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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 24. 26th September 1973

Study for Revolution

Study for Revolution

Dear Salient,

James Masing is raving on again, as is typical with him, being a member of the capitalist elite. He is trying to hide the revolution from international applause and protect a senseless system.

We are forbidden to speak politics and if we criticise the Government, it is not safe to say in one place. Masing's idotic statement and I quote "subversive ideologies and political views, are not quite tolerated in Malaysia at the moment and the advocator of such is likely to suffer a severe reprimand", meaning it's a quick trip to a firing squad after a mock trial.

De Silva and Masing just show the intolerance the Malaysian Government has towards anyone who thinks for himself.

James Masing is studying in NZ so he can return to Malaysia to support a feudal-capitalist system to line his pockets because he becomes a member of the system to suck the workers, whereas we are working to understand the system so we can destroy it.

Masing is saying that no bloodshed and pain is worth the goals we are aiming for, he wants to bleed his people so he can live in style and keep the workers ignorant. A quick revolution will destroy this enslaving system and the pests that go along with it.

Long live the revolution!

Yours sincerely,