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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

Comparative Age of Peerages

page 44

Comparative Age of Peerages.

The most ancient Peerages regarded as Baronies are the Spiritual Peerages; next in order of date come the following (Liberal Peers being in italic, and Roman Catholic Peers marked with an asterisk):—

The comparative ages of Scotch and Irish Peerages we are unable to find space for in our present issue.

Peerage of England.

Thirteenth Century. Henry III.
Year. Held by
1264 De Ros, Baron 24th Baron
Edward I.
1283 *Mowbray, Baron 19th Baron
1289 Hastings, Baron 26th Baron
1299 De Clifford, Baron 24th Baron
1299 De la Warr, Baron Earl de la Warr.
Fourteenth Century. Edward II.
1321 Dacre, Baron 22nd Baron
1332 Clinton, Baron 20th Baron
1348 Zouche, Baron 15th Baron
Richard II.
1383 *Camoys, Baron 4th Baron
1383 *Beaumont, Baron 9th Baron
1386 Botreaux, Baron Earl of Loudoun.
1392 Bergavenny, Bar. Marquis of Abergavenny.
Fifteenth Century. Henry VI.
1433 *Arundel, Earl of D. of Norfolk.
1442 Shrewsbury, E. of 20th Earl
Henry VII.
1485 Derby, Earl of 15th Earl
1492 Willongh by de Broke, Baron 10th Baron
Sixteenth Century.
1506 Herbert, Baron Duke of Beaufort.
Henry VIII.
1509 Conyers, Baron 12th Baron
1523 Vaux of Harrowden, Baron 6th Baron
1525 Rutland, Earl of Duke of Rutland
1529 Wentworth, Baron 12th Baron
1529 *Braye, Baron 5th Baron
1529 Windsor, Baron 14th Baron
1529 Huntingdon, E. of 13th Earl
1539 St. John, Baron Marquis of Winchester.
1539 Russell of Cheneys, Baron Duke of Bedford.
1546 Somerset, Duke of 12th Duke
1550 Hereford, Visct. 16th Viscount
Edward VI.
1550 Paget, Baron Marquis of Anglesey.
1551 Pembroke, Earl of 13th Earl
Mary I.
1553 Devon, Earl of 11th Earl
1553 Howard, Baron Earl of Effingham.
1554 *North, Baron 10th Baron
1559 St. John of Bletso, Baron 15th Baron
1571 Burghley, Baron Marqnis of Exeter.
1572 Norreys, Baron Earl of Abingdon.
1572 Lincoln, Earl of Duke of Newcastle.
1597 Howard de Walden, Baron 7th Baron.
Seventeenth Century.
1603 Spencer, Baron Duke of Marlborough.
1603 Cecil, Baron Marq. of Salisbury.
1603 Suffolk, Earl of 18th Earl.
1603 Petre. Baron 12th Baron.
1603 Say & Sele, Baron 13th Baron
James I.
Year. Held by
1605 Cavendish, Baron Duke of Devonshire.
1605 *Arundell of Wardour. Baron 12th Baron.
1608 Clifton, Baron E. of Darnley.
1615 *Dormer, Baron 12th Baron.
1616 Teynham, Baron 16th Baron.
1616 Stanhope, Baron Earl of Chesterfield.
1618 Northampton, Earl of Marq. of Northampton.
1620 Mandeville, Visct. Duke of Manchester.
1620 Brooke, Baron Earl of Warwick.
1622 *Denbigh, Earl of 8th Earl.
1624 Westmorland, Earl of 12th Earl.
Charles I.
1626 Lindsey, Earl of 11th Earl.
1627 Brudenell, Baron Marq. of Ailesbury.
1627 Poulett, Baron Earl Ponlett.
1628 Strange, Baron D. of Athole.
1628 Stamford, Earl of 7th Earl.
1628 Winchilsea and Nottingham, Earl of 10th Earl.
1640 *Stafford, Baron 9th Baron.
1641 Capel, Baron Earl of Essex.
1613 Byron, Baron 9th Baron.
1644 Ward, Baron E. of Dudley.
Charles II.
1660 Sandwich, E. of 7th Earl.
1661 Carlisle, Earl of 8th Earl.
1661 Townshend, Baron Marquis Townshend.
1661 Ashley, Baron Earl of Shaftesbury.
1663 Lucas, Baron Earl Cowper.
1663 Doncaster, E. of Duke of Buccleuch.
1663 Arlington, Baron Duke of Grafton.
1665 Craven, Baron Earl Craven.
1672 *Clifford of Chudleigh. Baron 9th Baron.
1673 Latimer, Visct. Duke of Leeds.
1675 Richmond, D. of 6th Duke.
1679 Berkeley, Earl of 7th Earl
1682 Dartmouth, Baron Earl of Dartmouth.
1682 Ossulston, Baron Earl of Tankerville.
1682 Thynne, Baron Marq. of Bath.
1683 St. Albans, D. of 10th Duke
1683 Guilford, Baron Earl of Guilford.
James II.
1685 Waldegrave, Baron Earl Waldegrave.
William III.
1689 Cirencester, Baron Duke of Portland.
1689 *Ashburnham, Baron Earl of Ashburnham.
1689 Cholmondeley, Baron Marq. of Cholmondeley.
1690 Scarborough Earl of 9th Earl
1696 Albemarle, E. of 6th. Earl
1696 *Ashford, Baron Viscount Bury.
1697 Coventry, Earl of 9th Earl
1697 Jersey, Earl of 7th Earl
1699 Barnard, Baron Duke of Cleveland.
Eighteenth Century. Anne.
1702 Gower, Baron Duke of Sutherland.
1702 Conway, Baron Marq. of Hertford.
1703 Guernsey, Baron Earl of Aylesford.
1703 Hervey, Baron Marq. of Bristol.

