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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Number 2. 11th March 1976]


page 2


A special General Meeting of the Students' Association is to be held next Wednesday to debate no confidence motions in the VUWSA executive and in the NZUSA International Vice-president Don Carson.

The Special General Meeting was requisitioned by last Wednesday's Student Representative Council (SRC) meeting, following a motion from Robert Lithgow and Mark Sainsbury.

Robert Lithgow was mainly concerned with doing something about the executive's dismissal of the office manager, Mrs Goodall (see Salient No. 1 1976). He spoke near the start of the meeting about his annoyance at the whole affair and the necessity of both finding out those responsible and drawing up a 'bill of rights' for office staff so that the situation didn't arise again.

'Will we put in the advertisement for the next office manager that the successful applicant has no job security nor any right of appeal? Or that their employer cannot be relied upon to discuss openly any tensions that may arise."

Steve Underwood and Anthony Ward spoke to Robert Lithgow's remarks but said they felt discussion should wait until the SGM.

The Carson Affair

While the SGM will clear the air on the Goodall affair, it will also hopefully clear some of the confusion over the actions of Don Carson at the Asian Students' Association conference.

Don Carson was the NZUSA chief delegate at the Asian Students' Association conference in Bangkok. During the conference he moved a resolution on behalf of NZUSA, that expelled the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS). The motion had been approved by NZUSA National Executive last October.

At the Asian meeting he also voted for a resolution that supported the admission to ASA of several Arab student organisations.

Jewish Soc. strikes

Several members of Jewish Society fuelled by a Salient report of the National Executive meeting (at which the voting was discussed), were out for Don Carson's head. So they conveniently jumped on Robert Lithgow's 'we want an SGM' bandwagon, and said that they wanted an SGM to debate their motion.

As far as Salient can work out, there are no grounds for passing a vote of no-confidence in Don. Even though there is still some confusion, it seems that the National Executive approved the motion to expel the Israeli Students body because of its international policy which holds that 'imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism to be the major stumbling blocks to self-determinations', and because NUIS are active supporters of the imperialist Israeli Government.

Photo of Tony Adler

Tony Adler, Jewish Society, speaks at last week's SRC.

If anyone disagrees with this decision, they should move a motion of no-confidence in the National Executive, or else move to change NZUSA policy.

Arab Students

The motion on the admission of the Arab student organisations, was according to Don, of no great moment. The student bodies supported the ASA principles, and the principles within the NZUSA policy, and so should be admitted. At the National Executive meeting, which Salient reported, there was mention of that fact that NZUSA policy said that the ASA boundaries should stop at Pakistan. After conducting some research into NZUSA policy, Salient found that there was no written policy, the only thing being a verbal agreement that Don, while in Bangkok, would investigate whether there was any support for the boundaries stopping at Pakistan.

Photo of Don Carson

A worried looking Don Carson.

Official Notice.

Notice is hereby given that there will be a Special General Meeting held on Wednesday, 10th March at 12 noon in the Union Hall.

This meeting was called by an SRC decision on 3rd March 1976.

The matter under discussion being as follows:-

"That this association has no confidence in its elected Executive."


"That this association has no confidence in Don Carson, Vice President, NZUSA.

— P. Aagaard,