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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 38, Number 10. 22nd May 1975

NZUSA May Council — Te president's impressions

NZUSA May Council

[unclear: Te] president's impressions

NZUSA May Council header

[unclear: May]— Council has droned to [unclear: e] hang-overs and the hang[unclear: Well], there is a substantial [unclear: on] God knows how many [unclear: ut] of which have no chance [unclear: ed] either this year or next [unclear: not] going to be actioned [unclear: there] are neither enough [unclear: y] nor enough full-time [unclear: SA]. We cannot lengthen [unclear: ide] NZUSA with the [unclear: a] Government department [unclear: the] problems of New [unclear: we] can do though is [unclear: This] is where the Dem [unclear: We] pass motions at [unclear: to] May Council and [unclear: and] argue well they be [unclear: ot] at May Council we have to set priorities. We do this with absolutely no consultation with the students. Sitting in a smoke-laden room with sixty other people oblivious of even what day of the week it is we weigh up the difference between getting a building or a Welfare Vice-President. Or more importantly we don't. We don't tell the National Office that an investigation into rape is more important than the West Coast Beech Forests, or that a campaign on Aid and Development is more important than fighting for a Zone of Peace in the Pacific. We lumber them with a policy book of 35 pages and leave it to them to sort out.

Action of course must continue on many fronts but some things must be done first. Sue Green the Chairman of the International Women's Year Committee is also the Education Vice-President, she needs to know what to do first; investigate the plight of rape victims or start a campaign on assessment. She has been given both of these jobs but no direction. Little wonder then that bureaucracy does evolve, that important decisions are made by the National Officers without even consultations with the Presidents.

Right now there is nothing much we can do, but remember that for August Council we must fight bureaucracy with democracy and make some decisions.

Lisa Sacksen, President.