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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. V.U.C. Students' Association Annual Elections, 1952

L. B. ("Pip") Piper

L. B. ("Pip") Piper

"PIp" has a long association with the College, shown interest in sporting and cultural activities, and displayed outstanding ability in leadership and administration.

An Exec, member 1948-50; V.U.C. S.C. rep. at N.Z.U.S.A. Council 1950; ex-Training College and Weir House.

As a past Exec, member. Pip has been persuaded out of retirement by incompetence and aloofness of recent Executive officers. He will work for student representation on University Senate, and top level resistance to increases in exam. fees and other costs. He will also work for more and bigger full-time bursaries, a compulsory chest X-ray, student staff co-operation in Faculty management, and urgent priority for the New Building. Meantime he wants a more civilised attitude to Common Common Room, and student cultural centre restored from Little Theatre to Gym.

Graduated B.Sc. 1950; active in Extravs. since 1918; Salient" (as Distribution Manager, 1949, had sales at all-time high); Debating and Socialist Clubs (Chairman. 1951).

As a graduate, and ballet-dancer and co-author of Extravs., "Pip" believes Capping should be preserved as THE event of the year, with an Extrav. and a Procesh, come what, come may.

Senior Tournament delegate both Tournaments. 1948; represented V.U.C. in Swimming and Men's Basketball (Blues in both); represented N.Z.U. swimming in Australia, 1949; Swimming Controller last Tournament; present Captain V.U.C. Swimming Club; N.Z.U. Blues Committee, 1950; also active tramper and sider when time permits.

As a sportsman, he is opposed to abolition of winter tournament—would prefer to see it again include debating, [unclear: drama, chess], etc.

On active [unclear: service] with R.N.Z.A.F., 1942-45.

As a returned serviceman, "Pip" will bring responsible maturity to the Exec., as well as a combination of long-term vision and realistic efficiency. He is also determined to promote International understanding, bringing V.U.C. closer to students overseas by extending the Aussie exchange scheme, promoting a relief programme with widest possible pupport, and closer relations with International Union of Students.

A man with strong personal convictions, he is devoted to the welfare of students, and tolerant of the views of others.

"Pip's" record and personal qualities recommend him to the voters.

Nominator: C. V. Bollinger.