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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 21. 5th September 1973

Model Behaviour

Model Behaviour

Dear Sir,

While attending the Gay Liberation Front dance in the union cafeteria on Sept. I, I was interested to see a well-known Auckland fashion model Judith Baragwanath among the merry makers. I was even more interested to see about half-an-hour later the same young lady and her two escorts (male) creating a stir at the entrance to the function. They had decided that the function was not to their liking and in a most boorish fashion we re demanding the return of the price of their tickets. One of the escorts was maintaining that he was a member of the police force and generally threatening the two young ladies who were selling the tickets. When the trio heard that a photographer was on his way down to take a picture of these celebrities on our campus they left in quite a hurry.

While one does naturally, expect arrogance and unpleasantness from the so-called "Jet Set" it was quite an enlightement to see such a dis play by these bourgeoise opportunists on our own campus.

Yours fraternally.

E.L. King

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