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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 25. 3rd October 1973

The Five Commandments

page 27

The Five Commandments

Dear Sir,

Although I'm with "A Malaysian [unclear: student]" (last week's Salient), the [unclear: tter] over-estimated the ability of [unclear: he] MSSA Committee. Please [unclear: memories] these five commandments:—
1)MSSA Committee members are [unclear: competent]. They use such words [unclear: ke] "treason", "forge" and "[unclear: con-ire]" without even knowing their [unclear: ctual] meaning.
2)MSSA Committee members are [unclear: self]-destructive. They have no evidence [unclear: to] back up their statements; the only [unclear: evidence] provided has been its rude [unclear: president] pointing his finger at people [unclear: when] he shouts. Hence it cannot [unclear: lame] others for likewise claiming [unclear: that] MSSA is the running dog of Peter [unclear: Wilson] and the puppet of the [unclear: Singapore] High Commission.
3)MSSA Committee members [unclear: lay] dirty. This is obvious from the [unclear: ay] a certain confidential letter was [unclear: ause] to be read out at their AGM.
4)MSSA Committee members are [unclear: ignorant]. Remember how they slept [unclear: at] the AGM at which the association's [unclear: constitution] was altered without [unclear: constitutional] means.
5)MSSA Committee members are [unclear: unconstitutional]. The AGM which [unclear: elected] them is null and void.

No. The Singaporeans in MSSA [unclear: are] jelly fish. They cannot stand on [unclear: their] own feet. They sit in office [unclear: because] they are a bunch of puppets [unclear: but] there by Pete.

MSA Hardcore [unclear: wo] KB 1257