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Salient. Newspaper of Victoria University of Wellington Students Association. Vol 41 No. 3. March 13 1978

Watch the Walrus

Watch the Walrus

Dear Whoever,

The time has come the Walrus said "and indeed it has for it is no coincidence that the Walrus is one of the great thinkers of our time so if he says the time has come then in fact it has come. You may get your skeptics who say that the time is never ripe but they cannot see the wood for the trees, as we all know those who disbelieve have no right to anyway.

So where does the Walrus figure in "Salient".? We shall return to this later after further expounding the symbolic importance of the character in question and his precise relation to highly subjective student newspapers. Subjectivity is not necessarily an evil as it does make the student feel more secure but is a false reality as the powers that are the power in this society do not agree with student ideology. We cannot survive like this as we are but a near-powerless microcosm of New Zealand society. We adjust or we rebel. Take heed of the Walrus and strike now! Salient join with the Walrus and me now to wage war against the ridiculously high price of records.

What is the Use of using your bursary to purchase a stereo if you cannot get (because of the price - $7.99-) anything to play on the thing? I remember the days when they (records) only cost $4.40 so Labour will not get my vote! Tape others' records, borrow or beg but do not steal them and do not buy them we will show them (the capitalists behind this plot to deny the people music) that they cannot survive without us — I hope.

Show Biz. — the new aristocracy — they are only normal people, at least support local talent first. Having read most student newspapers I must say "Salient" is rather prominent in its superiority so perhaps we are not so badly off. Do not let them get you down just remember, in times of hardship, that the ultimate good shall win so just be patient and wait for the revolution and do not forget to eat your porridge and rhubarb. Viva La Walrus!

Erconwald C. Bloodmourn.

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Salient received two letters complaining about our letters policy requiring letters to be typed.

We require this because both the editor and typesetter are barely able to keep up with the flow of copy coming through and handwriting slows down the process of sub-editing, typesetting and proofreading. Typed copy moves through the "mill" much faster, and will be reproduced more accurately.

Most commercial typesetters simply refuse to handle untyped copy. So far we have been extraordinarily lenient with hand written letters, because we know that you didn't know it was rude to give a typesetter untyped copy. But if you could see the smoke come out of his ears when I hand it to him, you wouldn't ask me to do it' So please......

We Jo have typewriters here for you to use if you haven I got one available, — Ed.