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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 19. 2nd August 1973

No More Exclusion... Almost

page 7

No More Exclusion... Almost

The University Council has agreed to the abolition of exclusion at Victoria University. This means that all students will be able to enrol at Vic whether they have missed some or all of their units since they have been attending university. As usual, however, there are "just a couple of hidden snags".

The move began when a group of Professors and other staff members decided that the Professorial Board, which is made up of professors of the university's academic departments, should discuss the value of the regulations. The Board was split over the issue, but finally agreed at its meeting in July that:

". . . a student who in each of two successive years (in which he is enrolled) has obtained fewer than half of the credits for which he has entered for examination should be entitled as of right to enrol in the following year for not more than the same number of credits as he/she passed in the more successful of those two years, or in courses totalling not more than 12 credits, whichever is the greater; and that if he/she wishes to enrol in more than this he/she must seek special permission to do so".

The following week the University Council endorsed this move, and the regulations giving effect to the change are to be placed before it at its meeting in the first week of the third term.

The Council was concerned however to determine the effect of such a change. Would the university be inundated with students, would students tend to take a more casual approach to their studies, how would the staff's workload be affected, and would there be any extra costs?

These questions are basically unanswerable at this stage, although Vice- Chancellor Taylor gave the latest figures available on exclusion. He said that of the 161 students excluded last year, 138 had their appeals allowed by the Dean of their Faculty or the Exclusion Review Committee. Only 23 students were not permitted to re-enrol.

The Council is to decide at its August meeting just what year the changes are to take effect from.

Apart from this, there are other matters students should keep in mind. The Board and the Council decided that:
(a)in the first year of operation of the new scheme no-one who has been excluded from any university shall be admitted unless he/she has applied by January 31st for permission to enrol and has been granted such permission.
(b)all such applications be dealt with by the Exclusion Review Committee which will determine, after consulting the Deans of the faculties, how many students may be admitted, what criteria shall be used in selecting them, and what restrictions they shall be subject to. (i.e. there will still be restriction of enrolment for particular courses)
(c)the position for subsequent years "be reviewed in the light of the experience gained". The restriction on exclusion from a course (subject to appeal) remains if a student fails the course three times.

There was one further move. Each faculty is to set up a number of advisory committees (without any disciplinary powers) to try to help students to overcome their academic problems and to plan their future programmes of study more satisfactorily. The composition of each committee will be a staff member, a member of the welfare staff, a student representative and possibly one of the student's tutors or academic adviser. Interviews would probably take place just before enrolment, and apart from "urging" students to use the committees it would be up to the student to take the initiative.

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