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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Number 2. 11th March 1976]

White Control of Sport

White Control of Sport

For the past seventy years sport in South Africa has been controlled by white South Africans (20% of the population). With one exception (table tennis) it is the white-only South African sports bodies which are members of international sporting bodies. Only whites represent South Africa internationally. The white sports bodies have the best facilities, equipment and opportunities. With a high income and plenty of leisure, white sport flourishes. The benefits that white South Africans get from the apartheid system they have imposed is not just confined to higher wages, better education, superb health-facilities. It covers every aspect of their life, including sport.

Blacks and coloureds suffer under all aspects of apartheid, including sport. No black or coloured South African is allowed to belong to the same sports body as a white. Blacks and coloureds have to have separate sports bodies. So do Asians. Under no circumstances will the South African Government, or the rich and influential white sports bodies allow people of different coloured skins to play together in the same team. With few well publicised exceptions, (for international propaganda purposes - to try and fool us) anyone who is not white has to be content with domestic competition within their own racial grouping. All of this coupled with low incomes (many below the poverty datum line) plus poor or no sporting facilities, black and coloured sportsmen have no opportunity to develop their potential; often they have nowhere to even play their sport.