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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 19. 2nd August 1973

Personal Circumstances

Personal Circumstances

A most impressive feature of China's judicial system is that defendants have the right to demand hearing and court procedures to be carried out in their own language, especially if they speak one of the minority languages.

The idea embodied in relying on the masses is a distinctive feature of the judicial system, especially as it is put into practice and seems very successful. This contradicts the idea that the only person capable of deciding a defendant's case is a specialist in a courtroom, even if he is divorced from the working people most of the time. The Chinese situation allows for a much more personal consideration for personal and specific circumstances to be taken into account in the decisions made and the reasons people commit crimes are considered. It is considered very important that the Magistrate is not divorced from the ordinary people's daily situation and ideology and therefore he has to be involved in production for the two or three days in which he is not dealing with court procedures.