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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

Spiritual Peers

Spiritual Peers.

Born Value of No. of Premier in ARCHBISHOPS. Pay. Acres. Rental. Livings. Livings. Sittings. Appointed under.

page 49

Born in BISHOPS—Contd. Pay. Acres. Rental. Livings. Value of Livings. No. of Sittings. Premier Appointed under. £ £ £ 1828 Soutgwell..... (Ridding). 3,200 ... ... ... ... ... Gladstone, 1884. 1833 Truro......... 3,000 ... ... 31 9,888 ... Gladstone, 1883. (Wilkinson). Cu. 70, Dea. 12. 1811 Winchester........ 6,500 1,848 2,157 108 37.616 ... Palmerston—To Ely, 1864. (Browne). Cu. 450, Dea. 31. Gladstone—To Winchester, 1873. 1807 Worcester.... 5,000 281 550 79 28,695 211,021 Palmerston, 1861. (Philpott). Cu. 199, Dea. 31. One Bishop with a Seat but no Vote as a Peer. 1836 Sodor and Man 2,000 ... ... 6 1,311 17,210 Beaconsfield, 1877. (Hill). Cu. 14.

Six Bishops awaiting the Reversion of Seats.

When the Diocese of Manchester was formed, in 1818, it was provided that the occupant of that See should be without a Peerage until vacancy arose in some See other than Canterbury, York, London, Durham, and Winchester. The newer Bishoprics of Truro, St. Albans, Liverpool, Newcastle, and Southwell (all largely endowed from voluntary sources) have widened the basis of this principle, and under it the number of prelates in the Peerage has not increased.


For specimens of Episcopal influence in the House of Lords, for cost of some of their Palaces, for analysis of Benefices in each Diocese, and for value of estates and probable cost of disendowment see section on the State Church.