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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 23. 23rd September 1973

White Witch: — Silverhead:

White Witch:


Now if Cashbox was giving this White Witch and Silverhead the run-down, they'd be nice and succinct: "Young group from WB/Purple records wear make-up but the music's staid and fairly obvious". And if Jan Wenner was doing it, he'd write four thousand words about how it's time to get the make-up remover out and cut the cackle.

OK you've bin had before but who wants to get taken by a bunch of teenage yanks with blue tear-drops and star stud eyes who sound alternately like The Rascals circa 1969 and a low-down Deep Purple?

White Witch is American and the cover looks edible. They do the right thing and start with a nervous piece of Moog ("Parabrahm Greeting"). Then Pop and its not even contrived —just three minute groggy soporifics and worst of all they swing like The Rascals and that's calumny. If I tell you there's a song here called "It's So Nice to be Stoned", will you understand?

Silverhead look queerer than White Witch but they're just heavier and not much better for it. If you want to buy, wait half a year and you'll get it for two bucks in the Bin.

And we're still waiting for a band that'll teach us something about how mascara makes them better.