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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. V.U.C. Students' Association Annual Elections, 1952

Men's Committee

Men's Committee

Graham Atkin

Graham is a third year student studying for B.A. He is an active member of the Rugby Club, which he has supported during his three years here.' He is able a member of the French Club. During Easter he assisted in the running of Tournament. He believes that charity begins at home and is of the opinion that there are a few things around the University that should be attended to and that some of the present rules could be amended. He also believes that some of the clubs could be better provided for. His keen and vast interest in student affairs is further evidenced by the fact that last year he gave his services as a scrutineer, a trule exhausting but meritorious task.

Nominator: J. S. Hutchison.

T. H. Beaglehole

A Full-Time Arts student, is active in many clubs, this year being on the committees of the Debating Society and the Harrier Club and secretary of the Swords Club. He has represented V.U.C. at Winter and Easter Tournament in the harrier and athletic teams.

He agrees with Mr. Horsley [unclear: that] common sense must largely [unclear: ove [gap — reason: damage]] the actions of Exec, but this [unclear: must] not be made an excuse for [unclear: doing] nothing. The Lower Gym has [unclear: been] in shambles for over a year, [unclear: th[gap — reason: damage]] whole Gym needs renovating—[unclear: doing] nothing may have saved money [unclear: during] the past year, but it won't pa[gap — reason: damage] in the long run.

Exec. should not be a purely [unclear: administrative] body. If it was there would be no point in electing it. It must represent student interests, protect student interests, and make student opinion known and noticed. To neglect doing this is to fall in its most important duty.

Nominator: H. D. Scott

J. D. Dalgety

Des, a 6th year student, who completed his LL.B. last year, and intends proceeding to LL.M., will already be well known as a member of the present Executive, where he has performed valuable services as Public Relations Officer and Delegate to N.Z.U.S.A. August Council Meeting. An ex-resident of Weir House, he has been actively associated with the Law Faculty, Cricket and Football Clubs, having represented the College at cricket on two occasions. He is also a keen Extrav. type, and did an excellent job of work as Social Controller during Easter Tournament this year. With a wide range of interests and a year's experience to back him up he has a valuable contribution to make and should appeal to all as a prospective Committeeman for a further year.

Nominator: D. B. Horsley.

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Alan Durward

Is fourth-year Arts and Law student who has in the past been involved in Extrav. 1950, Haka Party 1931-52. Cappicade 1952. Tournament 1952 (Records Officer), and is Editor Cappicade 1953. Dabbled in football for a couple of years, but now finds life easier in the Harriers. No platform other then a desire to make the public feel more kindly towards Victoria, as in the other. University centres, which he proposes to do in part by increasing the circulation of Cappicade and giving half the profits to charity; he also wishes to better the everyday social amenities of the College. Being a Law Student and having in common with all Law students a realistic grasp of business administration, claims to be better qualified for Exec. than any pure "idealist."

Nominator: G. Monaglan.

Ian Free

Experience of many aspects of University life is a prerequisite to sane Executive service. Ian Free is Secretary to the Drama Club, the largest cultural club in the College, and Treasurer to the Swords Club. He represented Victoria in Fencing at Winter Tournament lost year and was nominated for a College Blue. He was Assistant-Billeting Officer for Easter Tournament this year, and holds the record for the One Length (Fully Clad) Backstroke event inaugurated at Riddiford Baths at Easter. He was on the staff of this year's Cappicade. He owes allegiance to no party, clerical or secular, but wishes to further' the Interests of Victoria in all fields legitimately hers. He deplores the rift between Town and Gown, and although realising that, blame lies on both sides; thinks that as a general rule Wellington underestimate their University and her Student body. He pledges conscientious service if elected to the Executive. Nominator: K. M. Phillips.

Colin James Gordon

Born Burwood. South Australia, 18/10/1928. Conceived, Rio de Janlero, New Year's Day. 1928, Recent history: Five years' full-time at Victoria—seven seasons at Freezing Works (Assistant Delegate for the 1951-1952 seasons)—fought Red domination of local union during 1950. B.Sc. conferred 1951. Fired from position at match factory for smoking, 1949. Present Scholastic Efforts: Science German for the fourth year In succession, and Thesis for M.Sc. In Physics (and an extramural thesis on the Drinking Habits of the New, Zealand Male). Club Activities: Harrier for six years (see "Sports Post"), semi-official Rugby Club "Bank-Bellower." Secretary Maths and Physics Society; and interest in Extrav. tending to Obsession Procession Controller. 1952 (see police records). Promises;, First function on assuming office will be to return forms from the tennis court to Gym. Complete accessibility at all times—from eight to five in the Physics Dept. from live to six [gap — reason: damage] our Willis Street office. To be un-[unclear: [gap — reason: damage]assed] by politics or religion. Be[unclear: liefs]. That the Executive should con[unclear: [gap — reason: damage]st] of experienced administrators [unclear: usually] part-time Law and Com[unclear: merce] students) and sensible ideal[unclear: ists] (almost always full-time Science [unclear: students]), with small proportion of [unclear: intuitive] guessers (women Arts stud[unclear: ents]). That the attitude of the Executive should be that of a body of students and not a staid, purely administrative council.

T. H. Hill

Trev Hill (second year Arts) has been notably active on "Sailent." of which he is editor. Was in Extrav., on Headquarters staff during Tournament, is an active member of Tramping and Indoor Basketball Clubs, on the Socialist Club' committee, member of the Charter Club, and is on the W.U.S. committee. Has attended almost every Exec. meeting in the last two years and has already a sound basic knowledge of student affairs. Recently caused the inception of the Student Study-Problems Committee.

