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Salient. Official Newspaper of Victoria University of Wellington Students Association. Vol. 40 Number 4. March 21 1977

Assessment Forum. [Letter from Concerned Student]

Dear Sir,

I was present at one of the recently held Assessment—meetings. I must say that I thought that the people there seemed really concerned with what seems to me now, to be a big problem.

I'd never really thought much about the way our marks are used, but now I'm angry it the way things are done.

I hope that those people working on changing the present system can get it done very soon.

Concerned student.


Professor Norrish of the French department proposed to the Professorial Board in 1974 that a new scheme of evaluation called Double Chance should be introduced to Victoria to ensure that each student is given the best possible recognition of his/her work for the year.

This method has yet again been brought to the fore with the recently held Education Assessment Forums attended by representitives from all Faculties in the Varsity.

At the meetings, held last Tuesday and Wednesday, members present included both the President of the New Zealand University Students Association (Lisa Sacksen) and the President of the Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association (Lindy Cassidy). The topic for discussion was "Assessment".

The meetings discussed and debated the problems outlined by delegates present.

Numerous anomolies within Faculties's were found with respect to Registry and Departmental Exam and Assessment techniques. VUWSA President Lindy Cassidy chaired the meetings and on both occasions outlined the basic need for a better understanding by all students of the present and proposed Assessment systems.

The Seminar decided to pursue a general policy of passing on information to all students on the nature of the problem and possible solutions.

Lisa Sacksen, President of NZUSA, stressed the urgency with which the situation must be treated.

The New Zealand University Students Association has embarked upon improving the assessment atrocity within NZ Universities as its No1 priority.

VUW's newly elected Education Officer (Robert Moore-Jones) explained that this situation involves all students and requires the immediate attention of All.

It was decided that another full meeting of all student representatives would take place on March the 22nd, to set up machinery for handling the numerous problems being brought up by 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students.

The Forum has called for elections in all Student Lectures and classes throughout the Varsity.

To date some classes are still in the process of finding representatives.

Many have expressed the worry that the solution may not be found in time, can it be done in time?

"Lindy Cassidy: "Yes! We must, it is a question of survival!"