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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. V.U.C. Students' Association Annual Elections, 1952

Women's Committee

Women's Committee

Betty Dibble

Betty Dibble has "more idealism than Mr. Horsley." She is a full-timer doing English Honours-This year she has produced a play for the Drama Club and worked on Salient. In other years has taken part in Extrav., attended Congress, played basketball and been on the committee of the Political Science Society.

More clubs, not less, she says; opportunities for freshers and overseas students to mix with the rest of the College; for the poverty-stricken martyrs to higher learning, better burraries and tram concessions; a student [unclear: employment] bureau, and a career's consultant. Her pet aversions are [unclear: rasing] fees, failing standards, non-existence of Extrav. of [unclear: Spike] of editors.

Her energy would be an asset to the Association.

Nominator: J. F. D. Patterson.

Elaine M. Foote

Third-Year Arts Student, hopes to complete B.A. this year. She has taken a full share in the sporting activities of the College and has represented V.U.C. in outdoor basketball at Easter Tournament, 1951 and 1052. This year she is Club Captain of the Outdoor Basketball Club and is also an active member of the In-door Basketball. Table Tennis, Swimming. Tennis and Miniature Rifiles Clubs.

Her activities have not been restricted entirely to sport however. A member of the Social Committee in 1951. she is this year chairman-convenor. She was also controller for this year's Capping Ball, a most successful function.

She is wholeheartedly opposed to increased exam, fees and anxious to see the Student Association Building go ahead, and the poor facilities for sport and recreation remedied.

Nominator: Juliet Hunt.

Pauline Hoskins

Pauline is now back at V.U.C. after a year in the United States as one of our youngest Fulbright Scholars. She is a keen supporter of Congresses at Curious Cove, and became well known at the first two.

A part-time student she has assisted with Salient and with the Political Science Journal, and has always taken a lively interest in student affairs, particularly cultural clubs.

Pauline works as a journalist in Wellington, and supports a more vigorous public relations policy. She considers that more and better Common Room facilities are an urgent necessity if Victoria is to develop before the millenium of the new Student Union building, more of the corporate spirit she found so strong in American universities. (She does not want to hire a football team, regarding the present set-up as delightfully adequate.) Pauline, who has completed an M.A. in English, is now taxing philosophy, and can devote more time and energy to student affairs.

Nominator: J. Milburn.

Gay Orwin

Gay has been a full-time Arts Student for three years and is now part-time, and attending the Wellington Teachers' Training College.

She has taken an active part in the S.C.M., Hockey, Tennis, Drama and French Clubs, and was co-opted to the Exec. earlier this year.

Gay has no rigid opinions on any particular matter, and, having been on the Exec. for a short while, refuses to make any promises she may not be able to fulfill. She is, however, open to suggestion at all times, and will put her best abilities to wards helping to manage the affairs of the students in a sound and progressive way.

Nominator: D. M. Fletcher.

Diana Sutcliffe

Diana Sutcliffe is a full-time Arts Student with wide interests who has played a lively role in student activities all through her three years at Victoria. She has been on the committees of the Drama and Debating Clubs and is actively interested in Extrav., I.S.S., Swimming Clubs and the Literary Society.

Diana is sporting enthusiast too and has represented Vic at Winter Tournament. 1950. in Hockey, and in 1952 in Indoor Basketball and Drama. At Easter Tournament this year she was on the billeting committee.

Diana believes that a closer staff-student relationship would make for more community life in the College and she would like to see closer relations with other colleges also.

She is in favour of the medical scheme and hopes to stimulate greater support for I.S.S.. With her wide interests and sound opinions Diana is an ideal person to represent the students on their Executive.

Nominator: Anne G. Tarrant.

Peggy Thom

Peggy Thom has shown her enthusiasm for student activities as a member of the S.C.M., Salient staff, the Literary, Debating, and Dramatic Societies and a committee member of the Chess Club.

She feels that freshers should be given more encouragement to take part in student activities. Only through their interest and active support can clubs remain alive in the College. She believes that on enrolment day advise should be a Mason officer to advise about the various clubs at Varsity; the S.C.M. handbook is useful, but it cannot give the personal interest which overcomes barriers of shyness and diffidence.

Nominator: J. E. Hunt.

Margaret Turret

Miss Turbet is an ex-C.U.C. student in her second year at Vic. A student in both the Arts and Science Faculties she has a wide knowledge of student affairs and possesses a fine and mature judgment, born of valuable experience on many committees.

A member of the Biological and Philosophical, and French Clubs, and the Debating Society, she shows that a part-time student can take a vital interest in College activities. She is a keen Tramper. Swimmer, Skier, and Fencer.

A trained nurse, Miss Turbet thinks that student health should receive greater attention, and that bursary schemes should be revised. Closer staff-student co-operation is an essential to a more integrated university life. Miss Turbet wants to see constructive action in this respect.

Nominator: D. Davey.

Standard Press, Wellington.