"I believe that an Exec. should be progressive, and control of College affairs should be decentralised to a large extent. A temporary gymnasium should be erected as soon as possible, and the present gymnasium cleaned up. I am interested in the possibility of a co-operative University bookshop and, more remotely, a College press. I believe the Exec. should engage in a more positive publicity campaign, and above all things be progressive.

Nominator: Brian Casey.

Jim Hogg

Jim, a sixth-year student (B.A., LL.B.), is a Committee member of the Defence Rifle Club (Secretary 1951), the Miniature Rifle Club and Law Faculty Club—represented V.U.C. in inter-Varsity moot 1952. has attended five Tournaments, and has several times been a delegate to the Shooting Council. As Publicity Controller this year he was on the Tournament Committee. He sang (almost) in Extrav. 1949, and was Procession Controller in 1950. He has been a member of the Drama Club (memories of "She Stoope" and "Coriolanua"), Tramping (briefly). Skiing (enthusiastically), and Debating Club.

Jim favours travel subsidies being allowed again to Tournament competitors, and will fight any attempted reduction in the number of sports participating. He is opposed to any future affiliation with I.U.S. and other international bodies of doubtful political flavour and considers that Executive activities should be concentrated on student amenities, such as maintenance of cafeteria standards.

Nominator: M. J. O'Brien.

J. G. Hutchison

Jim is a second-year Law student. He is keenly interested in student affairs and at this year's Easter Tournament he won a N.Z.U. Boxing title and was also on the Headquarters staff. President of the Charter Society, he is also an active member of the Football, Cricket, and Drama Clubs. In last year's Extrav. he filled a leading role. His main belief at present, is that of promoting student interest in all affairs.

Nominator: F. L. Curtin.

A. G. ("Chick") McHugh

The present head of tht Law Faculty Club has six years of Varsity life behind him. He is completing the LL.B. degree this year. In business life he is the Assistant Secretary of the Manufacturers' Association. Of sound and impartial political views, his work on the Law Faculty Clubs Committee has shown he has all the qualities necessary to make an efficient, approachable and popular Exec. member.

"Chick" is an active cricketer and footballer, and a supporter of every phase of Varsity social life.

Nominator: J. Dalgety.

Denis B. G. McLean

Graduated B.Sc. and Senior Scholar 1952. Wellington third-grade football rep. 1949; Victoria College Rugby football Blue 1950-51; Tournament rowing team and Secretary Rugby Football Club 1952. Believes that Executive members should be willing to work and to sacrifice their own time for the task in hand: that the Executive should formulate a practical policy rather than spending time in the discussion of rather nebulous ideals.

Nominator: K. M. Phillips.

Bruce Mercer

Bruce Mercer, having graduated in Science, now hopes to complete B.A. this year. He has always maintained a wide interest in student affairs and has been a willing worker for the Association. Has lived at Weir House and spent two years at Training College. Extravs. have been a major interest (men's ballet last year) Represented Victoria ingrowing at Easter Tournament and is an energetic Committee member. Was Returning Officer for the Stud. Ass. elections in 1950. Bruce is keen to see that more students go to Congress; and is interested in fostering closer Staff-Student relations.

Bruce is an energetic worker, and would be a real asset on the Exec.

Nominator: Lance Robinson.

J. F. D. Patterson

Bill Sheat

Bill is a 5th-year law student plugging through B.A.-LL.B., whose record in Who's Who reads—long association with Drama Club. Committee 1948, Secretary 1949, President 1950-51-52. Tournament rep. in Drama 1948. 1951, Capplcade Committee 1951. Assistant Editor 1952. Foundation Committee member Charter Club, Fungus McShaggan and Hamlet Extrav. 1949, co-author and leading role Extrav. 1950. resigned Extrav. Assistant Producer 1951. frustrated co-author Assistant Producer Extrav. 1952. His policy: to see that the affairs of the Association are run in the interests of the students as a whole and not in the interests of any pressure group; to raise the prestige of the College among the burgesses and citizenry; to support worth-while schemes for improving the lot of the student be he or she part-time, full-time, interested in sport, culture, study, of any race, creed, or religion whatsoever.

Nominator: M. J. O'Brien.

John Steiner

An Exec, with a really progressive policy is what John wants to see in the future at Vic. An Exec. that will co-ordinate the activities of the various clubs and enable them to become a centre of student life. Although John is a second-year student and a Science one at that, he is no ivory-towerist and has already shown his ability in organising student affairs as Vice-chairman of the Tramping Club and as a member of the Swimming Club committee. He also takes part in the activities of the Table-tennis and Swimming Clubs, and represented Vic. at the last Easter Tournament. As a sufferer of two years standing, John is keen to improve the cafeteria service—less queuing, better food, more food, and prettier waitresses. In a nutshell, John wants to make Vic. a place where students can live as students ought to live.

Nominator: D. M. Steiner.

John Wright

John is a fourth-year Arts student whose club activities show his willingness to work. He is an active member of the Drama, Tramping, Men's Basketball, and Swords Clubs. For the Drama Club he is on the committee as stage manager, and also serves on the Little Theatre committee as a student representative. He is secretary of the men's Basketball Club for the second year, and represented Vic. in this sport at Winter Tournament last year. At Easter Tournament he was a member of the Ways and Means Committee.

A participator in the last three Extravs. where he has been in the cast, helped with make-up and publicity, he feels that an earlier start with the organisation of Extrav., especially on the part of the script selection committee, would eliminate the usual confusion.

Other objects that he has are improved sports facilities, a prompt start on the Student Union building and continuance of Winter Tournament.

Nominator: F. L. Curtin.