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Salient. Victoria University Students Newspaper. Vol. 38, No. 4, 1975


page 2


Das Salient

There are lots of things Salient hasn't done yet that it could be doing. There are lots of things students haven't done yet that they could do for Salient. This year's Salient (like the fabled tertiary bursary) is only just beginning. This is the first issue I have edited for this year and it will be a while before things are running smoothly.

The sort of Salient I want to see will be reaching out for student copy - either creative stuff or 'just' reporting on sports, culture, politics, etc. I'd like to see all sorts of people getting copy into Salient. There's no sports this time and we've missed out drama reviews, film reviews, we've only a couple of original graphics, and there still aren't many people doing the technical work. So there's tons of room for people to do things.

I'm going to try to timetable a bit more the erratic course of events involved in putting out Salient. Recently Salient put out more people with colds and 'flu than people were putting out Salient. I'll be putting the timetable on the door so people can walk past and see what's going on. I'm also going to try and get people to be in charge of various reporting areas rather than every story being a one-off effort and not followed up.

I don't plan to destroy articles through sub-editing and I'm reasonably receptive to any schemes you want to enact. So bring in your ideas.

* * *

Personally I'm very much interested in publishing and raising discussion on course content critiques and I have already arranged articles on how New Zealand historians view history.

The struggle to reduce course Workloads back to what they were before interm assessment came in is still going on despite hard work by student reps and staff in the Arts Faculty. As students we are certainly privileged but our conditions of work are pretty lousy with inadequate bursaries, poor housing, bad food as well as increasing workload demands. I hope to see Salient continue attacking these sort of conditions.

Community issues in Wellington are many and varied yet even with papers like Downtown news of these does not get around. When Salient gets a few more reporters on its staff we hope to investigate local issues a bit more to get in touch with struggles of Wellington people and to publicise them.

Of course its also election year and I'll state my position already - I support neither major party and will be using the election fever to raise some issues I feel need raising. I think Salient should be looking at what's happening in New Zealand. When people are out of jobs (and that means students don't get them in the holidays) and nothing seems to be happening except that Watties' profits are reaching record heights, I think we should be looking at what's wrong. After all those running the country today mostly came from university - are we going to be any different?

Outside our borders the whole world's in turmoil. Not so long ago Henry Kissinger began his great mission to bring peace and order to this planet - now he's got job security.

Less frivolously, Salient will be publicising and supporting the struggle of the oppressed peoples of the world against the rotting corpse of monopoly capitalism. Recently New Zealand has sent troops to Malaysia to kill Malaysians - to Vietnam to kill Vietnamese and to Korea to kill Koreans. They weren't wanted by these people but the United States and the British needed New Zealand's services and got them. We are involved in military alliances with the USA and England as well as with various other nations. Our whole trading position can depend on our political relations with other countries and our trading position determines whether we live or not. We have then a strong interest in understanding what's going on underneath the confusion of the current world situation and at least a pragmatic interest in starting to associate with the ascendent forces.

So if you want to be involved in forcing 5500 students to eat your words over their lunches and you can put up with the political position of the editor - or perhaps support it - then come in and give us a hand.