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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 21. 5th September 1973

Apathy Attacked

Apathy Attacked


Hurrah for that whirling wanker A. Rimbaud (whoever the fuck he/she/it is). At last the causes of the notorious campus apathy have been exposed. I have personally known about these centres of apathy for years but as a commerce student I have been too apathetic to publicise it or do anything about it. But now...we have fearless Rimbaud to the rescue! All commerce, law and Asian students are to be driven out! At least I think that's what is about to happen. You see Rimbaud (dear soul) is not apathetic, he/she/it is a "creative, aroused, bubbling" person who is going to do something about the problem. Already, the apathetic massers are quivering in fear of the "bubbling" hordes led by the mighty Rimbaud. Where are you Rimbaud? When do you launch your campaign to heave us out of this noble ivory tower? I suggest that you are about to do fuck-nothing (as usual). You will sit on your own apathetic arse and grizzle and bitch all day about the commerce, law and Asian fuckwits, yet do nothing to remedy the situation. Come on, you pious fucking hypocrite, come and get us...... we're waiting.


Tommy Gun (Esq)