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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 38, No. 6 April 10, 1975

Tim Weisbert 4

Tim Weisbert 4

Tim Weinberg; never heard of him. Right? Nor had 1, but wincing at the gaudy cover I ventured 'not another singer/songwriter from L A - city of fallen angels?' Let's face it, we need another of those like we need another Richard Nixon.

And what an atrocious cover. Sort of glossy pink with some grinning all-American guy reclining in a can chair. Back photo is of same, only now Weisberg is joined by his equally wholesome cohorts. One of the tracks is called 'Angelic Smiles'. Precisely.

First impressions decidedly negative. A quick look at the credits. A little more interesting. Judee Sill of 'Jrsus Was a Cross-maker' fame helps out on a few tracks. Tim Weisberg obviously fancies himself as a flautist, he's listed here as playing flute, bass flute, alto flute and [unclear: eb] flute, as well as piccolo and synthesiser. Four friends account for guitars, keyboards, percussion and more synthesiser.

So he's apparently not just another guitar-picking lost soul.

Onto the music then. Side 1, Track 1 is 'Invisible Messenger'. A promising enough start with whirling synthesisers, cutting to organ, then flute. But it doesn't go anywhere. I've nothing against instrumental meanderings, some of my best albums are just that, but the music here is stilted, it doesn't flow. Tracks of only a minute's duration don't help.

A few grandiose titles are thrown in here, try 'Winged Invitation' or 'Flight of the Phoenix', and a poor Santa-esque percussion break there, but nothing of consequence.

I eagerly awaited the final track featuring Judee Sill on vocals, but all we get is 1:20 of a slowly fading soul chorus.

At limes the music seems tailormade for a score for one of those American cops and robbers series. And it is Ok to do crosswords by. But for instrumental music with some intensity and creativeness check out the real stuff; the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, Return to Forever.

Pleasant enough, but ultimately pointless.