Peerage of Great Britain.

Year. Held by
1711 Brandon, Duke of Duke of Hamilton.
1711 Ferrers, Earl 10th. Earl
1711 Boyle, Baron Earl of Cork.
1711 Hay, Baron Earl of Kinnoull.
1711 Middleton, Baron 9th Baron
1712 Bathurst, Baron Earl Bathurst.
1712 Bolingbroke & st. John, Visct. 5th Visct.
1716 Onslow, Baron Earl of Onslow.
1716 Romney, Baron Earl of Romney.
George I.
1718 Stanhope, Earl 6th Earl
1718 Cadogan, Baron Earl Cadogan.
1720 Falmouth, Visct. 6th Visct.
1720 Lymington, Visct. Earl of Portsmouth.
1721 Torrington, Visct. 8th Visct.
1721 Macclesfield, Earl of 6th Earl
1722 Graham, Earl Duke of Montrose.
1723 *Walpole, Baron Earl of Orford.
1725 King of Ockam, Baron Earl of Lovelace.
George II.
1728 Monson, Baron Viscount Oxen bridge.
1728 Hobart, Baron Earl of Buckinghamshire.
1729 Harrington, Baron Earl of Harrington.
1733 Hardwicke, Baron Earl of Hardwicke.
1741 Ilchester, Baron Earl of Ilchester.
1742 Edgcumbe, Baron Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.
1746 Fitzwilliam, Earl 6th Earl.
1746 Fortescue, Baron Earl Fortescue.
1747 Leinster, Viscount Duke of Leinster.
1747 Folkestone, Viscount Earl of Radnor.
1749 Ponsonby, Baron Earl of Bessborough.
1749 Northumberland, Earl of Duke of Northumberland.
1749 Temple, Earl Duke of Buckingham.
1756 Harwich, Baron Marquis of Downshire.
1756 Hyde, Baron Earl of Clarendon.
George III.
1760 Wycombe, Baron Marquis of Lansdowne.
1760 Sondes, Baron Earl Sondes.
1761 Grosvenor, Baron Duke of Westminster.
1761 Scarsdale, Baron 4th Baron.
1761 *Mount Stuart, Baron Marquis of Bute.
1761 Boston, Baron 6th Baron.
1761 *Grantham, Baron Marquis of Ripon.
1762 Lovel & Holland, Baron Earl of Egmont.
1762 Pelham, Baron Earl of Chichester.
1762 Vernon, Baron 7th Baron.
1763 Dude, Baron Earl Ducie.
1765 Spencer, Earl 5th Earl.
1765 Digby. Baron 9th Baron.
1765 Camden, Baron Marquis of Camden.
1766 Sundridge, Baron Duke of Argyll.
1776 Mansfield, Earl of 4th Earl.
1776 Hawke, Baron 6th Baron.
1776 Harrowby, Baron Earl of Harrowby.
1776 Foley, Baron 5th Baron
1776 Brownlow, Baron Earl Brown-low.page 45
1780 Dynevor, Baron 6th Baron.
1780 Porchester, Baron Earl of Carnarvon.
1780 Walsingham, Baron 6th Baron
1780 Bagot, Baron 3rd Baron
1780 Southampton, Baron 4th Baron
1782 Grantley, Baron 5th Baron
1783 Rodney, Baron 7th Baron
1784 Somers, Baron Earl Somers
1781 Eliot, Baron Earl of St. Germans.
1784 Berwick, Baron 7th Baron
1784 Boringdon, Baron Earl of Morley.
1784 Sherborne, Baron 4th Baron
1786 Hamilton, Visct. Duke of Abercorn.
1786 Tyrone, Baron Marq. of Waterford
1786 Carleton, Baron Earl of Shannon.
1786 Suffield, Baron 5th Baron
1786 Dorchester, Baron 4th Baron
1788 Kenyon. Baron 4th Baron
1788 Malmesbury, Baron Earl of Malmesbury.
1788 Braybrooke, Baron 5th Baron
1788 Howe, Baron Earl Howe
1788 Amherst, Baron Visct. Holmesdale.
1789 Sydney. Visct. Earl Sydney
1790 Fisherwick, Baron Marq. of Donegall.
1790 Verulam, Baron Earl of Verulam.
1790 Gage. Baron Visct. Gage.
1792 Thurlow, Baron 5th Baron
1793 Auckland, Baron 4th Baron
1794 Lyttelton, Baron 5th Baron
1794 Yarborongh, Baron Earl of Yarborongh.
1794 Clive, Baron Earl Powis
1794 Mulgrave, Baron Marquis of Normanby.
1794 Mendip, Baron Visct. Clifden
1794 Dundas, Baron Earl of Zetland.
1794 Bradford, Baron Earl of Bradford.
1795 Loughborough, Baron Earl of Rosslyn.
1796 Hood. Visct. 4th Visct.
1796 Newark, Visct. Earl Manvers.
1796 Stuart of Castle Earl of
1796 stuart, Baron [Moray. Harewood, Baron Earl of Harewood.
1796 Stewart of Garlies, Baron Earl of Galloway.
1796 Rous, Baron Earl of Stradbroke.
1796 Saltersford, Baron Earl of Courtown.
1796 Cawdor, Baron Earl of Cawdor.
1796 Calthorpe, Baron 5th Baron.
1796 Gwydir, Baron 4th Baron.
1797 Carrington, Baron 3rd Baron.
1797 Lowther, Visct. Earl of Lonsdale.
1797 Bolton, Baron 3rd Baron.
1797 Minto, Baron Earl of Minto.
1797 Northwick, Baron 3rd Baron.
1797 Duncan, Visct. Earl Camperdown.
1797 Lilford, Baron 4th Baron.
1797 Wodehouse, Baron Earl of Kimberley.
1797 Ribblesdale, Baron 4th Baron.
1799 Eldon, Baron Earl of Eldon.

Nineteenth Century.

