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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 21. 5th September 1973


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Further to my letter of last week in Salient I now wish to speak of how my language, Maori, functions today in a rural setting. A group of Anthropology students from Victoria University did a field trip to my sub-tribal area in Northern Hawkes Bay on August 11 and my particular area of study was "Rasponeas of the Maori Language to Social Changa in a subtribal area." The aim was to collect data on differences between Classical and Colloquial Maori; specifically to compara tha number of loan words in the two varieties, and to collect some information on Bilingualism.

I want to say here that I belonged to the sub-tribal area chosen and so spoke the same Maori language as the people there. I tape recorded the young chief's speech to us at the marae of the meeting-house after our group had been to visit some children. While at the school I tape recorded the children's answers to my questions.