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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 24. 26th September 1973

Broadcasting — Education or Propaganda?

Broadcasting — Education or Propaganda?

Dear Sirs,

On Monday September 16 commencing at 1.15pm and concluding at 27 minutes to 2 pm a speaker was giving what appeared to be an educational talk from Station 2YA. (I missed the speakers name). His first subject was on interference with radio broadcasts. He mentioned the various forms of interference briefly then briefly "jamming" He mentioned jamming with deliberate inference then went on to explain that stations in Europe were broadcasting Russian news in English to people all over the world Note he said news, not anti-Russian propaganda. He went on to say these broadcasts were being jammed by the Russians but the Germans were able to get some of these broadcasts. He did not mention why the Germans were able to hear the broadcasts nor did he mention the Americans had some powerful broadcast stations in Germany (I have heard them myself.)

He did not mention the deliberate jamming being done by stations in the so-called free world. (I suppose being free they are allowed to jam 'unfree' countries' broadcast freely and without comment by education propagandists.

Other subjects of a neurtral nature were mentioned. The Comalco was dealt with, the production of aluminium, the seamen's dispute over the transport of the raw materual from Australia to NZ. The huge amount of electricity being used. To me this subject was notable for what was not said rather than what was said. No mention was made of the foreigners running this project, how much was being paid for the huge quantity of electricity being used, how much the NZ tax-payer was subsidising the cost of this electricity and where the profits were going.

Children from kindergarten up are told about the manufacture of aluminium and other goods on radio and shown its production on TV. But it seems the facts that should be told, the facts that really concern all of us from kindergarten up are oh so carefully omitted

Finally I want my grandchildren to be given the apple not just the pips.

H.E.H. Green