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Salient. Te Ao-Marama. Vol. 37, No. 7. September 11, 1974

One Thing You Can Do

One Thing You Can Do

For many years Maori and Pakeha have called for Maori language to be taught in primary schools. In 1972. 34,000 New Zealanders, 80% of those approached, signed a petition calling for Maori to be taught at primary level.

Why should the language be taught so early? Because young-children learn a language more readily than older children. The earlier the teaching of Maori begins, the greater the growth of self-confidence and identity in Maori children. Also increased is the understanding by other children of the people whose land they share.

The Minister of Education, Phil Amos, supports the principle of Maori teaching in primary schools, but it is important to keep pressuring the government and headmasters until such a course it introduced. To this end, the "campaign for Maori in Primary Schools" has been formed by Mrs Hana Jackson in Auckland. She has prepared a pamphlet, part of which is in the-form of a postcard to be sent to the headmaster of any primary school you care to fill in, asking that Maori be introduced in that school.

This has the effect of alerting him to the need for a Maori Language programme and also serves to indicate the demand for such a course.

If you wish to help, cards can be obtained from the Salient office, Te Reo Maori Society (phone 767730) or Nga Tamatoa (759988).

Act now to prevent the dying of Maori language and customs, and to further racial harmony in New Zealand.

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