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Salient. Official Newspaper of the Victoria University Students' Association. Vol 41 No. 8. April 17 1978


page 20


The Civic Chess Club ran a tournament over the long Easter weekend which drew entries from as far afield as Auckland and Christchurch. Murray Chandler, Wellington's youthful International Master was expected to be difficult to beat and he proved the pundits right by conceding only one draw to finish 1½ points clear of the rest of the field. Hamiltonian Kai Tensen who represented New Zealand at the World. Junior tournament in Austria last year looked as if he could be a largeish stumbling block in Murray's path but had a disappointing tournament. He did however have a good win in the first round.

White—K. Jensen Black—D. Oliver
1. c4 e5
2. Nc3 Nf6
3. Nf3 Nc6
4. e4 Bc5
5. Ne5

A small combination with the aim of securing an advantage in the centre.

5 ..... Ne5
6. d4 Bb4
7. de5 Ne4
8. Qd4 Nc3?

8... f5; maintaining a presence in the centre was better.

9. bc3 Be7
10. Qg4 g6

The alternative to this weakening move was the commital 10 . . . Kf8;

11. Bh6 d6
12. Qg3 b6?

More weak squares.

13. Be2 Be6
14. Bf3 Rb8
15. 0—0

Black can only watch enviously.

15. .... Bh4
16. Bc6ch. Bd7
17. Bd7ch. Kd7
18. Qg4ch. Kc6
19. Qf3ch. Kd7
20. R(a)el Re 8
22. Rd6! Kd6
23. Qd5ch. Kc7
24. Bf4ch. Resigns

"Curious Continuation" ([unclear: Spo] Ed by Paramount and Penthouse Cinemas)

I am indebted to Milan Melnicenko for this week's problem which is a composed end game as opposed to a position which arose in an actual game game as all the other problems have been. White is to play and win. Solutions should be handed in at the Salient offices by mid-day Wednesday.

The solution to last week's problem was 1. Re6, Re6; 2. Qg6! Rg6; 3. hg6ch. Kh8; 4. Nf7 mate.

Last week's winner was Peter Hawkes. The prize of a double pass to either the Paramount of Penthouse cinemas can be picked up at the Salient offices.

Drawing of a chess board