official Returns have calculated the British Wars of this century as follows, after deducting the average cost of Army and Navy on a peace footing in each instance, and not including the increases of half-pay and pensions attributable at the close, or the increased debt charge:—
1798-1815—War with France £831,446,449
1838-1848—Insurrection in Canada 2,096,046
1840-1843—First China War 2,201,028
1848-1853—Kaffir War 2,060,000
1854-1856—Russian War 69,277,694
1856-7-1860-1—Second China War 6,640,693
1856-1857—Persian Expedition 900,000
1864-1865—New Zealand War 764,829
1866-1868—Abyssinian Expedition 8,600,000
1874-1875—Ashantee War £927,017
1879-1880—Zulu and Transvaal Wars 4,821,720
1880—Griqualand and Sukukuni Expeditions 472,200
1883—Egyptian Expedition 3,895,500

In these figures are not included £3,196,875 for the Alabama Claims, nor the following special Military Votes:—£1,451,097 during the (1871-2) Franco-German War, £3,500,000 during the (1878) Russo-Turkish War, £5,000,000 to India towards the cost of the Beaconsfield-Salisbury-Lytton invasion of Afghanistan, £800,000 and much more squandered in the Soudan under Mr. Gladstone's Government, and the £9,451,000 for further preparations for bloodshed in 1886.