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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 38, No. 6 April 10, 1975

Exec: business as usual

Exec: business as usual

This week's friendly Exec meeting started at 6.30 pm and finished, much to the general relief, at 11.05. During this time various items (as usual) were discussed, but the basic issue under consideration was the role of Exec vis a vis SRC. SRC is supposedly the policy-making body of the Association, but it has never been made tremendously clear what functions Exec has.

At this particular meeting, there was discussion on donations asked for by various groups, the general line being that each had to come up before SRC for endorsement before Exec could make any donations, unless we already have clear policy on the matter. This line was clearly argued by especially John Roseveare, but there are certain problems - as evident from the times when we have general policy on a matter but no specific policy. Thus, if the Association had policy on preserving wildlife in Nepal, would the Exec be able to donate funds to a speaker touring New Zealand, talking, among other things, on the habits of the yeti, or would this require a special SRC directive? The problem gets more complex when one considers that SRC has no financial Powers, only policy making ones, and the distinction between these two is often blurred. Applications for donations from visiting black feminist from the States, an overseas aid group and touring people from the PRC and DRV were briefly considered, and shelved or referred to the incredibly long SRC agenda for Wednesday. Other items it was felt needed policy were New Argot (which suffered a very long discussion before it was decided no agreement could be reached and consequently pushed onto SRC); student representatives on various committees and the question of Unicine.

Another item that took up a lot of time included the planning for Capping festivities, which include a Ball, a drinking horn contest and no chunder mile, with the possibilities of stunts. The drinking horn was opposed by some on the grounds that 'it to some extent lowers the tone of the whole capping thing', but generally people seemed to think Exec has no right to interfere in the habits of Studass members. While Mike Curtis wanted suggestions for activities etc. not much was coming forward (if you have any, drop them into the Studass office), and two Exec members abstained from the eventual motion to move onto the next business because they weren't paying attention.

Highlights of the rest of the deceptively short agenda included planning for the May meeting of NZUSA Council in Hamilton, to which VUWSA sends ten reps, and a two minute discussion on the uses and abuses mattresses can be put to. And some delightful quotes:

'Order, for God's sake! - Lisa 'We don't have a quorum - what a pity. Let's rush thru a motion of censure against someone.' - John Roseveare. Peter Aagard: 'Can we have an apology from the chairman for that last remark? Lisa Sacksen: 'No, you cannot. Fuck up.' and Lisa again (to John Roseveare): 'You know you do discuss silly things.' and finally, John (SRC power) Roseveare: Tuck the Consitution!' Peter Aagard in reply: 'I second that!'