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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Number 2. 11th March 1976]


page 18


Letters can be handed in at the letterbox just inside the Salient office or handed in to the editor personally. However if you wish to pay 8c postage then send your letters to PO Box 1347, Wellington. Letters should be double spaced and on one side of the paper only.

Curtwood Enterprises Abused

Dear Sir,

Mrs Goodall's only crime was to criticise Curtwood enterprises - Underwood/Curtis - so it came about that she was tried without her knowledge and hastily dismissed by Underwood and his Yes men, with a one-third of the Exec, absent, of ridiculous trumped up petty charges. We don't want these people on the Exec, as so called leaders. We demand a fair hearing, Justice, and reinstatement of the best office manager Studass has ever had.

John Adams

A Different, Twist....

Dear John,

It seems to me that in the height of the controversy over the Goodall Affair, people are losing sight of the logical reality of the situation.

Surely at least part of the blame must be laid at the feet of those previous executives who have allowed such a situation, as an office manager being able to hire an office worker without executive approval, arise. It seems to me that Mrs Goodall merely had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

- Kevin Swann

Anti-Student-Worker Kick?

Dear Ed,

I have just read Salient No. 1 and it has reinforced all my anti-student feelings.

Did they really kick someone out of a job they'd been doing for 3 years without any warning or consultation coz she'd hired somebody without asking the Big-Men-Around Campus (and with only 4 our of 10 voting for it)?

And then I read 'The holidays'. No wonder 'workers' get pissed off with 'students'. Lindy Cassidy criticises 'workers' for their blind prejudices. How about students' racial prejudice; about Malaysian, Poms and Islanders as evidenced by the toilet graffiti? What's wrong with not liking any thing too removed from chops and vegies? What about the student food where anything too far removed from yoghurt, muesli, rice, noodles, Vogel's bread etc is 'uncool'?

And as for her characterization of workers as blindly prejudiced, materialistic, yet gutsy and honest and hell of a funny! Would Salient have printed a description of the Maoris as lazy, happy-go-lucky yet funloving, generous and great on the guitar?

And then when I'd finished that and was feeling good and pissed off I read the bit about not being able to go to movies without an ID. Is it because students don't want workers' dirty overalls on their scats? Maybe the theatre gets too crowded and I apologise if this is true but its never been too crowded when I've been).

In case you think I have a grudge against students because I didn't get U.E. or some such reason, I spent 1 year and 2 weeks at Vic, passed everything I sat (mostly stage II papers) and am now working, and enjoying it, and have no desire to return to Varsity this year.

John Dee

Rumours Through the Mailbox

Dear John,

I have heard that the post-election purge by the Tory administration has caught on around here at the university. I understand that one of the academic staff sent a wee note to Muldoon informing him whom in his Department were active in the Citizens for Rowling campaign and recommending their dismissal because of it. Do you think that the investigatory powers of your newspaper, or your readers, could bring this villain to earth?

Yours sincerely,

Z.K. Muggleton-Spoffin.

Informing on Mis-Information

Dear Sir,

Could someone on the student executive please explain the misinformation regarding the purchase of Split Enz concert tickets.

Many of us were under the impression that being a student entitled one to a discount of about a dollar per ticket. When we went to buy tickets we were told that only International Student Travel Cards would be accepted as proof, and these had to be 1976 cards. This was the only proof they would accept. What type of farcical nonsense is this?

Our identity card costs $30.50. A person bearing such a card, which also carried your signature on it, should be entitled to student privileges.

One hopes that identity cards will be sufficient proof of one's identity, or have promoters become hypocritical in their 'Specially for Students' attitude, knowing full well that hardly anyone has this year's I.S.I.C. Card yet.

Lot of love,

Bruce, Trev, Gerald, Vas, Trev, Bruce, and Fred (Trev for short).

Dismissal Underhanded

Dear Ed,

We were shocked to learn of the underhand dismissal of Mrs Goodall. Surely the Exec, hasn't been long enough in office to judge her qualities - she seemed a very efficient and charming lady always ready to help.

The whole affair savours of victimisation how can Underwood/Ward justify a Kangeroo court with the victim stabbed in the back and no means of redress except student indignation at such a happening - and condemnation of the Power Game.

All Tenants of 321 The Terrace wishing to see fair play.