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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

Referendum: A Reconsideration

Referendum: A Reconsideration

Dear Sirs,

Unless my reasoning is proved [unclear: wrong], there is no need for a large [unclear: scale] survey on MSA—MSSA issue [unclear: now]. When a person joins an [unclear: association], he is represented by that [unclear: association].

Victoria University has 287 Malaysians. Wellington High School [unclear: has] 28 Malaysians. There are [unclear: therefore] 315 Malaysians at VUW and [unclear: WHS].

MSA has 238 members, of which [unclear: no] more than 60 are non-Malaysians [unclear: this] figure includes it Malaysian [unclear: members] from Polytechnic as no [unclear: reliable] list of Malaysians studying [unclear: at] Polytechnic is available), 238 [unclear: minus] 50 means that MSA has [unclear: 188] Malaysians as its members.

This is more than half the Malaysians at VUW and WHS. It necessarily follows that MSA represents the majority of the Malaysians at these [unclear: institutions].

In my opinion, MSSA cannot make such a claim. Even if its claimed 152 members were all Malaysians, this figure is less than half of the Malaysian population at VUW and WHS.

And where there is no apparent troubled waters, it would be foolish to expect bridges! One is entitled to have the faith that the water one drinks is not poisoned.

Yours sincerely,

L.C. Goh.