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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

A Traitor of Sarawak's Peasants

A Traitor of Sarawak's Peasants

Dear Sir,

In these few weeks, a figure emerged as 'neutral' or 'liberal' in the Salient's letters to the editors column. He thinks he has a dispassionate and correct analysis of the Jack De Silva affair and he himself dares to claim that he is one of the oppressed peasants of Sarawak.

He has never and will never publicly criticise Jack's interference in students' activities and Jack's practice of the Malaysian Government's fascist rule over the Malaysian students in New Zealand. What he tries to do is to say something which does not concern Jack's affair so as to divert the attention of students away. In this way he has done a good job for Jack De Silva. His letters are all pervaded with bloody fanatic belief in Jack's accusations.

James Masing, I have a lot of sympathy for all our fraternal oppressed peasants for having a traitor in NZ. And this traitor does not even rebut Jack's accusations of 'Chinese Chauvinism' to the members of the Chinese Language Club but tries to pretend indifference to the accusation. Although the concert portrayed the hardships of the oppressed Malays in Malaya, their problems of course are identical to those of the oppressed peasants in Sarawak.

James! My sincere, advice is "don't be the traitor of the oppressed peasants" and "think of the bad consequences of Sarawak having been forced to join the neo-colonial 'Malaysia".

Yours sincerely

(Name Withheld)