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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Vol. 38, No. 4, 1975

Polynesian Fingers

Polynesian Fingers

Your concern is very touching
But, as I hope you'll see,
The colour is quire irrelevant
To the management and me.
Safe work is always paramount
The foremen have explained
We tell the men to take good care
While they Ye being trained.
Of course, they must work quickly
We make sure that's quite clear
Well, every factory wants the best
From Tongans while they're here.
It's not the colour of the fingers
I've told you that [unclear: aira]
And what with all the beer they have
No wonder they aren't steady—
I told the fellow how to stand
And what the buttons did
So how was I supposed to know
His English was no good?
Besides - between us two, you know–
One's just the same as the other.
(I fired one last week for some crime
Committed by his brother!)
And as for fingers, well,
They've plenty; breed like flies, they do
It doesn't hurt them, losing fingers,
Like it hurts me and you.
Not that I've anything against them, mind
They're fine .... whatever they lack.
No racial prejudice here, mate.
Some of my best workers are black.