Peerage of United Kingdom.
1801 Wilton, Earl of 3rd Earl.
1801 St. Vincent, Visct. 4th Visct.
1801 Nelson, Baron Earl Nelson.
1801 Grey, Baron Earl Grey.
1801 Moore, Baron Marq. of Drogheda.
1801 Loftus, Baron Marq. of Ely.
1801 Carysfort, Baron Earl of Carysfort.
1801 Abercromby, Baron 4th Baron.
1802 Melville, Viscount 4th Viscount.
1802 Ellenborough, Baron 3rd Baron.
1802 Redesdale, Baron Earl of Redesdale.
1802 Sandys, Baron 3rd Baron.
1802 Sheffield, Baron Earl of Sheffield.
1805 Sidmouth, Viscount 3rd Viscount.
1805 *Barham, Baron Earl of Gainsborough.
1806 Erskine, Baron 5th Baron.
1806 Ailsa, Baron Marq. of Ailsa
1806 Monteagle, Baron Marquis of Sligo.
1806 Ardrossan, Baron Earl of Eglinton and Winton.
1806 *Granard, Baron Earl of Granard.
1806 Crewe, Baron 3rd Baron.
1806 Gardner, Baron 4th Baron.
1806 Beauchamp, Baron Earl Beau-champ.
1806 Anson, Viscount Earl of Lichfield.
1807 Manners, Baron 3rd Baron.
1807 Cathcart, Viscount Earl Cathcart.
1809 Hopetoun, Baron Earl of Hopetoun.
1809 Douro, Baron Duke of [Wellington
1814 Stewart, Baron Marquis of Londonderry.
1814 Combermere, Baron Viscount Combermere.
1814 Gordon, Visoount Earl of Aberdeen.
1814 Exmouth, Baron Viscount Exmouth.
1815 Meldrum, Baron Marquis of Huntly.
1815 Granville, Viacount Earl Granville.
1815 Ross, Baron Earl of
1815 [Glasgow. Grinstead, Baron Earl of Enniskillen.
1815 Foxford, Baron Earl of Limerick.
1815 Churchill, Baron 2nd Baron.
1815 Harris, Baron 4th Baron.
1815 Trench, Baron Earl of Clancarty.
1816 Hill, Baron Visct. Hill.
1817 Colchester, Baron 3rd Baron.
George IV.
1821 Hutchinson, Visct. Earl of Donoughmore.
1821 Ker, Baron Mara, of Lothian.
1821 Minster, Baron Marq. of
1821 [Conyngham. Ormonde, Baron Marq. of Ormonde.
1821 Wemyss, Baron Earl of
1821 [Wemyss. Clanbrassil, Baron Earl of Roden.
1821 Silchester, Baron Earl of Longford.
1821 Oriel, Baron Visct. Massereene.
1821 Delameve, Baron 2nd Baron.
1821 Forester, Baron 3rd Baron.
1821 Rayleigh, Baron 3rd Baron.
1821 Ravensworth, Baron Earl of Ravensworth.
1824 Gifford, Baron 3rd Baron.
1824 Somerhill, Baron Marq. of Clanricarde.
1824 Wigan, Baron Earl of Crawford & Balcarres.
1824 Ranfurly, Baron Earl of Ranfurly.
1824 De Tabley, Baron 2nd Baron
1826 Wharncliffe, Baron Earl of Wharncliffe.
1827 Tenterden, Baron 4th Baron.
1827 Plunket, Baron 4th Baron.
1828 Heytesbury, Baron 2nd Baron.
1828 Skelmersdale, Baron Earl of Lathom.
1828 Rosebery, Baron Earl of Rosebery.
1828 Clanwilliam, Baron Earl of Clanwilliam.
1828 Durham, Baron Earl of Durham.
1828 Cowley, Baron Earl Cowley.
1829 Wynford, Baron 3rd Baron.
