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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

A Slander on Mice and Dogs

A Slander on Mice and Dogs

Dear Sirs,

All Malaysians must stand up and unite!

All "real" democratic-loving students must stand up and unite!

It's time I unlocked my thoughts, which I think are representative of many others, and spread them on the pages of Salient.

Any Malaysian who dares to say he doesn't like Malaysia Is to be damned. I love my multiracial motherland but I don't like the present Malaysian Government. It is a biased, corrupted and disgusting organisation. It is so devilishly evil that no prayers can be offered for its blessing. The Malaysian Government strangled the growth of democracy.

As regards the "De Silva Affair", I strongly oppose his "play-boy-type" of attitude towards politics. Dear Jack, have you ever heard about a proverb "those who play with fire will be burnt". You made that statement bravely, why don't you stand up to face the issue now? Are you a real mouse? I think you could be crowned both mouse and dog.

Mr Running Dog — Hee Kiang, you are damned right when you barked that at present a revolution in Malaysia would cost many lives. This is because our Government is just like a mad-man who runs amok and kills his people with his parang of autocracy. You, Hee Kaing, don't laugh at this mad man, you are no better. You are just a mad dog who barks incessantly around the campus.

Dear members of the Otago University Chinese Language Club, let me congratulate you on the success of your Eastern Cultural Concert. It was really wonderful and stimulating. I had not seen this sort of concert for years. It was such a revealing and dynamic performance. It portrayed the reality of that affect of life which Jack would rather not make known to New Zealanders. No wonder he and his train of puppies had been in epileptic fits as if they had taken the wrong medicine.

Justice will see the day through this darkness! Professor Campbell good on you! University is a place where liberation, individualism and democracy must grow and thrive! We cannot let anybody — high or low commissioner — intimidate us!

Yours faithfully,

A Real Man.