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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

Details of Income, Gross and Net. — Public Income. (Gross.)

page 73

Details of Income, Gross and Net.

Public Income. (Gross.)

I.—Customs.—Finance Accounts, page 15.
Beer, Spruce, Mum, &c. £9,186
Chicory 65,662
Cocoa, Husks, and Chocolate 70,505
Coffee 207,977
Currants 307,610
Figs 29,074
Plate, Gold and Silver 6,855
Plums and Prunellos 6,767
Prunes 7,831
Raisins 146,879
Spirits, Colonial and Foreign
Rum 2,042,347
Brandy 1,367,270
Geneva 125,971
Other sorts 649,287
Tea 4,187,318
Tobacco and Snuff 9,388,444
Wine 1,195,849
All other articles 2,355
Moneys Deposited and not appropriated to Goods 11,374
Charges on Deliveries from Bond 32,204
From Duties collected at the Isle of Man 56,228
Total Gross £19,916,995
Total Net 19,722,302
II.—Excise.—Finance Accounts, page 16,
Beer £8,565,892
Chicory 2,537
Coffee Mixture Labels 3,989
Railways 346,463
Spirits *13,902,953
Auctioneers, Appraisers, &c. 80,372
Beer and Cider, and Beer and Wine 186,670
Brewers (Surcharges and New Licences) 36,370
Dog 343,335
Establishment Licenses—
Armorial Bearings 76,622
Carriages 542,438
Male Servants 137,415
Game 185,316
Gold and Silver Plate 48,341
Gun 86,779
Hawkers and Pedlars 26,609
Medicine Vendors 5,070
Pawnbrokers 35,392
Refreshment Houses 6,856
Spirits (Distillers, Dealers, Grocers, and Publicans) 1,604,509
Tobacco 85,319
Wine and Sweets 68,014
Other than the foregoing 9,099
Total Gross £26,386,361
Total Net 25,441,922
III.—Stamps.—Finance Accounts, p. 17.
Bills of Exchange £658,874
Deeds and other Instruments 1,812,904
Corporation Duty 32,648
Legacy Duty 2,492,658
Succession Duty 884,061
Probate and Account Duty 4,136,221
Receipts, Drafts, and other Penny Stamps 972,238
Miscellaneous Stamps.
Bankers' Notes 134
Cards 15,853
Composition for duties on Bank Bills and Notes 124,010
Gold and Silver Plate 74,293
Licences and Certificates 153,287
Life Insurances 38,528
Marine Insurances 136,505
Medicine 179,074
Total Gross £11,761,287
Total Net 11,600,614
IV.—Land Tax.—Finance Accounts, page 18.
Tax on Lands and Tenements Gross £1,047,151
Tax on Lands and Tenements Net 1,028,196
V.—Inhabited House Duty.—Finance Accounts, page 18.
Inhabited House Duty Gross £1,868,308
Inhabited House Duty Net 1,867,377
VI.—Income Tax.—Finance Accounts, page 18.
A, Lands and Tenements £5,101,442
B, Occupation of ditto 399,137
C, Annuities, Dividends, &c. 1,322,274
D, Trades, Professions, &c. 7,502,109
E, Public Offices, Pensions, &c. 922,350
Net Produce £15,247,312
Gross Receipts 15,572,496!
VII.-Post Office.—Finance Accounts, page 19.
Postage Collected by London and Country Postmasters £94,584
Postage Stamps sold by Postmasters, &c. 8,016,041
Ditto sold by Inland Revenue Department 167,532
Commission on Money and Postal Orders 280,106
Miscellaneous Receipts 29,356
Difference between Postage collected abroad for Great Britain, and that collected by Great Britain for Colonial and Foreign Offices............... 118,199
Deduct Payments to Railways and H.M. Customs on account of Parcel Post 292,453
Total Gross £8,176,967
Total Net 8,162,651
VIII.—Telegraphs.—Finance Accounts, page 19.
Amount Received for Transmission of Telegraphic Messages Gross £1,974,853
Deduct Payment to Submarine Telegraph Cos., &c., &c. 229,796
Net £1,745,057
IX.—Crown Lands,—Finance Accounts, page 20.
Amount collected in England and Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Alderney, and the Isle of Man, to 31st March, 1885 £417,850
Rents and Casual Revenues, not included in the Receivers' Accounts 19,784
Sale of Old Materials, &c. 6,549
Sales of Bark, Timber, &c. 33,637
Total Gross £477,820
Total Net *380,000
X.—Interest.—Finance Accounts, page 21.
Interest on Loans for Public Works £965,742
Interest on Purchase Money of Suez Canal Shares received from Egyptian Government 377,776
Interest on Sardinian Loan 32,561
XI.—Miscellaneous.—Finance Accounts, page 22.
Bank of England, Profits of Issue £153,895
Conscience Money 6,566
Greek Loan 7,872
Hereditary Revenue, Small Branches of 37,655
Indian Revenues, Contributions from 46,002
Isle of Man 7,200
Naval Prize Fund 400
Receipts—Casual and Special 11,950
Receipts—By Civil Departments 1,503,247
Receipts—By Revenue Departments, including Packet Service 439,285
Savings on Grants of Parliament, &c., and Overissues Repaid 1,171
Savings Banks, net profits on Post Office 93,041
Treasury Chest 4,846
War Office 3,200

* Including the increased duty of 2s. per gallon (amounting in the aggregate to the sum of £126,000,) levied under the Resolution of the House of Commons dated 30th April, 1885, which was subsequently refunded consequent upon the Resolution of 8th June, 1885.

* Deducting £63,385 paid for salaries, &c., as stated at p. 20.

page 74
Fee Stamps.—Finance Accounts, page 40.
Admiralty Court, Ireland £401
Bankruptcy Court, Ireland 3,604
Chancery Fund, Ireland 750
Civil Service Commission 11,856
Colonial Stock Act 60
Companies Registration 28,506
Copyhold, &c., Commission 5,288
County Courts, Ireland 29,938
Courts of Survey (Merchant Shipping) 48
Crown Office (Chancery) 13,208
District Audit 28,662
Judgments Registry Fund, Ireland 3,064
Judicature, England 868,742
Judicature, Ireland 38,072
Land Court, Ireland 1,234
Land Registry, England 892
Law Courts, Scotland 5,350
London Gazette 18,664
Lord Chancellor's Presentation 614
Newspaper Registration 406
Police Courts. Metropolis 8,599
Public Record 745
Railway Commission 123
Register House, Scotland 36,717
Registry of Deeds, Ireland 11,941
Patents for Inventions 87,838
Gross £705,322
Net £703,497

Of the net sum a balance of £33,951 was carried to the next financial year, only £669,546 being paid into the Exchequer. Add to this last figure a sum of £22,347 (the balance of previous year now paid in), and a total of £691,893 is reached, which, with the "Miscellaneous" total of £2,316,329 makes up the net yield of this branch of Revenue to £3,008,221. But this total-arrived at on p. 39 of the accounts—is further added to on p. 14 by a sum of £67,287 for "Miscellaneous receipts of the Revenue Departments only." Only after a bewildering search can anyone thus verify the totals with their details.