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Salient. Official Newspaper of the Victoria University of Wellington Students Assn. Volume 40, No. 16. July 11 1977

This letter could be a forgery

This letter could be a forgery

Dear Sir

Having received rebuke for your admirable but ill conceived plan to stimulate debate by using forged letters from unsuspecting innocent writers (yes I'm referring to the forged Mulrennan letter). I wish Salient would stop continuing this practice.

As President of the Victoria House Students Committee it has come to my attention that two letters in the last edition attributed to Bruce Parkin and David Shilton are also forgerieses. These two students who suffer much abuse for their political sympathies are residents at Vic House and I have been advised by them that they know the authors of these letters and know their motives are, a rather underhand plot, to discredit their political persuasion.

Salient should take greater care in establishing the authenticity of its letters least you destroy your own credibility as well.


Peter Callinuos


Dear David

I just wish to point out to the same few fools forever criticising MSA, to get their information right before doing what they do. The decision to boycott the ISC was made by the members, as part of their democratic right. The committee's intention, to my knowledge, had been the contrary, in view of this. I think these critics have done that Association a great wrong (can I expect anything less of these lunatics?).

I agree with 'Do-gooder'. I think you should put a time limit on any discussions. You should close it when it is past history or become repetitive and boring. Otherwise I may get the idea you are tied in with their vindictive campaign from their 'free-ride'.

I don't want to keep the letter too long. There are too many of these inconsiderate ones already. Thank you for your space.

MSA member.

PS. I am disappointed with 'an Ex-OCF er'. Never expect him to use an 'evaluation' as a pretext to boost his Association and downgrade others.

Dear Editor

As a first year student I am indeed pissed off by the rumours and 'political' propanganda I am subjected to. So I have been told by a group of students saying that the functions of WMSSA is a political thing and that I ought to avoid them. The trouble is that I find it very enjoyable and also I find warmth arid friendliness from the people in it.

Sometimes I find that I am capable of judging for myself but with the constant barrage of 'news' from this particular group I find that I am wavering. Please do not subject me to these propaganda because I think I want a chance to judge for myself. Okay?

Yours Truly

Fresh Student.

Two woman chasing a man and beating him with canes