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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 14

Peerage of Great Britain

Peerage of Great Britain.

Year. Held by
1711 Brandon, Duke of Duke of Hamilton.
1711 Ferrers, Earl 10th. Earl
1711 Boyle, Baron Earl of Cork.
1711 Hay, Baron Earl of Kinnoull.
1711 Middleton, Baron 9th Baron
1712 Bathurst, Baron Earl Bathurst.
1712 Bolingbroke & st. John, Visct. 5th Visct.
1716 Onslow, Baron Earl of Onslow.
1716 Romney, Baron Earl of Romney.
George I.
1718 Stanhope, Earl 6th Earl
1718 Cadogan, Baron Earl Cadogan.
1720 Falmouth, Visct. 6th Visct.
1720 Lymington, Visct. Earl of Portsmouth.
1721 Torrington, Visct. 8th Visct.
1721 Macclesfield, Earl of 6th Earl
1722 Graham, Earl Duke of Montrose.
1723 *Walpole, Baron Earl of Orford.
1725 King of Ockam, Baron Earl of Lovelace.
George II.
1728 Monson, Baron Viscount Oxen bridge.
1728 Hobart, Baron Earl of Buckinghamshire.
1729 Harrington, Baron Earl of Harrington.
1733 Hardwicke, Baron Earl of Hardwicke.
1741 Ilchester, Baron Earl of Ilchester.
1742 Edgcumbe, Baron Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.
1746 Fitzwilliam, Earl 6th Earl.
1746 Fortescue, Baron Earl Fortescue.
1747 Leinster, Viscount Duke of Leinster.
1747 Folkestone, Viscount Earl of Radnor.
1749 Ponsonby, Baron Earl of Bessborough.
1749 Northumberland, Earl of Duke of Northumberland.
1749 Temple, Earl Duke of Buckingham.
1756 Harwich, Baron Marquis of Downshire.
1756 Hyde, Baron Earl of Clarendon.
George III.
1760 Wycombe, Baron Marquis of Lansdowne.
1760 Sondes, Baron Earl Sondes.
1761 Grosvenor, Baron Duke of Westminster.
1761 Scarsdale, Baron 4th Baron.
1761 *Mount Stuart, Baron Marquis of Bute.
1761 Boston, Baron 6th Baron.
1761 *Grantham, Baron Marquis of Ripon.
1762 Lovel & Holland, Baron Earl of Egmont.
1762 Pelham, Baron Earl of Chichester.
1762 Vernon, Baron 7th Baron.
1763 Dude, Baron Earl Ducie.
1765 Spencer, Earl 5th Earl.
1765 Digby. Baron 9th Baron.
1765 Camden, Baron Marquis of Camden.
1766 Sundridge, Baron Duke of Argyll.
1776 Mansfield, Earl of 4th Earl.
1776 Hawke, Baron 6th Baron.
1776 Harrowby, Baron Earl of Harrowby.
1776 Foley, Baron 5th Baron
1776 Brownlow, Baron Earl Brown-low.page 45
1780 Dynevor, Baron 6th Baron.
1780 Porchester, Baron Earl of Carnarvon.
1780 Walsingham, Baron 6th Baron
1780 Bagot, Baron 3rd Baron
1780 Southampton, Baron 4th Baron
1782 Grantley, Baron 5th Baron
1783 Rodney, Baron 7th Baron
1784 Somers, Baron Earl Somers
1781 Eliot, Baron Earl of St. Germans.
1784 Berwick, Baron 7th Baron
1784 Boringdon, Baron Earl of Morley.
1784 Sherborne, Baron 4th Baron
1786 Hamilton, Visct. Duke of Abercorn.
1786 Tyrone, Baron Marq. of Waterford
1786 Carleton, Baron Earl of Shannon.
1786 Suffield, Baron 5th Baron
1786 Dorchester, Baron 4th Baron
1788 Kenyon. Baron 4th Baron
1788 Malmesbury, Baron Earl of Malmesbury.
1788 Braybrooke, Baron 5th Baron
1788 Howe, Baron Earl Howe
1788 Amherst, Baron Visct. Holmesdale.
1789 Sydney. Visct. Earl Sydney
1790 Fisherwick, Baron Marq. of Donegall.
1790 Verulam, Baron Earl of Verulam.
1790 Gage. Baron Visct. Gage.
1792 Thurlow, Baron 5th Baron
1793 Auckland, Baron 4th Baron
1794 Lyttelton, Baron 5th Baron
1794 Yarborongh, Baron Earl of Yarborongh.
1794 Clive, Baron Earl Powis
1794 Mulgrave, Baron Marquis of Normanby.
1794 Mendip, Baron Visct. Clifden
1794 Dundas, Baron Earl of Zetland.
1794 Bradford, Baron Earl of Bradford.
1795 Loughborough, Baron Earl of Rosslyn.
1796 Hood. Visct. 4th Visct.
1796 Newark, Visct. Earl Manvers.
1796 Stuart of Castle Earl of
1796 stuart, Baron [Moray. Harewood, Baron Earl of Harewood.
1796 Stewart of Garlies, Baron Earl of Galloway.
1796 Rous, Baron Earl of Stradbroke.
1796 Saltersford, Baron Earl of Courtown.
1796 Cawdor, Baron Earl of Cawdor.
1796 Calthorpe, Baron 5th Baron.
1796 Gwydir, Baron 4th Baron.
1797 Carrington, Baron 3rd Baron.
1797 Lowther, Visct. Earl of Lonsdale.
1797 Bolton, Baron 3rd Baron.
1797 Minto, Baron Earl of Minto.
1797 Northwick, Baron 3rd Baron.
1797 Duncan, Visct. Earl Camperdown.
1797 Lilford, Baron 4th Baron.
1797 Wodehouse, Baron Earl of Kimberley.
1797 Ribblesdale, Baron 4th Baron.
1799 Eldon, Baron Earl of Eldon.