From this date we have (so far as is possible from the information at hand) marked the name and politics of the Ministry in office at time of each grant, and shall be glad to receive corrections if any are needed.
William IV. Grey Cabinet (Liberal).
Year. Held by
1831 Munster, Earl of 2nd Earl.
1831 Kilmarnock, Baron Earl of Errol.
1831 *Fingall, Baron Earl of
1831 [Fingall. Sefton, Baron Earl of Sefton.
1831 Clements. Baron E. of Leitrim.
1831 Kenlis, Baron Marquis of Headfort.
1831 Chaworth, Baron E. of Meath
1831 Dunmore, Baron Earl of Dunmore.
1831 Poltimore, Baron 2nd Baron.
1831 Mostyn, Baron 3rd Baron.
1831 Templemore, Bar. 2nd Baron.
1831 Cloncurry, Baron 4th Baron.
1831 Desaumarez, Bar. 3rd Baron.
1834 Denman, Baron 2nd Baron.
Peel Cabinet (Tory).
1835 Canterbury, Viscount 4th Viscount.
1835 Abinger, Baron 3rd Baron.
1835 DeL'Isle & Dudley, 3rd Baron. Baron
1835 Ashburton, Baron 4th Baron.
Melbourne Cabinet (Liberal).
1835 Hatherton, Baron 2nd Baron.
1835 Strafford, Earl of 2nd Earl.
1835 Strafford, Baron Viscount Enfield.
1835 Worlingham, Baron Earl of Gosford.
1836 Stratheden, Baron 1st Baron.
1836 Cottenham, Baron Earl of Cottenham.
1837 *Lovat, Baron 15th Baron.
1837 Portman, Baron Visct. Portman.
1837 Bateman, Baron 2nd Baron.
1837 Charlemont, Baron Earl of Charlemont.
1837 Leicester, Earl of 2nd Earl.
1837 lnnes, Earl of Duke of Roxburghe.
1838 Kintore, Baron E. of Kintore.
1838 Lismore, Baron Visct. Lismore.
1838 Rossmore, Baron 5th Baron.
1838 Carew, Baron 3rd Baron.
1838 De Mauley, Baron 2nd Baron.
1838 Wrottesley, Baron 3rd Baron.
1838 Sudeley, Baron 4th Baron.
1838 Methuen, Baron 2nd Baron.
1839 Stanley of Alderley, Baron 3rd Baron.
1839 Leigh, Baron 2nd Baron.
1839 Wenlock, Baron 3rd Baron.
1839 Lurgan, Baron 3rd Baron.
1839 Monteagle of Brayndon, Baron 2nd Baron.
1839 Seaton, Baron 2nd Baroa.
1839 Keane. Baron 3rd Baron.
1841 Oxenfoord, Baron Earl of Stair.
1841 Vivian, Baron 2nd Baron.
1841 Congleton, Baron 3rd Baron.
Russell Cabinet (Liberal).
1846 Ellesmere, Earl of 3rd Earl.
1846 Hardinge, Visct. 2nd Visct.
1846 Gough, Baron Visct. Gough.
1849 Elgin, Baron Earl of Elgin.
1850 Londesborough, Baron. 2nd Baron
1850 Clandeboye, Baron E. of Dufferin
1850 Truro, Baron 2nd Baron.
1851 *De Freyne, Baron 4th Baron
Derby Cabinet (Tory).
1852 St. Leonards, Bar. 2nd Baron
1852 Raglan, Baron 3rd Baron.
PaImerston Cabinet (Liberal).
1856 Aveland, Baron 2nd Baron.
1856 Lyons, Baron Visct. Lyons.
1856 *Kenmare, Baron Earl of Kenmare.
1856 Belper, Baron 2nd Baron
1856 Talbot de Malahide. Baron 5th Baron.
1857 Eversley, Visct. 1st. Viact.page 46
1857 Ebury, Baron 1st. Baron.
1887 Skene Baron Earl of Fife.
