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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Vol. 38, No. 4, 1975

... The Promoter Replies

... The Promoter Replies


Thank you for allowing me to comment on the letter to the editor. I suppose I should defend the situation. But why should I say a two hour show is too short and that $1.50 is too much to pay, when this person will probably pay $6.00 for some sub-standard international smultz. Artists have integrity, if we rip off promoters do not. And how is it that four and a half thousand dollars worth of sophisticated sound equipment didn't fill the Union Hall when it managed to fill every other venue in the country (remember the days when a PA was a guitar amp and quad box). And why bother going any further when your own Salient review said 'the opening act was great' and '. . . that Split Enz are still New Zealand's foremost contemporary group, containing some of the most talented musicians in the country.' Shit the reviewer even thought 'the mixing was great - better than other live acts I have seen.'

We are just doing our best and capacity audiences throughout the country, who often went funny demanding several encores, suggest we're not doing too bad. It's not a piece of cake this business.

Bruce Kirkland


New Zealand Students'

Arts Council