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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University of Wellington Students Association. Vol 40 No. 11. May 23 1977

Middle East at SRC

page 3

Middle East at SRC

SRC image showing raised hands

S.R.C. opened on time as usual at 12.30 p.m. After reminding the meeting that agendas and minutes of the infamous 'Capping S.R.C.' were available and watching the resultant scrum, Lindy Cassidy flew through the agenda and on to Matters Arising which is when things really got going.

It was moved by Bruce Robinson "That VUWSA rescind all previous Middle East policy and (a) Endorse NZUSA motion 123 and also (b) That VUWSA support the claim of the Palestine Liberation Organisation to be the legitimate national authority of the Palestine people and:(c) Support the establishment of a democratic secular state in the whole of the Palestine area.'

This had somehow been passed at the Capping SRC and he now moved that it be recommitted for discussion. He also made the observation that "he had a strange feeling some might disagree with it." What a bright boy - let's give him a chocolate fish — because the debate was very hot, ranging from the extremely emotive (e.g. P.L.O. hijack, kidnap, murder, extort funds) to the extremely cool (e.g. 6,000,000 Jews killed in 1940 have fuck all to do with the people here) and at times degenerating into name-slinging matches between the pro-P.L.O. and the pro-Zionist.

Plo or Not?

Basically the pro-P.L.O. group felt that what is needed to solve the Middle East conflict is "establishment of a democratic secular state in the whole of the Palestine area" and the pro-zionist group felt that this could not work because of the conflict of culture between the Palestinians and the Jews and because it had been expressly stated in the P.L.O. Constitution that the Palestinians would not consent to occupy the land that is now Israel while the Jews are still living there.

Part (a) of the motion was then put and passed to be followed by the substantial loss of Part (b). Then the most controversial area of the motion, Part (c), came up and was promptly drowned in a sea of amendments;

Moved Norman/Richardson. "That this association supports the right of the Palestine people to achieve self-government in the form they wish it, that is, a democratic state and that this association accept this principle to be the right of all races and ethnic groups in the world.

Moved Addley/Underwood.' That the Palestine people have the right to self-determination.

All were lost finally. The foreshadowed motion of Andy Moore-Jones to reaffirm previous S.R.C. policy was discussed and described as "the most equitable way" by Steve Underwood and as a "compromise motion" by Bruce Robinson because he felt that "there was no possibility of dialogue during a state of war" even though this seemed to be in direct contradiction of his motion to have a state where the people would not only have to speak together but to live together.

Back to status quo.

In the end the motion was put after a procedural motion and carried, leaving S.R.C. policy in almost exactly the same stale as it was before Bruce Robinson's motion first came up.

Reports were next on the agenda and everyone settled down to hear about the fun and games at May Council from Lindy Cassidy — some being so well-settled as to fall asleep. It was announced that NZUSA will be investigating concessions based on the ISIC card in suburban and national rail services, a service which if implemented will be very useful to students.

On another aspect of student finances, we are not now having a Bursaries March since it was found that most other campuses, including Auckland who put forward the idea in the first place, are not willing to come out on a march. However, there will still be a National Day of Action on Bursaries (June I 7) and ideas put forward for this are leafletting, letter writing campaigns and posters to lead up to forums on the day.

A pamphlet on Industrial legislation is to be produced by the General Vice-President of NZUSA (David Tripe) while the President herself(Lisa Backsen) will be undertaking work on opposition to the findings of the Royal Commission on Contraception Sterilisation, and Abortion.

NOSAC formed.

Last in order but perhaps first in importance was the funding of the National Overseas Student Action Committee (NOSAC.) NOSAC was first proposed at the International Students' Congress and is now a standing committee of NZUSA. It has been set up to oppose the cutbacks in overseas students.


The International Vice-President for NZUSA (Paul Watson) has resigned and applications are now being called for the position. NZUSA are also calling for applications for Student Directors on Student Services Holdings and have re-opened applications for the China Trip, to close again on June 2.

Closer to home, Catherine Paterson, the Woman Vice-President for VUWSA has resigned and applications are being called for the position. The election to which will be held on Wednesday May 25 at the S.G.M.


By now the time was 1.50pm and it was abortion. Juanita Doorey jumped up and trotted to the microphone, to tell us why we should support her motion (Moved: Doorey/ Shields. That this Association supports the abortion rally on May 19) only to be forestalled by Leonie Morris who wanted an amendment "That this Association give $100 to CoAction towards covering costs for the campaign at Parliament on May 19" but consented to having it changed into a foreshadowed motion, seconded by Lisa Sacksen.

Back to Juanita Doorey's motion and the discussion started jumping — is it illegal? Yes. Is it opposing the entire report? Yes. Can you clarify the aim? What? — ending in an amendment. (Moved: Carter/Underwood. That this Association supports the abortion rally on May 19) which was promptly lost. Discussion then reverted to the original motion which was put and carried, only to be followed by the loss of the back-up motion (Moved: Doorey/ Shields. That this Association give S50 towards covering the costs for the abortion rally at Parliament on May 19) — a slight contradiction? With one minute to go the foreshadowed motion was rushed through and earned and the meeting closed.

election - A new Women V.P.

Next week. . . .

The next S.R.C. is on Wednesday June I, but before this there will be a Special Attraction, an Association S.G.M. to be held on Wednesday May 25, which will be guest-starring the election of a Woman Vice-President, discussion on abortion policy and Exec members' honoraria and a motion coercing Executive members into attending S.R.Cs Come along and do your share of stirring in the Association policy pot and if this doesn't appeal, the chairs in the Union Hall are quite comfortable to sleep in.

— The all new SRC reporting team starring Lamorna Rogers