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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 24, September 27, 1976.

Industrial Relations Campaign Discussed

Industrial Relations Campaign Discussed

Proceeding from another fine dissection of the catering situation it was on the the allocation of $100 for an Industrial Relations Campaign. David Murray stated that as an earlier SRC had supported the struggle against proposed Industrial Legislation money was needed to fund this campaign. Lloyd Jobson wanted to know how the money was to be used, and Gyles Beckford and David Tripe explained that it could be used most effectively in producing leaflets and other publicity material.

It was then Neil Gray's turn to point out that August Council had decided to make Industrial Relations number one priority, but that it had only allocated $200 of funds for this purpose, and that more money was needed from constituents. The motion was carried.

Anne Dwyer moved a motion to increase Arts Council subscription from 35c to 50c to allow for inflation, and a cut in the Government grant to QEII Arts Council. As the money was to come from the Studass General Account, and did not call for "an increase in fees, it was easily passed.

We were then onto possibly the most contentious issue of the day (i.e. Women's Commission at August Council).

Gyles explained the background to the debate, and left it up to the speakers. Sue Jarvis was the first and she said that the majority of delegates on Women's Commission were in favour of its contiuation, including one delegate from Canterbury who had earlier moved a motion at an SGM there opposing the commission. Ms Jarvis thought that without a Women's Commission women's issues would not obtain the priority which they deserve.

Photo of two students

Shall we tell them?

Photo of two students

Underwood Enterprises has just bought out Catering. Prices will he going up 50% tomorrow.

Lindy Cassidy said that NZUSA's structure [unclear: was s] adequate to action policy on women's issues and that the Women's Rights Action Committee being set up would be a positive step in this direction.