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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Special Extravaganza Programme Issue [1953]

Are You Sure You're Quite O.K.?

Are You Sure You're Quite O.K.?

Do you feel a pumping, thumping?
All your innards into play?
Your intestines bumping? jumping?
Stomach ulcers under way? Good
Heavens did you feel that quiver?
Are they threatening your liver?
If you feel O.K.

Can you resist our invitation?
You cannot keep disease at bay
Bring it to us for confirmation
We don't mind we like to play For
If you have no irritation,
Mastication, inflammation
Where would be our conversation?
Are you sure you're quite O.K.?

Do you feel all spotty? dotty?
Just a bit off form today?
Do you think you're going potty?
If you do then don't delay. But
Go on reeling, peeling, squealing
Going wrong but never healing
Only tell us how you're feeling
If you feet O.K.

We are nurses full of vigour
Of assistance come what may
We can show you how we figure
We can serve you—here's the way, we
Want suggestions, we are humble
How's your latest tummy rumble
What is life without a grumble!
Are you sure you're quite O.K.?

Do you feel a bit off colour
Do you wobble at the knees?
Are you just a fraction duller
Do you hiccup, sneeze or wheeze, our
Pennicillin isn't film
But imaginations willin
Minus ills could life be thrillin
If you feel O.K.

Do you suffer jiggles, wiggles?
Do your nerves begin to fray?
Do you get the wriggles, giggles?
Don't take risks it does not pay. Per
haps you feci a little iffy
Creaky? Coughey? Sniffy? Squiffy?
We can fix you in a jiffy
Are you sure you're quite O.K.?