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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University of Wellington Students Association. Vol. 40 Number 4. March 21 1977

[Letter from A Very Disgusted Malaysian Son to Salient Volume 40, Number 4 March 21 1977]

Dear Sir,

I wish to comment on the recent sketch put up by WMSA on International Night. I am really disgusted by the distorted view painted of our poor hardworking Malaysian hawkers and working men. Are these people (the majority of our population) really such a group of exploiting cut-throats ready to seize on the so-called rich tourists? Mind you I must explain that we are not a country of cut-throats as those who haven't heard or have been to our country might now seem to think so.

These poor but hardworking hawkers lead very humble lives and I can say they lead an Honest but hard life earning a meagre living. I have to point out that those so-called 'educated cream of the society' got the chance to gain a higher education because those people like the hawkers through their sweat and labour enable us to gain it.

So wake up WMSA! Don't give such a distorted view of our ordinary working people and especially on a night so important as this. I would say that a better view of our Malaysian people and its culture is called for.

A very disgusted Malaysian