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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Vol. 38, No. 4, 1975


page 3


John Henderson reports for Salient.

John Henderson reports for Salient.

The 1975 VUWSA AGM was characterised by the enthusiastic non attendance of 5450 students. As such it was a surprise, as the initial 150 students favourably compares with the usual 100-odd. The first item on the agenda was apologies, which were accepted from various well-known people including the last year's President MacDonald (who also apologised for his lack of report) and the entire MSA executive, who were at a meeting. Colin Feslier (Publications Officer) commented that they should have had their executive meeting some other time. Fair enough. The minutes of the last AGM were discussed, various people pointing out that a total of five or so motions did not have any record as to whether or not they were carried or lost. After much brain-cudgelling these were rectified and the minutes were accepted. There were then matters arising but because of the disgusting state of the Salient office my notes were lost and I cannot offhand remember what they were. The budget was then discussed, the most interesting point being the much-needed increases in the salaries of the executive members. These are now:
1975 1974
President 2000 1000
Secretary 450 250
Treasurer 600 200
Others 300 50

The AGM then considered the march on Parliament this Wednesday. The motion passed was:

Moved Sacksen/Clarke

That this Association fully supports a march on Parliament on the 26 March 1975 to demonstrate to the government our disgust over their lack of action on the Standard Tertiary Bursary.



With Acclamation

Another motion calling for a boycott of lectures on that day was lost by a substantial majority.

Speaking to the first motion John Blincoe, NZUSA General Vice-President, outlined the complete lack of responsibility which has over the last two years characterised the stand of the government in general and the Minister of Education in particular over the Standard Tertiary Bursary which they promised in their election manifesto and which has yet to appear. Also speaking were Graeme Clarke, former NZUSA Education Vice-President, Lisa Sacksen, VUWSA President and Gyles Beckford, VUWSA Man Vice-President.

The next motion was on the revoking of the Students' Association fees on the grounds of hardship. It was decided to recommend to the University Council a shift of authority for such exemptions from the Vice-Chancellor to the VUWSA executive. This motion was hurriedly passed and the meeting then collapsed for want of a quorum.

John Henderson

Photograph from the VUWSA Annual General Meeting

Photograph from the VUWSA Annual General Meeting