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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University of Wellington Students Association. Vol 40 No. 11. May 23 1977

Arts Council

Arts Council

Andy Moore-Jones (sho is resigning from the National Exec of NZSAC) informed the meeting that he was the only delegate to eulogize Arts Council. Somewhere around this time Steve Underwood took out his rapier and lunged another lengthy attack on Arts Council. Steve's idea is that, given the fact that Arts Council has been reorganised by Rogets Thesarus as a synonymn for financial loss its activities should be controlled. General idea being that at the meeting this weekend (21-22 May) NZSAC be reconstructed. A Finance sub-committee could be set-up of I representative (treasureer) from each constituent and the director of NZSAC being the chairperson. By doing this NZSAC activities could be controlled by the financial big guns who will hopefully ensure that Arts Council does not involve it in any bad deals. If possible Steve would like to see Arts Council limited to a few low key activities plus Arts Festival. Most people seemed to agree but Neil Gray and Andy Moore-Jones weren't helluva impressed.

In connection with Arts Council's generally unhealthy situation Peter Thrush asked "What's wrong with all these arty people" and suggested they should look at what dashing figures the Sports people cut in organising activities. Every year there's a Sports Tornament, as well as plenty of inter-campus activity. The clubs are healthy too.

"Sport has more appeal than culture" said the chap in the scarf and sunglasses in the corner.

"The rugby club has better support than the Arts Full Stop" said Bruce in the green and yellow pom-pom hat.