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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 37 No. 3. March 20, 1974

Band on the Run:

Band on the Run:

McCartney's fifth solo album. I've always said this boy had talent and now he's finally come up trumps. Even Rolling Stone, which sneered and snarled its way through the other four voted this one of the top albums of 1973. John Mendelson of that publication has some theories about why Paul has made so many shitty records in the past.

a)He dislikes making money for the other gentlemen in The Apple board of directors;
b)He knows the buying public likes hummable crap, and nothing would irritate Lenon more than to see Paul's hummable crap in particular zooming up the charts past John's more ambitious stuff.

Also, by keeping a lower profile Paul could leave the rarified Beatle atmosphere without getting the artistic bends. By raising fewer expectations he could live a more real life than John — for example, Paul has always given his wife full composing and producing credits, while John Lennons sings "Nigger of the World' yet never lets Yoko finish even one sentence on national TV.

So maybe all along Paul was setting us up for this fine LP. Or maybe Wings have got a new lead singer and bass player. Of course! After "Red Rose Speedways" Wings rubbed out the poor stiff (justifiable homicide) and that's why "Paul's" face on the cover is so white! That's why they're the band on the run! That's why James Coburn is on the cover — didn't he kill his best friend in his latest movie?

My picks are the title cut. Jet' and 'Let me Roll it", which should have been the single release from the record. So give your prejudices a bad time. Listen to this album.