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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 24, September 27, 1976.

Odds & Ends

page 8

Odds & Ends

Legal System

Terms in this subject this year will be granted to every student with a 45% or higher mark average. There will be no discretionary grant of terms below 45%

(from Law Faculty Noticeboard)


Is what happens in Torts indicative of Law Faculty thinking?

Salient deadlines preclude any thorough analysis on the present situation in Torts, but it appears from our investigations that a quarter of those students who enrolled in the class will not be able to sit finals because they did not pass terms. Of the 60odd who missed out, only 15 students were eligible for terms consideration because the others had already fallen by the way-' side (discouraging course content/structure?)

What about the unfortunate 15? The cut-off point was 120 marks out of a possible 300 for two opinions and one terms test. An average of 40% sounds pretty fair until one realises that the average class mark for that notorious first opinion was about 25 - 30%.

Prof Palmer stated in class that those who failed terms could write an explanation to him which could cause him to change his mind although, he had never changed his mind in the past and couldn't imagine the circumstances under which he would in the future.

One particular student who had applied himself diligently all year (100% tutorial attendance, full participation in socratic discussion during lectures) missed out because his total mark of 108 was 12 below the cut-off point.

However good his case was, what chance of terms reconsideration did he have in view of Prof Palmer's virtually flat statement that no appeal stood a chance of success?

Concert Preview

Music Room (H332), Wednesday, Sept. 29th, 1.10pm and 8pm.

On Wednesday, the Music Society will present two concerts featuring pianist David Guerin. David completed a B.Mus Hons in Musical Performance at Victoria University last year, having studied in Wellington for several years with piano tutor, Judity Clark. He now lives in Auckland, where he is studying with Janetta McStay, and he was recently placed third in the Auckland Star Piano Concerto Competition.

The first of the concerts on Wednesday will be a lunchtime recital, at which David will play Beethoven's Sonata in A, opus 101, and Sonata (1945-46) by the American composer Elliott Carter. Admission to this concert is free.

In the evening, there will be a student concert, with works by Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn and Arnold Bax. Student performers include Rosalind Salas, Soprano, Ingrid Palmer, piano, Robyn Stapleton, clarinet, Greg Hill, horn, Kathleen Culliford, oboe, and Rosemary Quinn, piano. David Guerin will appear as the guest artist, and will play 5 Debussy Preludes and the Chopin Fantasie Polonaise. Refreshments will be served after the concert.


Gym Available Gym Available Gym Available!

In an attempt to conserve funds and the hope that the building programme will commence shortly the Gym will be closed on weekdays from the first week in November (Friday 5th) until early February....

However whilst the Gym is still open try a pre-study, or pre-dinner or pre-luncheon or pre-anything workout. Any member of the Gym staff will gladly advise you on activity programme to suit you.

In the even fo the a student group, club or organisation showing itself able to muster enough support to justify a booking in the evening the written requests must be made to the member of the Gym staff before September 30th.

The Gym will be open on weekends as usual........

If you enjoy cycling inthe sun and no wind then the newly repaired Gym exercycle provides just that at no extra cost.

Frisbees Frisbees Frisbees...........

Unlimited throwing in the Gym on Fridays 1-2pm. Come along and throw away your cares and woes. Here I go swinging low. Bye bye Frisbee !!!

NEWSHEET MONDAY 27 SEPTEMBER 12.00 Come along to share a mass. K. Pde 50 1pm Sosc 301 course questionnaire will be administered. LB 2 TUESDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2.15pm The Salzburg Connection. Spy Thriller of the best type. The forces of bourgeois freedom and democracy clash with the forces of Nazi repression. Directed by Lee Katzin. Memorial Theatre. WEDNESDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 12noon TV News: Who Should Control It? Hear Brian Edwards, Simon Walker and John Barningham give their views on it. Union Hall. All Welcome. 1.00pm Mass will be celebrated. All welcome. K 718 2.15pm To Kill a Mockingbird : Starring Gregory Peck in the story of an Alabama Black wrongfully accused of murdering a white. THURSDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 5pm Tommy: Plenty of good hard driving rock and full of the decadence of the whole hipped out freaky pop-rock scene. Directed by Ken Russell. Starring Eric Clapton, Elton John, Jack Nicholson, Oliver Reed and Roger Daltrey. Memorial Theatre. 5.05pm Share a mass. Partake of tea. This is your last chance. All welcome. Ramsey House Lounge. 7.30pm Gay Liberation Meeting. Topic: Ideas for the National Conference. Lounge and Smoking Room. FRIDAY 1 OCTOBER 12noon Anti-Calendar Meeting 12 noon Smoking Room. All Welcome. SUNDAY 3 OCTOBER 2pm Young Socialist educational :"New Wave of Protest". All welcome. 76 Dixon Street.