1858 Chesham, Baron 3rd Baron.
1858 Strathspey, Baron Earl of Seafield.
Derby Cabinet (Tory).
1858 Chelmsford, Baron 2nd Baron.
1858 Churston, Baron 2nd Baron.
1859 Leconfield, Baron 2nd Baron.
1859 Egerton, Baron 1st Baron.
Palmerston Cabinet (Liberal).
1859 Tredegar, Baron 2nd Baron.
1859 Lyveden Bnron 2nd Baron.
1860 Brougham and Vaux, Baron 2nd Baron.
1860 Kinnaird, Baron 10th Baron.
1860 Lytton, Baron E. of Lytton.
1861 Russell, Earl 2nd Earl.
1861 Westbury, Baron 3rd Baron.
1861 Fitzhardinge, Baron 2nd Baron.
1863 Annally, Baron 2nd Baron.
1868 Houghton, Baron 2nd Baron.
Russell Cabinet (Liberal).
1866 Romilly, Baron 2nd Baron.
1866 Northbrook, Baron Earl of Northbrook.
1866 Dartrey, Earl of 1st Karl.
1866 Halifax, Visct. 2nd Visct.
1866 Barrowgill, Baron Earl of Caithness.
1866 Clermont, Baron 1st Baron.
1866 Meredyth, Baron Baron
1866 [Athluraney. Monck, Baron Viscount Monck.
Derby and Disraeli Cabinet (Tory).
1866 Kenry, Baron Earl of Dunraven.
1866 Hartismere, Baron Baron Heuni-ker.
1866 Hylton, Baron 2nd Baron.
1866 Penrhyn, Baron 2nd Baron.
1866 Bracepeth, Baron Vis. Boyne.
1867 Cairns, Baron Earl Cairns.
1868 Kesteven, Baron 2nd Baron
1868 Ormathwaite, Baron 2nd Baron.
1868 O'Neill, Baron 1st Baron.
1868 Napier of Magdala, 1st Baron. Baron
1868 *Gormanston, Baron Viscount Gormanston.
Gladstone Cabinet (Liberal).
1868 Fevershum. E. of 1st Earl.
1868 Bridport, Viscount 1st Viscount
1869 Lawrence, Baron 2nd Baron.
1869 Penzance, Baron 1st Baron.
1869 Dunning, Baron Baron Rollo
1869 Balinhard, Baron Earl of Southesk.
1869 Hare, Baron Earl of Listowel.
1869 *Howard, Baron 2nd Baron.
1869 Castletown, Baron 2nd Baron.
1869 *Acton, Baron 1st Baron.
1869 Robartes, Baron 2nd Baron.
1869 Wolverton, Baron 1st Baron.
1869 Greville, Baron 2nd Baron.
1870 *O'Hagan, Baron 2nd Baron.
1871 Blachford, Baron 1st Baron.
1871 Sandhurst, Baron 2nd Baron.
1872 Ettrick, Baron Baron Napier and Ettrick.
1872 Selborne, Baron Earl of Selborne.
1873 Somerton, Baron Earl of Normanton.
1873 Breadalbane, Baron Marquis of Breadalbane.
1873 Waveney, Baron 1st Baron.
1873 Aberdare, Baron 1st Baron.
1874 Moncrieff, Baron 1st Baron.
1874 Coleridge, Baron 1st Baron.
1874 *Emly, Baron 1st Baron.
1874 Carlingford, Baron 1st Baron.
1874 Hammond, Baron 1st Baron.
Disraeli-Beaconsfield Cabinet (Tory).
1874 Cottesloe, Baron 1st Baron.
1874 Hampton, Baron 2nd Baron.
1874 Winmarleigh, Baron 1st Baron.
1875 Douglas, Baron Earl of Home.
1875 Ramsay, Baron Earl of Dalhounie.
1876 Fermanagh, Baron Earl of Erne.
1876 Harlech, Baron 2nd Baron.
1876 Alington, Baron 1st Baron.
1876 Tollemache, Baron 1st Baron.
