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Salient. Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue Number 11. 31 May 1976

[Letter from Despairing Sociology Student published in Salient Volume 39 Issue 11. 31 May 1976]

Dear Sir,

Charles Crothers, Junior Lecturer in the Sociology Department, has made the point for the "Committee of Nine" more eloquently than anyone else has yet been able to. In his last missive he deomonstratcs simultaneously an obsession with petty detail (nit-picking) and a total inability to grapple with the major aspects of the argument; i.e. that the Sociology Department lacks purpose direction and academic leadership.

Who cares about the intricacies of course designation and credit numbers if the ultimate result is a score of 48 useless units of knowledge (?) which stultifies rather than stimulates one to further application.

Mr Crothers has shown that those of us who would look for a larger view in the Sociology Department should be very careful about our choice of courses or - with greater chance of success - go elsewhere. (However Charles should not be too harshly criticised - he is, after all, a homegrown product of the whole lousy system).

Yours sincerely,

Despairing Sociology Student.

p.s. With regard to Charles' exhortation to keep the Sociology Department's business out of Salient he should remember that "man who stores up dirty washing gets to smell".[