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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 37, Number 1. 6th March 1974

(ii) Menstrual Extraction

(ii) Menstrual Extraction

Dear Comrades,

This is my last word on the subject of the Lorraine Rothman visit. It seems that Comrade Wilson and I must agree to differ as his priorities are different from mine. I am concerned with what women want whereas he is concerned with tactics and strategy. To me all this talk about strategy is alien to my ideas of socialism. Woman want to find out about selfhelp centres and this has been proved by the tremendous response shown to the tour. I found her work both interesting and exciting as for too long women's needs in the field of health and welfare have been disregarded as trivial or the result of neurosis. Lorraine Rothman throughout her tour emphasised the need for doctors and qualified personnel and categorically stated that the menstrual extractor is not an abortion causing device. Finally I would like to thank o all those sisters who wrote in expressing similar views to mine. Most so-called revolutionaries would do well to heed the desires of their women comrades as they will need them when the revolution comes more than they'll need perfect tactics or strategies.

Yours in the revolution,

Jill Basher