1876 Gerard, Baron 1st Baron.
1876 Sackville, Baron 1st Baron.
1876 Blackburn, Baron Lord of Appeal.
1878 Cranbrook, Viscount 1st Viscount.
1878 Norton, Baron 1st Baron.
1880 Shute, Baron Viscount
1880 Barrington. Watson, Baron Lord of Appeal.
1880 Haldon, Baron 2nd Baron.
1880 Wimborne, Baron 1st Baron.
1880 Ardilaun, Baron lst Baron.
1880 Lamington, Baron 1st Baron.
1880 Donnington, Baron 1st Baron.
1830 Trevor, Baron 1st Baron.
1880 Rowton, Baron 1st Baron.
Gladstone Cabinet (Liberal).
1880 Mount Temple, Baron 1st Baron.
1880 Sherbrooke, Viacount 1st Viscount.
1880 Brabourne, Baron 1st Baron.
1881 Ampthill, Baron 2nd Baron.
1881 Tweeddale, Baron Marq. of Tweed dale.
1881 Howth, Baron Earl of Howth.
1881 Reay, Baron 1st Baron.
1881 Derwent, Baron 1st Baron.
1881 Hothfield, Baron 1st Baron.
1881 Tweedmouth, Bar. 1st Baron.
1882 Bramwell, Baron 1st Baron.
1882 Fitzgerald, Baron Lord of Appeal.
1882 Alcester, Baron 1st Baron.
1882 Wolseley, Baron 1st Viscount.
1884 Hampton, Visct. 1st Viscount.
1884 Tennyson, Baron 1st Baron.
1884 Monk Bretton, 1st Baron. Baron
1884 Northbourne, Baron 1st Baron.
1884 Sudley, Baron Earl of Arran.
1884 De Vesci, Baron Visct. De Vesci.
1884 *Herries, Baron Baron Herriea.
1885 Powerscourt, Barou Visct. Powerscourt.
1885 Northington, Baron Baron Henley.
1885 Rothschild, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Reve stoke, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Monkswell, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Monkhouse, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Lingen, Baron 1st Baron.
Salisbury Cabinet (Tory).
1885 Iddealeigh, Earl of 1st Earl.
1885 Halsbury, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Ashbourne, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 St. Oswald, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Wantage, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Esher, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Deramore, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Montagu of Beaulieu, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Elphinstone, Baron 1st Baron.
1885 Colville of Culross, Baron 1st Baron.
1886 Hillingdon, Baron 1st Baron.
1886 Hindlip, Baron 1st Baron.
1886 Grimthorpe, Baron 1st Baron.
Gladstone Cabinet (Liberal).
1886 Herschell, Baron 1st Baron.
1886 Stalbridge, Baron 1st Baron.
1886 Kensington, Baron 1st Baron.
1886 Brassey, Baron 1st Baron.
1886 Burton, Baron 1st Baron.
1886 Hamilton, Baron 1st Baron.
1886 Thring, Baron 1st Baron.
Salisbury Cabinet (Tory).
1886 Cross, Viscount 1st Viscount.
1886 Stanley, Baron 1st Baron.

