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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 24, September 27, 1976.

The President Speaks — Vacation Work, Christmas 1976

The President Speaks

Vacation Work, Christmas 1976

Drawing of a man with a bowler hat

We expect the coming Christmas vacation period to be a particularly difficult one for vacation work, certainly more difficult than last year (and last year was bad). If you are counting on a well paid holiday job to raise funds for study next year, we think it will be essential for you to do some early planning. We also think you could take some early action, and we suggest you do the following:
1.Contact the employer who gave you a job last year. Do it soon. He might be able to fix a date for you to start work there again.
But, if you can't do this, or if he has no jobs —

Go to the Department of Labour (District Office, Tory St) and register for work.

What will happen then is that —
(a)They will interview you, and prepare a registration card.
(b)They will ask for your student I.D. (in the past they have had some problems with fake students).
(c)They will stamp your registration card with the date on which you reports) to them.
(d)They will send you on to the Social Welfare Department to fill in more forms.
3.There are some new regulations which require you to prove that you are looking for work, by collecting signatures of employers who could not give you a job. The Department of Labour will —
(a)Try to get you a regular vacation job.
(b)Send you to the Careers Advisory Board, 6 Kelburn Parade, to look for work through the Vacation Work Service there.
(c)Try to place you on relief work.
4.If you don't manage to get a job —
(a)You will at least have the written evidence to show you tried.
(b)You will be paid an unemployment benefit, after a short delay.
(c)The benefit will be paid from the date you registered with the Department of Labour.
5.Obviously enough, if you spend a lot of time looking for work, and then register in December, you lose money. You should therefore register first, and then look for work. A good day to register would be the day after your last exam (they probably won't buy anything earlier than that).

But a good time to start looking for vacation work is about now.