Political Summary of the Surviving Peerages.

Present Holders are
Created under Total Liberal. Tory. Doubtful.
Henry III. 1 ... 1 ...
Edward I. 4 1 3 ...
Edward II. 3 1 2 ...
Richard II. 4 1 3 ...
Henry VI. 2 ... 2 ...
Henry VII. 3 1 2 ...
Henry VIII. 11 5 6 ...
Edward VI. 2 ... 2 ...
Mary I. 3 1 2 ...
Elizabeth 10 2 8 ...
James I. 11 5 6 ...
Charles I. 10 4 6 ...
Charles II. 17 7 10 ...
Jawes II. 1 ... 1 ...
William III. 9 3 6 ...
Anne 13 1 12 ...
George I. 9 3 6 ...
George II. 15 7 8 ...
First period 128 42 86 ...
George III. 118 41 74 3
George IV. 28 3 24 ...
William IV. 28 13 15 ...
Second period 173 57 113 3
Victoria, 1837-46 23 14 9 ...
Victoria, 1847-56 12 8 4 ...
Victoria, 1857-66 33 17 16 ...
Victoria, 1867-76 46 25 19 2
Victoria, 1877-86 59 32 26 1
Third period 173 96 74 3


Total. Liberal. Tory. Doubtful
Peerages prior to George III 128 42 86 ...
Thence to Queen Victoria 173 57 113 8
Peerages of Queen Victoria 173 96 74 8
Total Lay Peerages of England, Great Britain, and United Kingdom (not in eluding Royal Princes, nor Spiritual Representative Peers) 474 195 273 6
page 47

The foregoing summary sufficiently proves that since the era of Parliamentary Reform the composition of the House of Lords has been modified in a Liberal sense, and had it not been for another process going on simultaneously the numbers of the Political parties might by now have been fairly equalized. That other process will best be explained by studying the next table, which is most significant in its bearing upon all discussions of future Parliamentary Reform.

It shows incontestibly that the Hereditary Principle in Legislation is incompatible with the growth of the national liberties, and, if nought else were to be adduced at all upon the question, it should seal the doom of Hereditary Law-spoilers and Reform-rejectors.